Dawn Song 

By Shreya Bhattacharya
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Though the Web3 industry has battled several challenges, it is still working toward strengthening its security infrastructure and privacy policies. Leaders of the space, like Dawn Song, also have the same goal. Individuals nowadays prefer DeFi over traditional finance because they find their identity protected here. They also have more control over their assets which is crucial. Dawn Song, the co-founder of Oasis Labs, is the most prominent flag bearer for giving individuals more control over their data. She doesn’t want customers to feel like products for big organizations and has dedicated herself to the cause. 

Oasis Lab was founded by Dawn Song, Bobby Jaros, and Raymond Cheng. The founders share a common vision, i.e., to build a better infrastructure to provide more confidentiality to crypto users. The company is one of a kind and is not only revolutionizing the Web3 industry but is also bringing changes in healthcare and other sectors. So, let’s learn about its co-founder, Dawn Song, to understand its purpose better. 

Early Life of Dawn Song 

Dawn Song is a Chinese American, but little is known about her childhood or parents. She chose Physics as her undergrad subject at Cornell University, but soon after pursuing a Ph.D. for the same, she changed her mind and got into Computer Science. 

Song got her B.S. degree from Tsinghua University in 1996 and her M.S. from Carnegie Mellon University in 1999. Song further continued her studies, and in 2002, she earned her Ph.D. from the University of California. Her genius was also recognized as she received the MacArthur Foundation Fellowship in 2010. 

Dawn Song’s Achievements Before Joining Crypto 

Before proving her potential in the crypto industry, Dawn Song was an assistant professor at her alma mater, Carnegie Mellon University. Then in 2007, she left the institution and joined the University of California as its faculty. Song was later appointed co-Director of the Center for Decentralized Intelligence at UC Berkeley. 

Though Dawn Song played several vital roles in her life, her work focused primarily on blockchains, machine learning, and computer security.  

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Apart from these, she has also been recognized several times for her work. Some of the prestigious awards that Dawn Song received include the Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellowship, the Guggenheim Fellowship, the Faculty Research Award from IBM, the MIT Technology Review T-35 Award, etc. 

Dawn Song has also earned her name as a serial entrepreneur after investing in companies like Ensighta Security and Menlo Security. She is also among the most cited scholars in computer security. 

Creating Oasis Labs 

Oasis Labs was launched to provide users with an easy way to control their data in the digital world. It also focuses on offering high-speed and low gas fees with the most security to its users. It uses proof-of-stake and TEE (Trusted Execution Environment), a secure computing technology that prevents data leaking to node operators. Thus, it is one of the most secure networks available in the industry. 

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Dawn Song’s Advice 

The presence of bad actors in the industry is why Song advocates giving individuals more control over their data. Although she understands how transparency can help one see what exactly is going on, it also allows fraudsters to use that sensitive information for their benefit. 

Her journey highlights her dedication to advancing the blockchain industry as a whole. She used to invest four days a week only to read machine learning, and during that time, she also designed a reading program to optimize productivity. Dawn Song thus advises anyone who is just getting started with blockchain should dedicate a significant amount of time to read papers to develop a better understanding of its operations. 


Dawn Song is one of those personalities who are passionate about understanding how the industry works to be able to locate its shortcomings. She changed her career after graduation as she could predict that AI, the blockchain industry, and machine learning would go big soon. Her venture, Oasis Labs, has made the industry a haven and is continuing to help crypto enthusiasts by offering them a highly scalable blockchain network.