Yield Guild Games: Blockchain Gaming and NFTs Simplified

By Joseph Katala
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Blockchain technology has been characterized by play-to-earn gaming as the leading trend. Instead, games have been designing new tokens and NFTs of interest to players and shareholders. This trend has increased with the emergence of gaming groups that reward individual players, sponsors, and society.

Yield guild games are a new community surrounding play-to-earn games built on blockchain technology. They actively purchase NFT assets and unite blockchain gamers all over the world. The main objective is to help cultivate a community of players and investors that can offer an array of guidance to newcomers as well as aid in further development of gaming with NFTs.

How does YGG Work?

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The YGG is a unique collaborative community that combines gaming, Defi, and NFT on the Ethereum platform. Let’s break down how this unique system works:

Global Reach

Such guilds are a group of men from different parts of the world that come together for common interests. Play-to-earn, they join forces just for extra earnings.

NFT Investments

YGG is also investing in gaming NFT, especially regarding virtual lands and in-game assets. The guild benefits by offering a service where the guild NFTs are lent to the guild members from the Guild, known as Guild.

Diverse Portfolio

Unlike normal guilds, YGG focuses on different forms of games and NFT. It is vibrant with an active community that defines a particular form of its community.

DeFi Meets NFTs

YGG is on a cross-section between decentralized finance and NFTs. The economy is modeled somewhat like a “Metaverse” over an Ethereum blockchain. The SMART Contracts enable the running of these projects by a network of decentralized autonomous organizations.

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Several low-level DAOs that can be referred to as subDAOs are found in the YGG. Every SubDAO is also a game hub of a particular area, which holds a gaming community that speaks the same language as its members. These set up a series of processes through which new SubDAO will be produced with its bylaws.

Asset Management

This is an example of a decentralized autonomous organization where YGG governs, ensuring that all the NFTs and digital assets that belong to YGG’s treasury remain secure. The NFT belonging to one of the games is located in one subDAO, and each subDAO has its treasury containing some play-to-earn game tokens.

Yield Guild Games creates a participatory community for playing games that involve decentralized finance, digital collectibles, and worldwide participants. Additionally, guild members could rent and borrow NFT assets owned by the entire community, increasing their profits in this game. Loaning their NFTs via the DAO also generates profits as the borrowers enjoy playing games they share with the community.

Is it Easy to Play on Yield Guild Games?

Do you consider yourself to belong in a guild? If one wants to join Yield Guild Games, one must undertake a small process of entering Yield Guild Games. Having a crypto wallet is vital for joining a guild. The wallet must first be Ethereum-supported. As a result, the most functional option would be the Software-based metamask wallet.

You develop a wallet’s address, connect with YGG, and mint the guild badge. This is your pass for entering into a clan of the Guild NFT gaming made specifically for you. Ensure you have some ETH money because you will pay the gas fee. Low tiers of PTM’s Guild NFTs. Therefore, it stands to be that there could be sound justifications for an assault on the Ethereum block during the stable phase.

Ensure you settle well in the Guild, then take a position and determine where you belong. One of the founders from Yield Guild Games said it’s like much of one’s crypto isn’t worth suffering from fulfillment. For instance, you can run a discord room market through social media channels like Facebook and Instagram. So forth post announcements, offers, etc., and they can offer some reward through issuing their tokens or NFTs.

Yield Guild Games for Play-To-Earn

It offers a chance for people to play-to-earn with Yield Guild Games. You can take NFT loans through Yield Guild Games, enabling you to start playing yourself and earning money from play-to-earn games. After being rewarded with NFTs or crypto-currency, one can sell the products for money in any market.

Alternatively, you can use your rewards to acquire your NFTs, bypassing the need to borrow. Such an agreement does favor all of the concerned people. The lender gets some share for lending the NFT, and the borrower takes possession of the NFT in his favor.

It has created great chances, especially in the Philippines. Several gamers focused on playing Axie Infinity in this country, earning enough to sustain their lives on their game winnings alone. Yield Guild Games specifically helps people play this game. 

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They refer to their new entrants as scholars who receive guidance from the community’s managers. Thus, community management is characterized by mutualism whereby the scholars offer a portion of their proceeds in exchange for support from the managers.

The YGG Token

YGG’s pillar within the system is the YGG token itself which carries with it its weight and responsibilities. This acts as an ERC-20 token for the Ethereum blockchain and ensures that those holding it have a say when it comes to running the YGG Dao. However, this interaction covers main aspects like appropriate techs, projects, token distribution scheme, and guild management.

The users with YGG tokens are not mere owners who have a passive involvement in the protocol, but rather the work they do determine the outcome of the protocol. Additional earned YGG tokens are the reward offered to successful suggestion and proposal of new solutions for better gaming process. This results in a social learning environment that drives people into engaging in inventions.

The application of YGG beyond governance and its multi-faceted roles within the environment. The coin works as a form of currency used as payment while at the same time acting as the token for mining with regard to YGG vault staking. listade: Leadership in Organisation management Additionally, it will function as medium of payment for content within YGG’s Discord portal.

In the year 2021, 25 million YGG tokens began their trip from the first IDO on SushiSwap. YGG demonstrates that it pays priority attention to the needs of the community when planning for the distribution of 45% of the total available token amount throughout the period of four years among the users. Such stressing on networking highlights the need for having durable impact in the market.

The YGG token serves as the pillar of the YGG games ecosystem. It also has the role as one of the utility tokens of the community, which provides a reward property since it allows governance. Through sustainable growth, YGG has been focusing on communities and creating positive grounds.

How to obtain YGG tokens in Yield Guild Games

To that end, traders of Yield Guild Games tokens have various choices since they can trade them on some of the commonly known cryptocurrency exchanges. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to purchase YGG tokens:

Choose a Cryptocurrency Exchange

Pick a renowned platform dealing in YGG coin. These include Coinbase, Luno, Exodus, Binance, KuCoin, etc.

Create an Account

If you do not have an account with the particular exchange, create one by giving the details of your personal life and satisfying verification requirements.

Deposit Funds

Place on deposit any cryptocurrency, such as BTC, ETH, or stable tokens, for instance, USDt and USDC. Ensure the purchase price with all related costs is less than or equal to the deposit.

Place an Order

Once you deposit, direct yourself toward the USP trading pair (for example, USP/ETH). Send a purchase request stating the amount of YGG tokens at your preferred price.

Review and Confirm

Check the details of your order to avoid errors. The order gets confirmed before being filled if markets favouring your defined prices exist.

Securely Store Your YGG Tokens

Upon successful purchase, the Yield Guild Games tokens will be in your exchange wallet. For better security reasons, you should transfer them into a private wallet like a hardware or trustworthy software wallet so as not to lose full control of your assets.

Stay Informed

Keep up-to-date with news in YGG about investment opportunities for making appropriate investment decisions. It is also prudent for the holders to be on the lookout for developments and trends as far as the Yield Guild Games system is concerned, for that is volatile with the digital money prices, as we have seen today.

How Should one View Yield Guild Games as an Investment?

In the dynamic landscape 2021, two significant trends took center stage: Successful cross-chain NFTs and P2E games working on different chains. The growing accessibility of the gaming segment provides a new window of opportunity for widespread acceptance of cryptos. Gaming is a widely accepted recreation that can facilitate people playing rather than earning.

One such example is Yield Guild Games (YGG), which combines NFTS and blockchain gaming and emerges as an important player in the investing sphere. The use of proprietary tokens by YGG indicates that it could appreciate with time.

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In a way, Yield Guild Games stands out because instead of developing a community for gamers, it concentrates on both play and profits, which makes it attractive to investors as well. The case is different with such projects, which involve intense gaming, compared to YGG’s projects, which are for those who want a high return without spending hours in the game.

Thus, this unique way sets Yield Guild Games apart in the niche. Focusing on investors’ requirements can lead to new unforeseen possibilities and increase the profitability of projects. Additionally, their decentralized ecosystem enhanced by a Decentralized Autonomous Organization adds value to their uniqueness.

Essentially, Yield Guild Games distinguishes itself as an investment opportunity encompassing various ways of earning in the crypto Guild. YGG’s strategy that combines NFTs, blockchain games, and appeals to investors makes it a good candidate for consideration as an investment opportunity.


Yield Guild Games is a good example of where one can invest in blockchain games and NFTs. The intersection of these trends in 2021 has brought forth a unique proposition the prospect of earning while engaging in a globally popular recreational activity: gaming.

YGG is unique because it embraces gamers, targets profitability, and aims to attract investors. Rather than only focusing on players, Yield Guild Games takes a unique approach as it focuses on investors. It could be an avenue for fast growth and even more revenue potential in the global market. Moreover, Yield Guild Games has a value proposition based on its tokens and DAO system, which utilizes a decentralized ecosystem.

Like most other crypto projects that revolve around gamers and the communal aspect, many investors would often be required to commit much time to play to see results. On the other hand, investors who want returns for their investments but do not have enough time in Yield Guild Games might have an advantage regarding this strategic positioning. It should enable YGG’s differentiation from other players in the cryptosphere market.

At its core, Yield Guild Games is an all-encompassing investment venture utilizing NFTS blockchain gaming, emphasizing stakeholder satisfaction. This is where YGG’s approach creates a compelling story for potential investors in the developing sector under the crypto Guild.

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