Winners of Web3: Stephen Tse

By Pratiksha Bhapkar
4 Min Read

Stephen Tse is the brain behind creating Harmony Blockchain, a platform that allows high throughput, is cost-efficient and has low latency. It has become a game changer in the industry as it is one of the most reliable, fast, and secure blockchain networks.

Early Life of Stephen Tse

He was born and spent his early childhood in Hong Kong, China. In 1997 he and his family moved to Vancouver, Canada. He was curious about programming languages and mathematics from an early age.

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He holds a double major in computer science and mathematics, and later on, he also pursued Ph.D. in security Protocols from the University of Pennsylvania. He worked for top global companies like Microsoft, Google and Apple as a researcher, senior engineer and principal engineer, respectively. While working at Apple he designed Voice AI. He founded mobile search Spotsetter, a startup which was later acquired by Apple.

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Harmony One

Stephen has always been passionate about protocols since high school. He and some of the ex-Google co-workers came together to build a machine learning community which they named “Thank God It’s Machine Learning” (TGI-ML in short).

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It was 2016 when they started looking for exploring sectors where they can apply machine learning. During these times, there was a lot of hype about blockchain technology. It was one of the members of the TGL community who used to talk about blockchain. It was this friend’s thoughts and persistence that made him explore and research deeply into blockchain technology and consensus protocols.

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He founded Harmony One, which is an open source blockchain technology used to create decentralized applications. He now holds the position of CEO of the company. His work and innovative idea has made Harmony blockchain the leading technology in short period of time.

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His vision and passion have made Harmony among the leading blockchains, thus earning praise from the community. With the help of a talented team, Stephen’s innovative ideas have advanced the cryptocurrency industry, and have raised the standard of blockchain technology.

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