Navigating the Future: Unveiling Internet Computer and ICP.Hub’s Vision. 

By DroomDroom Team
6 Min Read

Imagine a Thursday that didn’t just slip by but instead marked a thrilling journey into the captivating universe of Internet Computer. The CoinMarketCap Community Talk didn’t hold back, shining its brightest spotlight on this groundbreaking technology. Steering the ship of this riveting discussion were luminaries from ICP.Hub North America – the charismatic Co-founder Javier Arroyo Ferrer, the insightful Founding Tech Advisor Ritvick Paliwal, and the tech-savvy Senior Developer Relations Engineer at DFINITY Foundation, Carsten Jacobsen. This talk was nothing short of a profound exploration into the essence of Internet Computer and the innovative powerhouse, ICP.Hub. It aimed to tackle the big questions, unraveling the unique nature of Internet Computer, its influential contributor DFINITY, and how this dynamic duo is charting a new course in the blockchain ecosystem.

Internet Computer, affectionately known as “ICP,” has sparked imaginations worldwide with its audacious promise of hosting smart contracts and decentralized applications (dApps) at warp speed and limitless scale. The CoinMarketCap Community Talk was the compass guiding us through the tantalizing facets of Internet Computer, unveiling its defining characteristics and speculating on its potential impact on the blockchain landscape.

A centerpiece of this captivating conversation was the Developer Grants Program. This program, supported by the Dfinity Foundation, stands as a beacon in Internet Computer’s strategy, attracting developers and teams with a compelling incentive to channel their expertise and creativity into the platform. By offering grants, Internet Computer is nurturing a vibrant developer ecosystem, stoking the fires of innovation, and propelling the network into uncharted territories.

Intriguingly, the discussion cast a spotlight on the galaxy of ICP.Hubs, a global network boasting over 15 hubs strategically positioned across the globe. These hubs serve as catalysts, orchestrating a symphony of awareness and catapulting Internet Computer into the mainstream. Our speakers provided an insider’s view of the bustling activities and initiatives orchestrated by ICP.Hub North America, from organizing electrifying events to establishing ambassador programs in universities, hosting adrenaline-pumping hackathons, and equipping developers with the know-how to code in languages like TypeScript and Python.

Don’t let BlockCypher slip through the cracks; this powerhouse within ICP.Hub North America deserves its moment in the sun. BlockCypher is the guiding star that assists projects on their voyage to develop on the Internet Computer platform. It meticulously shepherds grant applications and fuels the growth of the Internet Computer ecosystem.

Venturing further, the conversation revealed a grand alliance working to connect projects, innovators, and Web 3 communities across the vast landscape of North America. Esteemed guests like Ken Nim, the mastermind behind Offchain San Francisco, regaled us with their tales of supporting Internet Computer’s global ascent. Nim’s insights shed light on the international scope of Internet Computer, with chapters sprouting worldwide, each contributing to its growing global footprint. He also shared exciting collaborative ventures with ICP.Hub North America, recounting their involvement in events across bustling metropolises like San Francisco, Seattle, and Boston.

Adding to the stellar cast, Florent Thevenin, Founder and CEO of Blockchain North, and DN4TL, a Canadian broadcast media production company specializing in blockchain, illuminated the stage. Blockchain North stands as Canada’s flagship blockchain media outlet, a beacon of information, education, and inspiration in the blockchain realm. They ensure that Canada’s voice resonates on the global blockchain stage.

The CoinMarketCap Community Talk also featured Noa, the Chief Communication Officer of Whale Coin Talk (now rebranded their social media as Moby Media). Noa provided a glimpse into the company’s fascinating world, centered around educational content and news in the fintech, web 3, DeFi, gaming, and technology sectors. This showcased the rich tapestry of interests and industries converging around Internet Computer.

Guiding this exhilarating journey was Mark Reuvers, Ecosystem Developer at CoinMarketCap, who effortlessly steered the ship. The discussion drew a staggering audience of over 16,400 participants, a testament to the burgeoning interest and curiosity surrounding Internet Computer within the broader public and the blockchain community.

In conclusion, the CoinMarketCap Community Talk was an odyssey of enlightenment, diving deep into the vibrant cosmos of Internet Computer and its bustling ecosystem. With an unwavering focus on development, innovation, and collaborative growth, Internet Computer is poised to etch its indelible mark on the blockchain and web 3.0 landscape, heralding a future filled with promise and transformation.

Listen to the full Community Talk here: CoinMarketCap Community Talk. Embark on your own adventure into the future of Internet Computer and be part of this thrilling journey.