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The Beginners Guide to Layer-3

Layer-3 refers to the blockchain networks built on top of Layer-2. These are highly scalable and cost efficient networks which lets users do several times more transactions at a much…

10 Min Read

Macro Diagonal Theory of Bitcoin Explained

The Macro Diagonal Theory of Bitcoin explains how Bitcoin’s price reacts to a resistance prior and after the Bitcoin halving. The theory so far has been found to be reliable…

8 Min Read

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An Easy Guide to Crypto Airdrops and How to Take Part in Them

Adoption is the largest barometer of a technology's success. With over 22,000 cryptocurrencies vying for dominance in the space, the…

11 Min Read

An Easy Guide to Crypto On and Off-Ramps

The cryptocurrency sector has grown dramatically, solidifying itself as a legitimate asset class. The entire crypto market cap now stands…

9 Min Read

5 Crypto Jobs in High Demand

A new crypto winter is undoubtedly underway in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Despite this, there are plenty of crypto jobs available…

9 Min Read

Top Non-Custodial Hot Wallets

Top Non-custodial hot wallets are mobile applications or web-based extensions connected to the internet. Unlike their custodial wallet counterparts, these…

11 Min Read

Transforming Healthcare With Blockchain Technology: Top 3 Use Cases

Discussions about the necessity of a smooth and streamlined healthcare system were accelerated by Covid-19. Finding and eliminating inefficiencies, reducing…

9 Min Read

Top 3 Platforms to Find Profitable Crypto Airdrops

Where to find some of the most profitable crypto airdrops? lets find out. In the fast-paced crypto world, the volume…

9 Min Read

What Does the Term “HODL” Mean in the Crypto World?

It is common for newcomers entering the crypto ecosystem to encounter an extensive list of crypto jargon. From FUD and…

12 Min Read

Crypto Phishing Scams: 5 Ways to Protect Yourself From It

The history of phishing scams on the internet predates the development of blockchain technology and the emergence of the cryptocurrency…

11 Min Read