Vitalik Buterin

By Shreya Bhattacharya
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Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum’s founder, which is the second largest blockchain after Binance, is one of the industry’s pioneers. He is a 29-year-old entrepreneur who can be credited for ranking up crypto adoption with his innovation. ETH, which is the platform’s native token, has now built its ecosystem. Its namesake decentralized blockchain platform upon which it was built has also earned fame among developers and users as it offers a vast range of services. Due to Ethereum’s success, Vitalik Buterin earned the title of ‘V God’ in China, the hub of several Ethereum developers and investors. 

Early Life 

Vitalik Buterin has his roots in Russia. He was a gifted child and thus was placed in an exclusive program when he moved to Canada with his parents. Buterin always had a knack for subjects like economics, maths, and programming. He probably adopted this quality from his father, a computer scientist. We were intrigued that Vitalik Buterin first learned about Bitcoin from his father when he was a 17-year-old kid. 

Before Entering The Crypto World

You might be shocked to know the father of Ethereum was initially not convinced of the idea of cryptocurrencies. Vitalik Buterin couldn’t figure out how Bitcoin could add value to society. Well, at least we know how the story ends. 

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After completing high school, Buterin attended the University of Waterloo, where he took advanced courses. Along with his studies, he was also a research assistant for Ian Goldberg, a cryptographer. 

Vitalik Buterin dropped out of college a few years later, in 2014, to work on his passion project ‘Ethereum.’ However, it is not known to many that the tech enthusiast also received an honorary doctorate. 

Creating Ethereum

Vitalik Buterin started creating Ethereum when he was in college. Sometime in 2013, he published its white paper after returning from a tour where he came across several developers who became the source of his motivation. Then just a year later, he received a grant of $100,000, which seemed enough to him to start the project ‘Ethereum.’

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Initially, Buterin wanted to improve the infrastructure of Bitcoin, but as it was already booming, he couldn’t garner enough support. Fortunately, it all worked out as soon after the publication of Ethereum’s white paper, many important people from the industry started showing interest. 

After gaining enough confidence in his project, Vitalik Buterin announced it at the North American Bitcoin Conference. A couple of months later, the core team of Ethereum held an ICO of its native token, ETH. 

Vitalik Buterin’s Advice 

The crypto industry is infamous for its volatility. It is still recovering from the dips it faced last year. So, Vitalik Buterin advised investors to participate in simple and not complicated projects. He has also warned them not to fall prey to new initiatives started by individuals without credibility. 

Hacks and scams are also a common thing in the space. But, Buterin is confident in the Ethereum community that he has built. In an interview, he also mentioned that he does not track Ethereum’s price closely. It is because he prefers buying and holding tokens instead of trading. Regular investors in the community may also learn from this habit of the founder to make maximum profits from their investments. 


The contribution of Vitalik Buterin toward the success of the crypto community does not need any special mention. His creation, Ethereum, can be used for any decentralized project, and thus it would be an ideal option if you are looking for the perfect platform to start your project. The perks of using Ethereum will only improve once the Ethereum merge is complete. You can expect better transaction speed and lower gas prices, among other changes.