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The Beginners Guide to Layer-3

Layer-3 refers to the blockchain networks built on top of Layer-2. These are highly scalable and cost efficient networks which lets users do several times more transactions at a much…

10 Min Read

Macro Diagonal Theory of Bitcoin Explained

The Macro Diagonal Theory of Bitcoin explains how Bitcoin’s price reacts to a resistance prior and after the Bitcoin halving. The theory so far has been found to be reliable…

8 Min Read

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5 Crypto Jobs in High Demand

A new crypto winter is undoubtedly underway in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Despite this, there are plenty of crypto jobs available…

9 Min Read

What Is Web3 Infrastructure and How Is It Resolving Web2 Vulnerabilities?

Unequivocally, the evolution from the first iteration of the static read-only web to web2 was revolutionary. Despite its merits, the…

13 Min Read

Why Is the Crypto Market Volatile? 5 Factors Affecting Price Swings

A measure of an asset's volatility in financial markets is the degree of price movement, either up or down. With…

12 Min Read

Crypto Job – You Should Read This

The number of crypto job roles for people from all backgrounds is growing along with the global adoption of cryptocurrencies…

8 Min Read

What Are the Top NFT Blockchains? [2024]

Non-Fungible Tokens, or NFTs, have ascended to the limelight since the crypto bull market of 2021. Blockchain-based digital assets went…

12 Min Read

Lucrative Crypto Careers: How to Secure One Easily?

Are there any lucrative crypto careers in the world? to better understand that lets begin with having an outline about…

9 Min Read

Understanding Proof of Reserves: Is That CEX Safe?

The cryptocurrency market has witnessed a year of volatility and new lows. The recent FTX collapse has upended the industry,…

11 Min Read

Blockchain Solutions for Supply Chain: Top 3 Use Cases

Blockchain, the technology that powers bitcoin and other cryptocurrency networks, has emerged as a game changer in the financial world.…

9 Min Read