Podcast Marketing For Web3: What you need to know

By Bernard Ekal
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Marketing is a strategy that businesses use to sell their products to their customers or audiences. Marketing tells the brand story either through advertisement or podcasting. Podcasting is a new wave through which companies sell their product or services through word of mouth. They ensure to captivate a number of targeted audiences around various social media platforms. 

Podcast marketing is a marketing strategy that entails selling and promoting products through audio. Podcast marketing entails marketing your brand, yourself and your services through audio content.  

Web3 is a new wave or shift from Web 2.0. Web3 marketing is the latest evolution in marketing. Web3 marketing is centralized while Web2 is centralized, developers are using podcast marketing to sell the new product in the market. Moreover, Web3 gives users control of data.

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Web3 Podcast Marketing

Web3 is shifting from Web2 and development has been made to ensure technology is moving in the right direction. For instance, the shift to Blockchain has encouraged data storage and security, the service is majorly in wallets. The wallets are decentralized and more often offer services and products that are mobile to other services. podcasting services that are enhanced in the technology need individuals broadcasting the products or services on Web3 to have a vast knowledge of the technology.

To increase the number of individuals getting your services, there are various tips that broadcasters need to incorporate into their marketing skills. For effective content, there are various tips that the content should have. First and foremost, individuals should be on the trend of what is happening in Web3. Moreover, the broadcasters should understand web3 technology, Blockchain and NFTs. 

Through web3 podcast marketing is shifting and opening opportunities. The engagement offers trust, transparency and a strong relationship with the audience in the Blockchain technology industry. The shift to podcast marketing is a new way to market web3 services and products in the new technology since each listener is a stakeholder, each narrative is engaging, and each podcast is an asset. 

To attract more audience, podcast marketing should be transparent. Transparency is a trait that is worthy in cryptocurrency, each transaction is recorded in Blockchain. Therefore, being clear with the audience about crypto project recording and transparency will increase the engagement of the marketed product. 

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Guide to Web3 Podcast Marketing

Having a huge customer engagement in podcast marketing needs a creative and key step to have successful Web3 marketing. There are a number of brands that you are competing with, and maintaining a long-term customer relationship is essential in podcast marketing. So, what are some of these steps that will help you grow your podcast marketing without losing your audience? Below are some steps and guides for you to have engaging podcast marketing.

Know What You Want

There are various items surrounding the Web3 technology, and understanding what you want to podcast is essential to successful podcast marketing. Therefore, you should have a specific niche that you want to focus on. The niche should align with your interest and expertise, this will help individuals to have an engaging audience and a successful web3 podcast marketing.

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Having Plans

After identifying your niche, you create strategic plans that will enable you to come up with meaningful content about Web3. researching is the prior strategy that every podcast should contain, researching up-to-date content and staying with the latest trends in the market. Having a vast amount of news about whatever is happening in the Web3 technology. However, you might need guests to propel your marketing, when it comes to that, ensure your guests are experts in what you are marketing and Web3 in general. They will provide insightful information and maintain customer’s attraction to your services. 


Consistency is the key to a successful business, having consistency in your podcast marketing will attract customer’s loyalty and trust. Individuals conducting podcast marketing should have a schedule that will enable them to release their podcast, whether weekly, monthly or after 3 consecutive days. This will increase audience engagement and moreover, it will add more value to your Web3 podcast marketing.  

Content Promotion

Promoting your content is the next strategy to successful podcast marketing. Social media has made the world a little village, social media engagement should be in every individual promotion stage, moreover collaborating with other Web3 podcast marketers should help you in promoting your content. Social media like Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin should be your friend, the targeted audience is mostly in these socials, therefore, more engagement is likely to happen. Furthermore, collaborating with other podcast marketing or Web3 projects will help you propelle your content and ensure productive engagement with your podcast. 

Feedback And Engagements

The listeners or your audiences are the main motive for the podcast, and listening to their feedback or engaging one-on-one with them will lead to productive podcast marketing. Individuals should encourage their listeners to leave comments, ratings or reviews of each podcast. Additionally, answering questions and engaging in relevant discussions with your listeners will ensure the growth of web3 podcast marketing.

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Web3 technology is still in its infancy stage,  but the growth is captivating investors and stakeholders all over. Therefore, to have all ears and numbers of customers in the rival jungle of Web3 marketing, individuals should have enough knowledge and smart strategy to propel meaningful podcast marketing. Web3 podcast marketing is the new way to ensure that individuals are selling the products in the market, achieving your goals depends on the marketing plans.

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