CryptoPanic: Spectacular Guide to Crypto News Aggregators

By Kelechi Nwogu
18 Min Read

In the crypto space, the price of cryptocurrencies rises and falls on a daily basis. As an investor, trader, or crypto enthusiast, you should know that news is essential in the crypto world as it is a major factor that shapes the crypto industry. Digital platforms that gather news articles and blog posts from different sources to get high-quality information have been made available to people so they can stay up to date with the price of cryptocurrencies.

In general, crypto news aggregators are digital platforms that provide high-quality information for price-tracking cryptocurrencies. These digital platforms collect news articles, and blog posts, from different online sources and organize them in one location for easy viewing.

We would be looking into one of these crypto news aggregators and how we could use it to understand the crypto space. Cryptopanic is a reliable crypto news aggregator. This platform has a really good user interface and is very easy to use. I will be explaining the functions of its call-to-action bars below and how to navigate through the platform.

How to Choose Crypto News Aggregators?

When choosing a news aggregator, it is important to consider your needs and preferences. It is wise to choose an aggregator that provides in-depth data analysis on the crypto market. Here are the things you should consider when choosing a crypto news aggregator;

  • Trusted sources: The contents that the aggregator provides should only come from trustworthy and reliable sources.
  • Customizable: The aggregator should allow you to customize your experience in the best way that suits you.
  • Ease of use: The aggregator should have a friendly user interface that is easy to use.
  • Promptness: The aggregator should be prompt, it should be regularly updated with the latest news.

Let us see if Cryptopanic meets the requirements mentioned above.  

CryptoPanic as a Crypto News Aggregator

Cryptopanic is a news aggregator platform that shows the impact on price and market for traders and cryptocurrency lovers. This platform collects news articles, and updates from different sources including social media, and blogs to provide its users with high-quality information on the latest developments in the crypto market. By combining relevant news from various sources, Cryptopanic enables its users to stay informed and updated on the crypto market, and the news that might affect their investments. Cryptopanice was created in the year 2017, and since then it has been the largest crypto news aggregator. The platform keeps on evolving and adding new updates for its users to get the satisfaction they want.

Cryptopanic is an essential tool for investors, traders, and crypto enthusiasts who want to stay up-to-date with the rapidly evolving crypto space and make informed decisions about their investments.

The platform offers great features such as voting, which allows its users to upvote or downvote news items based on their relevance and importance, and other features that I’ll be explaining below.

Guide to Use CryptoPanic

With a very good user interface, users can easily navigate through the platform. The platform is divided into two parts, the left part and the right part.

Action Items on the Left Side


When a user clicks this call-to-action a list of news feeds will be displayed on the left-hand side ranging from the latest news to the oldest news in the crypto market, this is also the homepage of Cryptopanic. Here on the left-hand side, the news feeds displayed bear the links to the sources that they were collected from. This enables a user to visit the website, media, etc to read more about the news. Still, on the left-hand side, any cryptocurrency mentioned on the news feed is highlighted, and when clicked it shows the chart of the cryptocurrency on the right-hand side.


This is one of the outstanding features of the platform. This section allows you to play audio/video news, even podcasts on the latest news on the crypto market. I honestly believe this is a great feature because it helps users understand what the news is all about gaining more insights with the help of virtual explanations.


This is kind of a voting section, it is where people cast their votes or share opinions on a particular topic trending on the crypto market.


Cryptopanic Oasis is where informative, impactful, and significant videos, memes, tweets, and links based on financial sovereignty that are not time-dependent are shared. These videos, memes, tweets, and links help crypto enthusiasts gain more knowledge and build confidence in terms of fear, uncertainty, and doubt.


The Cryptopanic portfolio tracker enables users to monitor their cryptocurrencies. You can add the desired cryptocurrencies which you wish to follow to your portfolio. You can add the cryptocurrencies by searching them up using the search bar on the homepage, this keeps you informed about the cryptocurrencies showing you their charts and the original news sources.


This is basically where you fill in your information. The About section is where you add whatever you want to on your bio. The comment section is where your comments on any post or news feed are displayed. You can see the comments you made on any post seeing the likes or replies you have gotten. You can also add your reputation in the Reputation section.


Clicking this call-to-action allows you to use and include Cryptopanic data into your sites and projects. This section offers multiple ways for you to make use of Cryptopanic to your own understanding and satisfaction. By using the API (Application Programming Interface), users

can customize their own news feed and join it with their apps or websites. The Bots’ features allow users to get fast and accurate news feeds from Cryptopanic on specific social media platforms. These bots can be added to your Telegram channel, Discord channel, Slack channel, and channel. The Widgets allow you to embed news feeds or any coin-related news on your site. If you own a site then you can use the code that is provided below in the Widgets section to upload news feeds to your site. The widget can be embedded in two ways as IFRAME or SCRIPT.

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Cryptopanic is a crypto news aggregator that is used all over the world. As we all know there are diverse languages in the world, and this feature is used to choose any language suitable for you.


This section shows the Crytopanic job vacancy. If you are a highly skilled full-stack developer or a full-time software engineer with 4+ years of experience this section is for you. You can check if you meet the requirements and if you do you might as well get a chance to help build the largest news aggregator Cryptopanic.


Cryptopanic made it possible for users to see the list of planned features, and the features that are already in development, and the fun part is users can vote on which features they like. You can also share your opinion by leaving comments on every suggested feature. This is a great way of giving users the satisfaction they need.

Theme setting

Way down after the Roadman feature,  you will see an icon representing the sun. The icon is used to switch to your preferred user interface theme either the light mode, which turns the Cryptopanic display white, or the dark theme (the default theme) which turns the display black. You can choose the theme that suits your personality.

Top News

This call-to-action has multiple features;

  • Top news: When you click on this feature the trending posts and latest news will be displayed for you to view.
  • All News: This shows all the news feeds.
  • Media: Here users can watch news videos.
  • Blogs: This feature shows blog posts on crypto news.
  • News sites
  • Following: Here users can see news on the cryptocurrency they are following.
  • Category: In the category section, users can view news on crypto price analysis, crypto regulation, ICO (Initial coin offering), and events. The events show the news feed on what is happening in the crypto industry, thus it shows the news feed on new crypto projects that are about to hit the market and the crypto projects that are in development.

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Show All

This section has many components, users can click the Rising feature to view news feeds on rising cryptocurrencies. The Bearish (downward) and Bullish (upward) feature is used to vote on a post that is signaling a positive impact (bullish) or negative impact (bearish) on price. You can view your saved posts or the top saved posts, and even the votes you have made on posts so far on Cryptopanic.

This is the search bar, you can search for any cryptocurrency that you wish to be informed on and add it to your portfolio from this section.

Action Items on the Right Side

Home section

On the right, there are details on the news users click on from the left. Still on the right side of the screen users are able to share and post comments on any news feed they tap on. Here you can also configure your news feed to any original source that you find more interesting so that your news feeds will be from the site. There are fewer but fascinating features on the right part of the platform. Users can like or dislike posts and news feeds, vote if a post is bearish or bullish, vote if a post is important, and they can vote if a post is toxic, thus flagging them as misleading, FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt), or fake. Here you can save your favourite posts too. When you scroll down you will see trending posts and news feeds, and if you scroll down a little, you will Recent Comments of people on posts and news feeds. Then if you scroll down a little further, you will see the Trending Poll where you can cast your vote on a trending topic or post. Then when you finally hit the bottom, you will the list of crypto coin Gainers and Losers.

About section

This section shows hints on how to use the platform. You can also upgrade to the PRO version to get more amazing features like;

  • configuring instant alerts for currencies of high interest and you can also receive news immediately in your email or get notified on your mobile.
  • Add your custom RSS/Atom feeds, Reddit, and Twitter sources
  • Metadata fields availability in API
  • A badge that appears near your user name and profile showing your support for Cryptopanic.

But for you to get all these amazing features there is a price to pay. Yes, Cryptopanic made their PRO version price affordable for all users.

If you love Cryptopanic and find it useful you can click on Support Cryptopanic” to show your support in various ways like; purchasing the PRO account, donating cryptocurrencies, and sharing Cryptopanic on different social media platforms.

You can join the Cryptopanic community on Discord or Telegram to discuss or suggest new features, get to know about updates in the platform, you can learn more about the crypto space, and you can also learn more about trading. You can join the community using the Discord or Telegram link displayed below in the About section.

When you look to the far right, you will see the list of cryptocurrencies ranked by market cap. You can choose the time frame that you want to view and see whether a cryptocurrency has fallen, or risen within that time frame. Use the bell icon to see notifications.

At the bottom right part of the platform, users can choose to advertise their projects on the Cryptopanic and reach out to more clients. You can view the Cryptopanic Terms of Use so you won’t go against the platform’s standards. If you contact Cryptopanic to give your feedback or to send them your suggestion on new features via email, Twitter, and telegram once you click on the Contact feature at the bottom right.


  • Is there a mobile app for Cryptopanic?

Yes, Cryptopanic has a mobile app that users can get on their AOS and IOS. This mobile has a good user interface that is very easy to use, with the same accurate information that is on the website.

  • Is Cryptopanic the best crypto news aggregator?

With a great user interface, and the grouping of news into different categories, Cryptopanic is not only considered the best crypto news aggregator but also the largest there is. This is the best news aggregator for traders, investors, and crypto enthusiasts who want to make an informed decision on the crypto market.

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  • Where can I find a video aggregator for crypto?

I know most people prefer watching to reading. A lot of people believe you remember what you watch better than what you read, I totally understand your quest for a  video aggregator. If this is you, search no further because Cryptopanic has made the Media categories available to users who wish to watch crypto news. This feature helps you understand more about the news.

  • Can I advertise my crypto project on Cryptopanic?

Yes, you can advertise your project for quality audiences all over the world to see on Cryptopanic. The Advertise feature at the bottom right of the platform helps with that.


News is always important in the crypto industry as it helps you make meaningful and informed decisions on the crypto market. There are many crypto news aggregators out there who claim to be the best, but there are important factors you need to consider before choosing a news aggregator. A good news aggregator should be; 

  • Easy to use.
  • It should be customizable, allowing users to customize their experience so they can see news only relevant to them.
  • The news should come from a trustworthy source and not a fake and misleading source.
  •  Updated regularly with the latest news. 

If you read this article completely, you must agree with me that Cryptopanic meets all the requirements mentioned above and this is why it is considered as the largest news aggregator. Cryptopanic is a great tool for price-tracking in the crypto space.

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