How to Buy BCUT [bitsCrunch] token?

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Buy BCUT, bitsCrunch token if you are looking to build wealth and participate in the ecosystem. bitsCrunch, the network powering BCUT has worked passionately to deliver an excellent data analytics use case for the blockchain industry.

$BCUT, bitsCrunch’s token launched on February 20th 2024 at 1pm UTC on top tier exchanges, starting at, ByBit, KuCoin,, Uniswap, CoinList and CoinList Pro.

The network with strong team, established investors, strategic partnerships and a revolutionary product. Should these be enough reasons to persuade you into investing in bitsCrunch, this guide explores everything of relevance when buying $BCUT.

This new token revolves around revitalizing data analytics in the blockchain community led by the motivation to perform impeccable due diligence, perform investment forensics, identify new opportunities, flag down suspicious activities and derive value estimates when dealing with blockchain assets.

Top Platforms to Buy BCUT [bitsCrunch] Token


Bybit is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world with top volumes since its establishment in 2018. The exchange has positioned itself as a fast-growing and innovative blockchain platform with ample trading features and diverse range of available cryptocurrencies. Bybit has already announced it will be listing $BCUT at 13:00 UTC on the 20th of February 2024.

Official announcement from ByBit on X


KuCoin has gained a flawless reputation since launching in 2017. The exchange has a wide selection of cryptocurrencies, impressive trading features and an intuitive user experience.

Buy BCUT on KuCoin on 20th February when it premiers on the exchange. Deposits are effective as of the writing of this buy BCUT guide, while trading will commence at 1:00 PM UTC on 20th February 2024.

Official announcement from KuCoin on X

Gate.IO is a professional cryptocurrency exchange and one of the top 10 platforms for buying and selling digital assets. The exchange has an extensive list of cryptocurrencies which should make it easy for investors to diversify their portfolios.

Prepare to buy BCUT, the native token that powers the bitsCrunch data analytics network on Trading will commence at 1:00 PM UTC on 20th February 2024.

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CoinList and CoinList Pro

CoinList is a centralized crypto exchange with headquarters in San Francisco, California. The exchange supports major cryptocurrencies and ICO coins. The exchange is regulated by FinCEN as a Money Service Business and can operate in various jurisdictions across the world. $BCUT launched its record-breaking $3.85 million community sale on CoinList in December. The exchange will also be supporting the official launch of the $BCUT token on February 20 2024.

CoinList Pro is a fully-fledged crypto exchange platform launched by CoinList. The exchange has backing from some of the biggest names in the blockchain assets sector. Custody and staking is backed by Anchorage, BitGo and Bison Trails. CoinList Pro is among the top exchanges that will launch BCUT.

Official announcement from Coinlist on X

Crypto.COM is a top tier exchange that commands  80 million+ global users, supports a wide array of fiat currencies and over 250 cryptocurrencies.

Official announcement from on X

Interested participants will be able to buy, sell or transact using the bitsCrunch token once it launches on the exchange. 


Uniswap is the number #1 decentralized exchange on Ethereum with daily volumes of upto $4B+, a broad selection of cryptocurrencies  and deep liquidity. The platform also acts as an NFT aggregator where digital assets investors can search for a wide array of non fungible tokens. Uniswap is one of the places one will be able to buy BCUT once it launches on the exchanges at 1:00 pm UTC on 20th February 2024.

Official announcement from bitsCrunch on X about launch on ByBit, KuCoin,, CoinList, CoinList Pro and Uniswap.


CoinDCX is India’s leading cryptocurrency exchange offering a user-friendly platform for trading various digital assets. Access a wide range of cryptocurrencies securely and efficiently with competitive fees.


bitpanda is a popular European cryptocurrency exchange providing a seamless experience for buying, selling, and trading digital assets. Enjoy a user-friendly interface, secure transactions, and a diverse selection of cryptocurrencies.


WazirX is India’s largest cryptocurrency exchange that offers a secure platform for trading various digital assets with high liquidity, competitive fees, and a user-friendly interface.


LC Exchange is the epitome of the next generation in crypto trading. Based in Liechtenstein, it stands out as a regulated and trusted platform, offering a compliant launchpad for projects alongside innovative features like tokenized bonds, setting new standards in the industry.


Coinstore crypto exchange offers a user-friendly platform for buying, selling, and trading cryptocurrencies. With robust security measures and a wide range of coins, it’s a trusted choice for investors.

Step by Step Guide to Buy BCUT

Top 10 Markets for BCUT

bitscrunch market

Buying and selling BCUT is simple and straightforward. The first step is signing up to one of your favorite leading exchanges. In case you already bought BCUT and the coins are in your wallet, selling them will require transferring the coins to an exchange. This transfer will incur network fees. One can buy or sell BCUT on a CEX or DEX.

For your reference we have taken ByBit as an example, Here is the step by step process: 

  1. Open ByBit.COM, if you have an account already, click the Trade navigation button at the top
bybit challenge
  1. You will find a pair of BTC/USDT, click the drop down beside it and you will find a search button as shown below. Type BCUT on the search bar and click it.
bybit market
  1. On the right side panel of the resulting page that contains a price chart and an order book of BCUT/USDT pair, you will find a panel that looks like this: 
Bybit trading
  • 4. If you have funds, purchase the amount of BCUT you want. If there are no funds in your spot wallet, deposit crypto or fiat through the Deposit button.

Why Should You Buy BCUT on These Platforms?

These platforms are just a few of those that will be launching bitsCrunch, more are yet to come., KuCoin, ByBit, Gate.IO and CoinList, Uniswap are excellent choices to purchase $BCUT, they have great features, high trading volumes and impeccable liquidity.

Security is also not a problem on these exchanges, so you won’t have to worry about your funds or privacy of your personal data.

Regardless of whichever exchange you pick, remember it’s good practice to transfer your cryptocurrencies from the exchange to a wallet.

Securely Store $BCUT after Buying

If you are purchasing bitsCrunch $BCUT, you must consider how to safely store it in a secure wallet. There are many custodial wallets to consider for storing BCUT tokens once you have purchased them. These include MetaMask, Exodus, MyEtherWallet or any other Ethereum-compatible wallet.

Understanding the process of adding a new token is important when buying a new token on any wallet.

We outlined the steps for installing and using metamask in this review.

The steps are straightforward, once installed, click the dropdown icon at the top and choose the right network. Once done, import your coins directly to MetaMask or deposit using the $BCUT address you get. You can also stake your $BCUT coins or utilize them for transactions.

Understanding $BCUT

There are over 1,000 blockchains in existence today, as an investor or user, you need more than transparency to track down everything that’s happening on these chains when conducting due diligence. bitsCrunch is making this process easier by combining artificial intelligence, machine learning, advanced algorithms and analytics to help blockchain users navigate the industry through a fresh pair of eyes, data.

At the moment, the bitsCrunch blockchain analytics platform has already pioneered a revolutionary product for performing onchain analysis for the NFT sector. The product, UnleashNFTs aims to disrupt NFT investments by providing accurate value estimates, identifying fake volumes, performing digital investment forensics, conducting due diligence and flagging down copycats.

bitsCrunch employs advanced technology to blend decentralization, AI, ML and onchain data to deliver reliable insights to blockchain users, creators and digital asset investors.

Through its mission to decentralize and democratize data access, bitsCrunch also involves the community in contributing to the data and incentivizes their efforts through the $BCUT token. Here is a brief summary of the features that will interest you when buying $BCUT:

  1. High quality analytics for evaluating blockchain assets
  2. Detailed forensics data
  3. Seamless API integration
  4. Community driven ecosystem
  5. Trustless and scalable engine
  6. Cross-platform compatibility

Is $BCUT a Good Buy?

Check out our detailed fundamental analysis for bitsCrunch and comprehensive review of the platform’s offerings. In both articles, we documented bitsCrunch’s features, advantages, competitor analysis, team background and the platform’s journey towards democratizing blockchain analytics. bitsCrunch is amazing, it has an excellent team, a valuable use case and a huge community of supporters.

Some of the recent events that are not covered in the fundamental analysis and the review but are important in concluding if $BCUT is a good buy, include:

  1. The 14th December 2023 bitsCrunch community sale that sold within a record breaking 24-minutes and raised $3.85 million.
  2. The bitsCrunch Live mint event sold out 2,000 NFTs in no time. As a result, the Genesis Pass NFT Collection by bitsCrunch scooped the top #1 position and number #1 trending on OpenSea across all blockchains within an hour, and secondary volumes of over 100 ETH.
  3. Gate.IO, while announcing the launch of $BCUT on its exchange, invited investors to a joint program between bitsCrunch and – The Startup Free Airdrop – as of this writing, the program has already achieved a staggering 200,000% oversubscription.
bitsCrunch Genesis Pass NFT Collection


$BCUT is a revolutionary token behind one of the most robust data analytics networks. If you are wondering whether $BCUT is a good long-term investment asset, the numbers and facts are all there for you, including the 2022 win for the prestigious award, Tech Startup of the Year.

The project also has a strong community testament of its sold out community sale on CoinList, and the more recent sold mint of the Genesis Pass NFT collection. $BCUT has already won support from the crypto community, leading cryptocurrency exchanges and is now almost to increase ecosystem-wide participation through its upcoming launch on 20th February 2024 at, KuCoin, ByBit, Gate.IO, CoinList, Uniswap and many more to come.