Winners of Web3: Raj Gokal

By Shreya Bhattacharya
4 Min Read

Raj Gokal, the co-founder of Solana, has contributed to revolutionizing the crypto world. His interest in advancing the crypto industry is reflected in the ventures he has invested in and his passion project. Solana has played a crucial role in shaping smart contracts and decentralized apps as we know them today. 

Early Life  

Raj Gokal pursued his degree in Economics and Finance at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania before starting his professional journey. 

Before Entering The Crypto World 

The co-founder of Solana began his career as an analyst at an Indian firm called Finaco. Raj Gokal’s primary responsibility at the company was to maintain records on spreadsheets. Later, he moved on to become an associate of a Boston firm called Catalyst Partners, where he worked closely on consumer internet, clean energy, various softwares, and systems. His interest in crypto seems to have stemmed from this point in his career. 

To add another feather to his endeavor, Raj Gokal worked as a fellow for Rock Health, San Francisco, for six months. Eventually, he took an interest in entrepreneurism and became the co-founder of the startup Sona. The firm was focused on building health monitoring devices and raised $20 million to advance research in chemistry monitoring. Gokal applied the knowledge earned from operating his startup to help scale a Silicon Valley health startup, Omada Health, where he worked as the Director of Products. 

After this, Gokal took a short break from his career and invested his time in traveling but was still consulting founders and helping build products he thought the world needed. During this, Gokal built strategic relationships with several startups, including PlatejoyZenFitSibly, and Path, and also became an investor in some companies. 

Creating Solana 

The creation of Solana was not a smooth journey. Initially, the founders, Anatoly Yakovenko and Raj Gokal, were pitching to investors the idea of both a decentralized exchange alongside creating a blockchain. Though they were confident in their scaling solution, i.e., in building an exchange, they were unsure if they could lure user attention. 

Gokal started working on his idea at Solana in late 2017. Eventually, despite the challenges, Solana Labs was founded in 2018 and launched the blockchain platform Solana in 2020. His primary responsibility at the firm was to focus on rebuilding a blockchain as a scaling solution without involving trade-offs. 

Gokal’s implemented his years of experience in product management and finance to establish Solana and also took on the role of the Chief Operating Officer at the firm. 


Gokal’s effort forever changed scalability within the crypto realm. Launching Solana has not only driven crypto adoption but has also strengthened the infrastructure of the community. It has increased transparency in the crypto space, a crucial component for investors and businesses. Solana has also simplified the development of several Decentralized applications and NFT projects, thus opening doors of the digital realm to a broader mass.