ICP.Hub North America: A Remarkable Step Towards ‘True’ Decentralization

By Shreya Bhattacharya
12 Min Read

The invention of the internet is proving to be a more significant boon than was imagined earlier. Growing from its initial aim of connecting continents, it now gives decentralization a more substantial and diverse meaning by facilitating the development of the Internet Computer Protocol or ICP.

The initiative is to spread the word about the Internet Computer Blockchain, which will allow developers to build websites and give every computer the ability to act as an independent node without depending on a particular server. The ultimate goal of ICP is to eliminate the monopolization of the Internet. 

ICP.Hub North America is a frontrunner in the Internet Computer Blockchain initiative and strives to build an ecosystem for the industry in the North American region.

Let’s learn more about the organization that might bring the next Internet revolution. 

Understanding Internet Computer Protocol (ICP)

ICP has one of the most ambitious visions in the whole cryptocurrency industry. It aims to become a world computer by allowing every computing system to function independently. To understand the concept of ICP, you can take the example of the social media platform – Instagram.

Every picture you upload on the platform is stored on Meta’s server; thus, the company has direct control over your data. However, if ICP gets successfully implemented across industries, all your data, including your transactions and pictures, will be saved directly on the Internet. Thus, no single server will have access or control over your data. 

What are ICP.Hubs?

ICP.Hubs or communities are sprawling globally, with entrepreneurs and developers realizing the value of sovereignty over their creation. These are organizations whose sole purpose is to promote the use of ICP. There are already 20 operational hubs worldwide, and more are underway.

The community is actively promoting the adoption of the Internet Computer Protocol and is aiming to bring entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, developers, experts, enthusiasts, and educators under one roof.

Learn more about ICP.Hubs and their communities.

There are several hubs across the world, here’s a glimpse of the international leadership team that steers the efforts in their respective regions:

SingaporeAaron Ting 

IndiaBandhul Bansal

IndonesiaBruno Calabretta

West AfricaChristopher Eniayemo

MexicoClaudio Cosio

TurkeyDaria Chernozub

GermanyFabian Tröltzsch

MalaysiaIana Pugachova 

South KoreaJake Park-South

CanadaJavier Arroyo Ferrer

PolandMaciej Orlowski

ItalyMirko Maggiore

PhilippinesNelson Lumbres

BulgariaNikola Stojanow

Hong KongRyan He

UAESaed Ereiqat

South AfricaSaheer Karrim

PortugalTim Haldorsson

East AfricaYvonne Kagondu

Each manager embodies the mission of DFINITY to pave the way for a more open, transparent, and secure internet. They are the linchpins in their regions, ensuring that the ethos of the ICP is translated into meaningful local action and global connectivity. DFINITY, which is a significant contributor to the ICP, supervises the Hubs and the Community Grants Program initiatives. 

How is ICP.Hub North America adding value to the initiative?

ICP.Hub North America is one branch of the ICP initiative in the northern region. Its ultimate goal is to drive the adoption of Internet Computer Protocol in the crypto industry. To ensure success, it offers several benefits such as:

ICP.Hub North America is offering developers from North America who are efficient in languages like JavaScript, Rust, Python, Solidity, etc., to learn how to build and operate their ways on ICP’s blockchain.

By doing so, the organization can demonstrate the true essence of decentralization. ICP believes that monopoly in the crypto industry is one of the most significant hindrances and exposes the space to several vulnerabilities. 

Check out ICP.Hubs’ discord channel.

The organization will also allow developers to build their smart contracts or “canisters” to safeguard their projects on the platform. The canister software is robust enough to protect itself without a firewall and is immune to ransomware. 

ICP.Hub North America also helps developers learn more about the benefits of Internet Computer Protocol and hosts several events and conferences across the US. These events are an excellent way to learn about the recent developments in the sector, and they also help build a community by connecting like-minded people. 

Some of the successful events hosted by ICP.Hub North America:

To learn more about ICP.Hub North America’s vision, we recommend you check out this article.

It also organizes several hackathons and competitions to encourage developers to innovate and build on the ICP blockchain. These contests help the industry spot new talents and also bring forth innovation—some of the most prominent events organized by ICP.Hub North America are DubHacks (organized by Washington University), Hack the Valley (organized by the University of Toronto), and Hack the North (organized by the University of Waterloo). 

ICP Hub team members
Hack the North America

Apart from these, the organization also ensures that its developers get an opportunity to promote their products. ICP.Hub North America, thus, connects entrepreneurs with investors and venture capitalists. 

ICP Hub team
DubHacks Hackathon

Overall, ICP North America provides a nurturing environment for developers whose ambition aligns with the initiative. If you are already an adept developer, exploring your potential on the ICP blockchain will allow you to give shape to your brainchild. 

To learn more about ICP North America, check out their website. 

Other ways ICP.Hub North America adds value to the industry

The organization has a well-rounded plan to achieve its goal of talking ICP to the top of the cryptocurrency industry. Along with the opportunities above, ICP North America also offers other benefits. One among them is their University Ambassador Program. Let’s learn more about it.

The organization believes in tapping into young minds. Thus, it encourages students in Colleges, Universities, and Blockchain clubs to join their ambassador program. It helps nurture their entrepreneurial mindset by asking them to build an ICP.Hub community in their respective institutions. However, apart from encouraging students to take leadership roles from early on, the program also offers several other benefits. 

Students who will become a part of the ambassador program will be able to learn languages like TypeScript, Motoko, Python, and Rust directly from the organization’s technical team. It will not only give the ambassadors the opportunity to learn from experts but also give them exposure, allowing them to network. 

ICP.Hub North America also provides 24/7 assistance to the budding developers who participate in these programs. Their team also offers several resources, including quizzes, courses, and videos.

ICP.Hub North America is introducing more courses and bootcamps under ‘Zero to dApp Educate Series’ from November 14 to December 2023. It will consist of eight sessions and will be an initiative by the DFINITY Foundation.

Here are the details to ICP.Hub North America’s Python BootCamp on November 11.

ICP North America constantly provides financial support to its campus ambassadors to organize events, merch, competitions, and other activities to keep the club running. Thus, it is a free learning opportunity for students. Campus ambassadors also get an opportunity to build their network within the community, which will later help them to promote ICP to even broader communities. 

Learn how you can benefit from their University Ambassador Program. 

The organization also never fails to recognize your achievement. If you wish to become an ambassador for ICP.Hub North America, you’ll be provided with quarterly targets, and upon achieving them, you’ll receive rewards in the form of ICP tokens.

The tangible reward system has been cleverly implemented by the company to encourage students to participate. 

Team at ICP.Hub North America

The team behind ICP.Hub North America includes:

Javier Arroyo Ferrer

Co-founder of the ICP hub in the North American region. With more than eight years of experience in banking and finance, Ferrer has developed a profound knowledge of financial assets, technical analysis, money management, and trading strategies and is now implementing those in developing the crypto community. He joined the Special Projects team of the DFINITY Foundation in the summer of 2022. 

Ritvick Paliwal

Founding advisor of ICP.Hub North America. He has over a decade of experience in software development and specializes in blockchain technology and developing decentralized applications or dApps. With tremendous technical skills, Paliwal is now focused on the expansion of ICP within the crypto industry. 

Chetan Mittal

DevRel professional at ICP.Hub North America. He is an enthusiast of Blockchain technology and is utilizing his skills to drive the promotion and adoption of ICP. 

Ishika Mittal

Ambassador Program Manager for ICP.Hub North America. She is pursuing her undergraduate degree in Computer Engineering at the University of Toronto and is an excellent example for future generations in crypto. She is an encouraging leader who is crucial in promoting the ICP initiative. 

Why should you join ICP.Hub North America?

If you are passionate about honing your technical skills, there is no better place than the ICP.Hub North America. It is not an education center but an ultimate destination for developers who want to grow and leave their mark in the industry.

ICP.Hub North America is where you can express your talent as a developer and explore opportunities as a creator without any boundaries. ICP.Hub North America is one of the pioneers of the next wave of revolution in the crypto industry, and you should not miss the chance to ride along.