Can I own a Property in Decentraland? Step-by-Step Guide To Buy One

By Joseph Katala
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Sceptics should also examine Decentraland’s open-world Metaverse. You can be as creative as you wish with your purchased virtual land in Decentraland because it was invented by gaming and entrepreneurship minds from all over the world. This project is original since it enters a virgin field.

Decentraland represents an interactive, web-driven ecosystem established on the Ethereum blockchain, enabling individuals to engage in a collective, three-dimensional virtual realm.

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The decentralised game Decentraland is based on the platform Ethereum. It builds a global community that constructs and interacts inside a virtual universe. Ari Meilich and Esteban Ordano are two blockchain experts responsible for Decentraland’s smart contracts. It started in 2020 when they created a DAO to oversee the venture.

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This virtual realm exists inside Decentraland, whereby the users can walk across it exploring, engaging, game playing, and even purchasing digital property. Continuous platform development makes it possible for users to perform transactions within the world and have interactions through peer-to-peer connections.

In addition, the platform provides an entirely immersive game, as shown in Skyrim and Fallout, among others. Nevertheless, the primary difference is that it does not involve playing on a standard screen but immerses you in a different dimension. Innovations for digital ownership concepts have been encouraged in this virtual world with an introduction of museums, where users display their non-fungible digital art pieces known as NFTs.

The Native Tokens of Decentraland


One of its official currencies is the MANA token, which falls under the ERC-20 type. However, Mana is simply an ordinary ERC20 cryptocurrency commodity. MANA installs a suitable coin into Decentraland in fairness.


Therefore, Land is a token of land and real estate based on Ethereum standard protocol 721 or ERC721. NFT includes an ERC 721 token that is incomparably distinct from itself but comparable to this kind. These coins do not represent money; they simply insert different objects into the surroundings.

Smart Contracts: MANAtoken, LANDregistry, and EstateRegistry

Decentraland employs three smart contracts to manage its native tokens:

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MANAtoken: This will ensure that mana remains fungible in the virtual environment.

LANDregistry: For every piece of decentralization, there is a smart contract known as LANDregistry that controls everything. In addition, bundles of people having mana in decentral and marketplace can also be seen.

Estate Registry: ESTATE is an estate registry composed of several distinct units considered one estate. Thus, it results in an agreement that will outline Decentraland’s estates.

Utilizing LAND and ESTATE Tokens

Each of them has its own Operating Virtually, and that takes place through Decentraland. These products allow the proprietors of LAND to build up virtual worlds, software applications, and amusing computing software that is for certain thematic locations of community foundation building. These factors make this a great project for buyers and actors in the land market without central administration.

However, such land parcels should be continuous on one token but only for states, not for states. These call for bigger and smarter VEs that provide more sophisticated experiences than earlier generations.

Purchasing Land in Decentraland

One of the greatest virtual worlds in a decentraland world exists, consisting of land-specific types known as LAND. If you’re looking to buy property in Decentraland, follow these straightforward steps:

Sign Up

The person will log in at decentral and market space to check what price their digital assets fetched in a deal. Log into the account. Lastly, click on Parcels and Estates and select “View all”.

Select a Parcel of LAND

Glance through some spots and then head towards one that captures your eye most out of everything in it. Some examples include using the actual market for certain city landmarks. Some city landmarks are similar to the dccttal market, like Dccttal Market in the references.

Virtual item carries the mana attribute of each virtual property together with the owner’s name while it is either being used or just turned off. Just clicking on a particular object of virtual property shows you any specific information regarding that.

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Connect Your Wallet

You should also ensure that you have signed up with a wallet on Decentraland to be able to use Decentraland. If you manage to purchase some plot of land, the NFT ends up in your crypto account, which is unique.

Additionally, the same may be applied to saving your money using others like MetaMax or Trust Wallet without having someone make one for you. There should be an adequate amount of MANA/ETH in a wallet to cover the transferring cost of the token as well as the buying price cost.

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Confirming Your Virtual LAND

After a successful transaction, the next thing you have to show is ownership of the LAND that has been purchased. You will easily find this data in your wallet. When one uses a Trust Wallet, for instance, it usually appears under “Collectibles” or “NFT.”

Every Non-fungible token (NFT) that shows its possession by the owner of a particular parcel with a dimension of 16×16 meters. In addition, it should be noted that almost every type of land plot is relatively small and does not exceed ninety thousand, which makes virtual real estate properties particularly rare.

The current market price for a decentraland property is approximately 0.376 ETH. Nevertheless, when you buy LAND, you have ownership rights until you dispose of it. 

These cannot do what fungible tokens do because they are quite special, and no one can substitute them with others. However, one can apply for the acquisition of a MANA for L-Land. It consists of a commodity, which is the tradable fungible coin and can be exchanged into anything.

Things to Consider When Purchasing the Digital Land/Virtual 

While buying a plot of land in Decentraland can be exciting, making a well-informed decision is crucial. Here are five essential factors to bear in mind:

Location Is Key

Just like a virtual land is also important regarding its positioning, it is equally important as it occurs in the real world. How does it stand among other popular centers, streets, and busy towns in decentraland? Certain pieces of land near a busy road tend to be more valuable since they are often seen by passers-by on that busy road.

Parcel Size and Configuration

One of the different things about Decentland is that parcel size and shape can be customized. By default, people will always have the right to buy small portions of land and develop them into large estate homes. 

Consider your long-term goals. Is it like land development or a mere investor? The bigger parcels allow lots of room for establishing artists’ interests.

Community and Theme

Decentraland features different thematic districts to build a stronger neighbourhood by providing entertaining activities. This, therefore, involves engaging the various districts and settling on the district that will see you enjoy yourself as far as your area of interest is concerned or matches the organisation’s set goals. Interacting with people who are passionate about making teams can give you better entertainment virtually.

Stay Informed About Future Developments

As mentioned, monitor emerging projects and developments in Decentraland. The price of new features, partnering, and events in your virtually owned estate can vary greatly on its real price. Joining forums and communities helps you talk to other landowners and share ideas and views while getting information on current affairs.l

Define Your Investment Strategy

When buying virtual land, think about your investment strategy. Do you want to focus on profitability or have extended relationships? Think about the possible ROI and align the strategy with your financial targets.

Decentraland (MANA) as an Investment

Many individuals are asking whether or not MANA should be considered as an investment alternative. Let’s delve into the key considerations:

As the first one, it acts as just that: a game for fun and a virtual economic system.

Most of all, Decentland is just a business and gaming platform. The native cryptocurrency for Decentrland is represented by the token known as MANA. Cryptocurrency supports participants’ activities in the virtual world, like purchasing goods and selling other things.

Watching the ‘alternate life’ game gain its reputation is encouraging. Nevertheless, whether this tendency will expand into three-dimensional and blockchain,* They argue that decentral should get to another level of adoption, after which some companies and a whole experience will emerge.

There is much innovation potential concerning the metaverse. This anticipates a virtual world where video chatting and concerts could happen. Decenetaland means bringing the ideas of the tech to the population and making sure it never misses going with people’s day to day. It can be fused with huge capabilities and is, therefore, one of the best investment options.

The crypto market also remembers the long and short periods characterised by highs and lows. As such, when purchasing LAND in Dezentraland, you must be very careful to achieve good results.


Decentraland is a crypto token that opens interesting opportunities in terms of digitalized reality and cryptography. MANA is the virtual cash used on the platform. It enables users to indulge in buying and selling activities.

“Alternative life” games and the idea of the Metaverse present exciting opportunities for further expansion and acceptance of Decentraland. Should Decentraland succeed in its objectives, it will herald a new age of experience and enterprises digitally.

In addition, they should be generous in investing in assets like Decentraland and other currencies of this type. However, this crypto market is renowned for its high fluctuations, where there are sudden run-up phases and price pullbacks or corrections. 

Hence, aspiring investors should undertake serious investigations, determine personal risk tolerance levels, and also put into consideration their long-term investment scheme before indulging in Decentraland or any other cryptocurrency venture.

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