Aaron Davis

By Shreya Bhattacharya
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Aaron Davis, the founder of MetaMask, Ethereum’s digital wallet, is one such crypto explorer whose experiments proved fruitful for the community. The launch of MetaMask changed the dynamic of crypto trading, making the territory less risky and more convenient for traders. The wallet is designed to provide traders custody of their private keys, ensuring security while helping them manage several assets in one place. MetaMask is now a one-of-a-kind wallet, as recent changes have turned it into a multi-custodial wallet. As a crypto enthusiast, you should know how MetaMask was created and about its creator. 

Early Life

While many may expect the story of a tech founder’s life to have several intense plot twists starting from their struggling days till they achieved success, Aaron Davis’s story is rather simple. He graduated as a Japanese and Chinese scholar. That might explain why he spends most of his time traveling and living in places like Japan, China, Bali, and Hawaii. 

Though the MetaMask founder is keen on learning different places’ heritage, history, and culture, as a child, he was always into video games. Aaron Davis’s career aspirations have kept changing throughout his life as he started with the dream of living in an igloo and then decided to study Japanese to start his career as an interpreter. 

However, his curiosity was not limited to the artistic field as he soon started taking an interest in software engineering and programming and eventually joined Apple. 

Creating MetaMask

Aaron Davis met Dan Finlay at Apple while working on the same project. They must have connected as they were excited about the new technologies. Then in 2014, when Ethereum was launched, both the co-founders knew they want to something surrounding it. They were sold on building a website but were initially unsure how things would work. 

Source: CoinDesk

Aaron Davis and Dan Finlay had a clear vision, wanting to start a crowdfunding project. However, that must have seemed not very easy at that time. So, they instead built only a web extension or MetaMask as we know it today. 

Now that you know how MetaMask was created and its purpose, you must be excited to try it out. However, before doing that, you should learn a few things directly from the founder. 

Aaron Davis’ Advice 

In your journey, you must have encountered ‘crypto heads’ who suggested investing in as many digital tokens as possible is the best thing you can ever do with your life. However, take it from the founding father, who is not paying a blind eye to reality. 

Aaron Davis acknowledges the risks involved in crypto and thus accepts that investing in it is similar to “gambling.” Though he advocates using digital tokens, he is against investing one’s ‘life’ savings into them. 

In fact, both the founders of MetaMask agreed that the bad players in the game are causing harm to the space. However, they also gave hope to crypto enthusiasts by saying that MetaMask is already working to find a solution. Ultimately, they want to evolve the crypto verse into a space where every bit of information you are exposed to is consensual. 


It is without any doubt that MetaMask is not only operating as a profitable entity in the crypto space, but it is also working towards a cause. The organization launched with much doubt in mind may soon bring in a massive revolution in the crypto industry. MetaMask also has the potential to help crypto go mainstream by lowering risks and offering significant leverage to users. So, if you don’t already have a MetaMask wallet, it is a great time to get one and look out for more exciting updates.