bitsCrunch $BCUT Fundamental Analysis: The Promising Future of AI-Powered Blockchain Data Analytics and On-Chain Forensics

By Richard Adrian
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bitsCrunch $BCUT fundamental analysis will help you will learn the role of AI-powered blockchain data analytics in transforming the way people understand data. Particularly in emerging industries, the likes of cryptocurrencies, non-fungible tokens, DeFi and so on. bitsCrunch, an AI-powered blockchain data analytics platform is setting the stage for comprehensive insights and forensics across multiple chains. 

The bitsCrunch AI blockchain data analytics platform primarily aims to democratize access to meaningful data insights. Unlike other platforms, bitsCrunch seeks to expand its role by integrating industry data, intelligence, and market forensics. According to CEO, Vijay Pravin in a DroomDroom interview, this integration is crucial for identifying and addressing malicious activities in the blockchain sector.

In this bitsCrunch $BCUT fundamental analysis, we present an innovative AI-powered blockchain Data Analytics platform and NFTs data enrichment network.

In an industry where individuals launch hundreds of thousands of new tokens every day, providing forensic data and analytics can be a challenge. 

bitsCrunch is a blockchain analytics company focused on building innovative data products for the NFTs, DeFi, Fintech and GameFi space using AI/ML, advanced algorithms and community contributions. 

As per the Whitepaper, which you can read anytime, bitsCrunch initial focus will be providing AI-Powered Blockchain Data Analytics for NFTs before expanding its scope across cryptocurrencies and tokens.

As such, the application of the bitsCrunch AI-powered blockchain Data Analytics platform across the Non-fungible tokens niche will feature prominently in this bitsCrunch $BCUT fundamental analysis. 

What is bitsCrunch $BCUT? 

bitsCrunch is a world-class blockchain analytics platform that combines advanced algorithms, AI, ML and Big Data to offer rich insights and result to data-driven investment decisions across DeFi, NFTs, Web3 gaming and cryptocurrencies. 

$BCUT is the utility token of bitsCrunch Network and has a total supply of $1 billion tokens to drive adoption, governance, network effect and incentivizing meaningful contributions to the data analytics platform.

Introduction to bitsCrunch $BCUT Fundamental Analysis

Modern Management genius Peter Druker believed “whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision’ For enriched NFTs data network, bitsCrunch, that person was Vijay Pravin. 

Before 2021, Vijay had gained an extensive data scientist track record at Telefonica in Germany, then Volkswagen and Siemens.  With his wealth of experience and the help of fellow bitsCrunch co-founders from Germany, Gopi Kannappan, and Ashok Varadharajan, they built a blockchain analytics company to solve the dark side of Non-Fungible Tokens. 

Wash trading is a common limitation facing the blockchain industry and Non-Fungible Tokens. Sometimes, wash trading in NFTs can inflate fake volumes on a marketplace by 10 – 20x. Research by bitsCrunch indicates that 46% of the total NFT volume is inflated by wash trading. 

Wash trading is nothing new, and bitsCrunch wants to solve it once and for all in the blockchain using its cutting-edge AI-Powered Blockchain Data Analytics and enriched NFT data platform. The term “Washtrading” or “Wash Sales” originated in the 18th century and involved selling an asset nearing the end of a tax period to claim a loss, and then immediately buying the asset again. In those days, wash trading was all about evading tax. 

In NFTs, wash trading involves colluding as a team to buy and sell a particular collection amongst themselves with the perception of creating high fake liquidity and trading volumes. Most culprits of inflating volumes and liquidity are exchanges, marketplaces and platforms that want to make themselves appear more popular. 

Today’s wash trading is not only illegal but aims at swindling unsuspecting token investors. Most jurisdictions consider it as market manipulation and harm towards the integrity of the financial industry. 

The increasing mass of data across NFTs, blockchains, transactions, smart contracts, exchanges, marketplaces and blockchain protocols has made it all the more difficult to track malicious activities and identify wash trading. 

Limited blockchain knowledge for average NFT users compared to the blockchain expertise of wash trading entities, it also becomes hard for average users to identify malicious patterns. 

bitsCrunch enriched data network has innovated a model for data acquisition, processing and delivery across a decentralized and permissionless network” As per the network’s whitepaper, the teams will deploy the network on an existing layer 2 solution that runs on the Ethereum blockchain. 

Furthermore, the network not only aims to provide new models, metrics and insights but also invites community developers to make their contributions. However, it is worth noting that community contributions will only be possible with time. 

The next section of the bitsCrunch $BCUT fundamental analysis goes through an overview of the AI-Powered Blockchain Data Analytics platform, and its application across NFTs. 

Overview of bitsCrunch $BCUT Fundamental Analysis

bitsCrunch intends to tackle the following areas and challenges facing the NFTs using its AI-Powered Blockchain Data Analytics and enriched NFT data platform. 

Staying ahead of Market Trends 

First of all, the blockchain industry is rapidly evolving. As such, stakeholders need to stay abreast with the increasing complexity of transactions and new innovations as the industry continues to evolve. bitsCrunch has positioned itself at the centre of value by perpetually providing an enriched data network that even supports community contributions. With these, it’s easier to monitor the latest developments taking place in the burgeoning blockchain and NFTs landscape.  

Competitive Edge

Projects benefit by having a competitive advantage, a first mover advantage as well for getting timely, relevant and accurate industry data. Also, projects can filter and find the data they need depending on their core competencies. Community contributions also help foster a collaborative ecosystem that promotes the advancement of non-fungible tokens analytics.

NFT Lending Protocols

The AI-powered blockchain Data Analytics platform also helps transform NFT lending through accessible real-time insights for precise collateralization. Lending protocols have a never-ending task of navigating the dynamic NFT space due to challenges with establishing an NFTs true value. 

On the other hand, the NFT sector is also growing at a rapid pace and this has made it difficult to maintain an updated understanding of value, trends and potential risks. With bitsCrunch enriched NFT data analytics, lending protocols can overcome some of these challenges to mitigate risk, improve accuracy and stay ahead of market trends and NFTs true value.

Real-time Insights

Investors need to make educated insights when dealing with DEFI assets. Getting reliable data in the DEFI space may prove a daunting task. Again, it’s risky to make uneducated decisions as this could easily result in loss of funds. bitsCrunch enriched NFT data analytics presents a method for investors to access real-time insights about trading volumes and market trends. This approach will help the average investor formulate educated trading strategies, forecast market movements and identify profitable investments.

Fraud Detection Capabilities

Decentralized networks face rising incidents of fraud and scams. By using the bitsCrunch enriched NFT data analytics platform, one benefits from the platform’s inbuilt fraud detection and system alerts. 

bitsCrunch has built a quick-response system to alert users in case of suspicious activity such as fraud. As such, stakeholders in the NFTs space can mitigate the risk of fake tokens, misleading metadata and phishing attempts. 

Financial Regulators and Oversight 

Compliance enforcement bodies and financial institutions struggle to identify and verify legitimate Non-fungible transactions. Hence it becomes difficult to flag down transactions and assets that do not comply with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) laws. Using the bitsCrunch enriched NFT data analytics network will facilitate the creation of AML-compliant records, enable verification of legitimate transactions, and foster trust and transparency in the space.

Creators and Gamers

Creators and gamers can also take advantage of the bitsCrunch enriched data analytics to gain accurate insights about the market, trends and how they can make educated decisions in creating more value in the ecosystem. Overall, the bitsCrunch data analytics platform offers consistent and quality value to dozens of blockchain projects, thereby enabling them to reliably move in the right direction. 

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Team and Background

We registered bitsCrunch in 2021. We wanted to do something around data because all my years I have been working with data, and my co-founders are also into data”

bitsCrunch CEO, Vijay Pravin

At the helm of the enriched AI-Powered Blockchain Data Analytics platform, bitsCrunch is the CEO Vijay Pravin and a team of vastly experienced data science and business leaders. 

Vijay has an extensive background in data analytics and is passionate about turning raw data into actionable insights, cutting-edge products and meaningful stories. In the past, Vijay worked across multinational companies in Germany including Volkswagen AG, Siemens AG, and Telefonica. On Linkedin, Vijay is a top voice in data science and management topics. On top of that, he also graduated with a Masters degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from the Technical University of Munich, Germany. 

bitsCrunch also has a vastly experienced chief product Officer. Mr. Gopi has close to two decades of experience and has worked for SAP AG in Germany, as a Product Manager. He is very good at taking a product from scratch to launching it on a global scale. 

Mr. Ashok is the Chief Technology Officer. Ashok is an expert in AI, big data and bio information, and a career spanning over 1 decade building AI, blockchain and machine learning products. 

Mr Saravanan serves as the Chief Data Scientist at bitsCrunch. Saravanan brings 6+ years of proven experience in data science, deep learning and machine learning. Saravanan specializes in data mining and implementing various data science methodologies. 

Mr Ajay has an extensive background in deploying SaaS products across Google Cloud, AWS and CI/CD frameworks. With a track record spanning 6+ years and a Computer Engineering degree, Ajay’s expertise cuts across research, design, implementing, deploying and managing software programs. 

Tokenomics of the bitsCrunch $BCUT Utility Token

$BCUT is the incentivising native token of the enriched NFT data analytics platform and the bitsCrunch ecosystem. Instead of being a speculative currency, bitsCrunch has built utility around $BCUT and the goal is to facilitate smooth network operations using the asset as a utility token. 

bitsCrunch Utility Token $BCUT, whose total token supply is 1 billion will grow in value as the ecosystem incentivises its adoption throughout the ecosystem. Key considerations in the token economics of $BCUT include the token’s functionality, adoption, network effect, growth, governance mechanism, supply and demand. All of these considerations play an important role in enhancing a positive feedback loop that spans around adoption, usage and value creation. 

Token Allocation of bitsCrunch $BCUT

Token Supply1,000,000,000Allocation
Seed100,000,000bitsCrunch completed this private sale in 2021
Private100,000,000bitsCrunch completed this private sale in 2022
Strategic Token Sale30,000,000Sale of extra 30M tokens due to demand
Public Sale70,000,000Planned
Team150,000,000Tokens for our project team.
Advisor20,000,000Tokens for the advisors
Airdrop 15,000,000Airdrop rewards for the testnet launch: phase 1
Security Buffer50,000,000Rewards for finding bugs or covering losses in a security problem.
Growth70,000,000Marketing, partnerships, and growing our community.
Additional Development Fund60,000,000Financing future platform development, hire additional team members, and make technical enhancements
Listing and MM50,000,000Exchange liquidity for new listings and market making.
Ecosystem180,000,000Supporting the network through rewards,grants and marketing.
Additional Airdrop Pool15,000,000Future testnet phases.
Network Boostrapping Reward Pool100,000,000Rewards for operators and delegators 
bitsCrunch $BCUT fundamental analysis: Token vesting for bitsCrunch’s native token $BCUT will happen in a well-designed timeframe for preventing the over-circulation of tokens in the market at any one time.

As shown in the table below, the vesting periods will strike a balance between the token’s demand and supply. Thereby establishing market stability and encouraging a gradual rise in the token’s demand. 

bitsCrunch $BCUT fundamental analysis: Token Vesting and Release Schedule

Key Functions of the bitsCrunch $BCUT Utility Token

Network Incentive

The AI-powered blockchain analytics and enriched NFT data engine will rely both on the bitsCrunch’s in-house team of computer scientists and data experts; additionally, the platform has implemented an open-source model to invite community contributions. Furthermore, there are also other network contributors who need compensation. $BCUT serves as a key incentive for all of these operators. 


$BCUT also incentivizes governance by allowing holders to vote in new proposals and changes to the enriched NFT data network. 

Network Security 

The bitsCrunch enriched NFT  data analytics blockchain follows a Delegated Proof of Stake (dPoS) consensus mechanism. In this staking system, network participants stake their $BCUT holdings and then perform various tasks including maintaining the network’s security. bitsCrunch’s rewards these participants with BCUT tokens depending on the work they do. 


A digital token such as the $BCUT eliminates reliance on external tokens and payment methods, thereby upholding the network’s autonomy and aligning the functionality of the token with the objectives of the network. 

Economic Design

According to the bitsCrunch whitepaper, there is nothing more important for data analytics blockchain than having its own digital token. This is because a native token allows the team to tailor the platform’s economic model according to the network’s unique needs and values. As such, it becomes possible to control certain aspects of the network’s tokenomics including issuance, inflation, distribution, deflation and issuance.


Consumers who want to utilize the enriched NFT data analytics blockchain can get generous discounts by staking the $BCUT tokens. Any investor stakings is considered a significant part of the bitsCrunch blockchain, and as such, offering discounts happens to be a way of saying thank you to loyal supporters. 

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Notable Investments in bitsCrunch $BCUT

Insights from suggest bitsCrunch has a pool of 30+ investors, with CoinSwitch Ventures being the latest one. How did the enriched NFTs and blockchain data analytics company get here? 

By 2021, bitsCrunch had built and deployed a proprietary technology to protect NFT collectors, traders and stakeholders from issues such as unreliable asset valuation, wash-trading and forgeries. In that year, the team announced the close of its seed round, after allocating 100,000,000 million tokens and raising $750,000. Thanks to the tremendous support from the community, investors and strategic advisors, bitsCrunch has continued building and developing its enriched NFT data analytics platform. 

In their blog post announcing the close of the seed, bitsCrunch noted it was not just a successful funding round but also an oversubscribed one. The seed round was led by Covalent, GenBlock Capital, MEXC Global, Double Peak, Synaps and prominent angels from Polygon and other reputed Web3 companies. 

Fast forward to 2022, bitsCrunch announced the completion of a private token sale which raised $3.6 Million. The private sale saw bitsCrunch allocate 100,000,000 $BCUT tokens to several investors led by Animoca Brands and dozens of other participants including Coinbase Ventures, Crypto.Com Capital, Polygon Studios, Borderless Capital and a few others. 

bitsCrunch announced through a long thread that they would utilize the funding to expand their team and focus on securing more partnerships with leading NFT marketplace players. Find out more on the above thread. 

Yat Siu,  the co-founder of Animoca Brands, a leading gaming, software and venture capital firm based in Hong Kong mentioned bitsCrunch as a disruptive data analytics platform that will leave a positive impact in the security and safety of the “emerging open metaverse”

Partnerships of bitsCrunch $BCUT

bitsCrunch has secured partnerships with 70+ brands across Web3, NFTs and DeFi. The enriched NFT data analytics platform has proved the power of leveraging cutting-edge technology and fostering strategic partnerships when building a robust data analytics blockchain. A few of these partnerships include: 

Mastercard: The Mastercard- bitsCrunch partnership targets scaling the adoption of bitsCrunch across traditional finance, as well as onboarding non-cryptocurrency users to DeFi. Furthermore, MasterCard aims to develop several open banking systems, and predictive financial modelling to improve smart rental payments and small businesses. As such, the collaboration with bitsCrunch targets enhancing both the brand’s credibility and fostering safe transactions. 

DAppRadar: The bitsCrunch- DappRadar partnership aims at broadening the scope of data available on DappRadar as well as improving price estimates for Non-Fungible Tokens. As DappRadar moves towards an open, decentralized and community-led ecosystem, a collaboration with bitsCrunch seems to be a really strategic move. 

NowNodes: The NowNodes- bitsCrunch partnership is focused on encouraging NFT projects to implement extra layers of data and blockchain forensics features so that customers can benefit from a comprehensive roof of NFT data APIs. By partnering with bitsCrunch, NowNodes will be able to offer data APIs across Polygon, Binance Chain, Ethereum, Avalanche, Solana and dozens of other chains. 

Unstoppable Domains: The bitsCrunch – Unstoppable Domains partnership brought human readability to wallet addresses, hence simplifying how to identify and monitor NFT transactions and owners.

Competitors of bitsCrunch $BCUT

Decentralizing Data

In blockchain data , Dune Analytics and Nansen stand out prominently. Similarly, on the forensic front, Chainalysis and Elliptic are notable players. A common thread among these four entities is their centralized nature. Engaging with them involves reaching out to the business development team, arranging a call, completing an on boarding form, and paying substantial fees. 

For instance, Dune Analytics’s fees range from $500 to $700, still a hefty sum for the average person. In the realm of forensics, especially with Chain Analysis, the minimum annual fee can escalate to $20,000 to $25,000. Yet, they don’t bring the full capabilities of a blockchain data analytics and forensics platform, the likes of bitsCrunch. 

What sets bitsCrunch apart is the commitment to decentralization: Democratizing NFT and blockchain data by aligning with the ethos of Web3. bitsCrunch CEO Vijay Pravin told DroomDroom there is a need for data analytics platforms to simplify the industry and make it accessible to everyone; in a way that every Tom, Dick and Harry can effortlessly connect to the bitsCrunch platform by signing in with their wallet, pay a small fee, execute API queries and utilize the dashboard. 

Vijay emphasizes  “The process is streamlined, users from anywhere in the world, whether in Australia, Canada, India, or beyond can log in, connect their wallet, and gain access to data insights” 

The goal for bitsCrunch is demystifying and democratizing access to such valuable data; at the same time, provide forensics to the industry. 

Excitement for the bitsCrunch team at the Blockchance 2023 Awards after scooping the prestigious Best Startup Award in the category “ Creator Economy and NFTs” 

Forensics of bitsCrunch $BCUT

Simply, bitsCrunch is also setting itself apart from competitors by safeguarding blockchain and NFT users against fraudulent activities, scams, and swindles in the crypto space—instances where everyday individuals like you and me might suffer financial losses. While the commonly used phrase is ‘DYOR’ or ‘do your own research,’ 

“Let’s be honest, do we all have the time for that? Juggling responsibilities with jobs leaves us, including everyone with limited time to scrutinize every asset featured in blogs. “ Vijay Insists. 

For example, bitsCrunch will step in and alert a user whenever they attempt to purchase a counterfeit digital asset. This vigilance extends to the artist’s and creator’s economy as well. For instance, if Starbucks is unveiling a slew of NFTs and someone attempts to replicate a Starbucks NFT on the blockchain, bitsCrunch could notify Starbucks promptly. 

vijay pravin

bitsCrunch CEO Vijay Pravin “Put simply, we act as a watchdog, informing the artist, “Look, XYZ is trying to duplicate your work on the blockchain and profiting from it” 

Let’s illustrate with an example: There was a collection named Meta Birkins NFTs. They copied the designs of Hermès, the renowned fashion brand, known for its bags and women’s apparel. Exploiting the peak of the bull run, metabirkins team took images, prototypes, and designs from Hermès and turned them into NFTs. Launching this collection led to substantial earnings, likely in the hundreds of thousands. Hermès eventually caught wind of the situation as the collection gained attention and took Meta Birkin to court in the U.S., winning the lawsuit.

This scenario mirrors other incidents from the previous bull run, such as Yuga Labs’ case. In that instance, a fake collection called ‘ripped’BAYC emerged, serving as an exact replica of the original. As NFTs gain popularity, unscrupulous actors exploit the trend, copying and profiting. Now, imagine this happening on a much larger scale in the next decade after NFTs have already gained traction.With numerous NFTs circulating and more brands entering the space, the question arises: 

“Do these brands have the resources to scour blockchain after blockchain, marketplace after marketplace, hunting for genuine collections or copycats? The answer is a resounding NO, and that’s where we step in. We provide a forensics solution by alerting brands like Hermès that fake mints are happening on the blockchain under their name or using their intellectual property. 

Blockchain Specific Competition

Etherscan is the best Ethereum blockchain explorer platform with API, analytics and search capabilities. The platform came around in 2015 and is one of the longest-running projects to function around Ethereum’s ecosystem. Etherscan allows users to browse publicly available data about all activities taking place on the Ethereum blockchain, including addresses, transactions, smart contracts and so on. bitsCrunch and Etherscan appear to be in the same industry and provide a cross reference for blockchain analytics. 

Unlike Etherscan, bitsCrunch is more focused on implementing AI and ML across decentralized NFT data and enriching that data so that it becomes actionable, insightful and reliable for building NFT applications. bitsCrunch scope of data cuts across several blockchains including the Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Polygon and Avalanche. 

bitsCrunch Against Competitors

Before investing its time on bridging the ‘reliable-data’ gap between NFT platforms and users, bitsCrunch studied the following sets of challenges facing other Data Analytics Platforms. 

Here are some of the challenges and limitations facing existing blockchain data analytics platforms:

  • DEFI protocol data providers leave out NFT-related data when indexing insights for DEFI protocols. As such, NFT analytics consumers may find such providers insufficient and of less quality. 
  • Instances of bias or the potential for censorship across centralized data providers undermines trust, transparency and reliability. These three are vital components of any meaningful data.
  • Majority of the providers have normalized on-chain data that excludes NFTs. Hence, limiting better understanding of the NFT landscape and neglecting many users who would have made meaning out of the missing data.  
  • There are limited forensics insights for NFTs across most data providers. Even some of the most agile NFT data providers lack forensics oversight For this reason, mitigating fraudulent behavior might prove difficult. Furthermore, lack of forensic oversigt compromises the security of NFTs. 
  • The NFT data providers existing today lack sophisticated NFT metrics and analytics which can offer deeper market insights. As such, it has become difficult for NFT users to fully understand the NFT market and make meaningful decisions.
  • Most of the NFT data solutions available today lack community contribution or open source features. As such, the NFT community might not be able to contribute insights, data or any other relevant information.

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bitsCrunch Enriched NFT Data Solutions

Evaluating Non-Fungible Token Sales data and analytics demands capable enriched NFT data analytics solutions. The solution must come up with innovative ways for gathering the data, interpreting and making sense of it. 

bitsCrunch comes with advanced computation capabilities, sophisticated AI algorithms, and machine learning, as well as both on and off-chain data sources. The platform will support community contributions, hence making bitsCrunch as decentralized as the industry it serves. Thereby unlocking perpetual data refinement and new use cases. 

Additionally, the enriched NFT data analytics software will provide reliable insights into the reach and growth of Non-fungible Tokens marketplaces. Thereby protecting participants from platform-based wash trading. The nourished data will also tackle various challenges across the pricing and valuation of NFTs, a challenge that has made it significantly difficult to establish the real value of NFTs. 

UseCases of bitsCrunch $BCUT

AI-Powered Blockchain Data Analytics and MetaData

One of the primary challenges confronting Blockchain analytics lies in keeping pace with the dynamic and evolving blockchain landscape. Transactions are also becoming more complex every day due to the ongoing innovations taking place.  Given that the blockchain and NFT industries are still in their early stages, stakeholders anticipate this challenge to intensify with time. To effectively make sense of these obstacles, and navigate them, analytics initiatives can tap into the wealth of data available within the bitsCrunch networks.

bitsCrunch network undergoes continuous enrichment through contributions from the community, ensuring it continues to align with the latest developments in the blockchain space. By harnessing this ever-evolving data source, blockchain analytics projects can concentrate their efforts on furnishing valuable insights to their clientele while staying abreast of the rapid changes in the industry.

Employing enriched blockchain data analytics from the bitsCrunch network will empower projects to uphold a competitive advantage and adapt to the dynamic nature of blockchain markets. This strategic approach not only enables these projects to deliver precise and pertinent insights to their clients but also cultivates a collaborative and decentralized environment where industry data is accessible to everyone. 

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Blockchain Lending and Borrowing

Most of what bitsCrunch has done, especially with its product offering, UnleashNFTs by bitsCrunch, is to provide enriched data analytics for the NFT sector. Meanwhile, the company is expanding its premise to provide enriched on-chain and off chain analytics for some of the major tokens. 

bitsCrunch promises to provide accurate insights across the crypto and NFT lending industries by evaluating precise collateralization. With increasing price volatility, dynamic trends, increasing risks and rapid growth of the blockchain landscape, leveraging the bitsCrunch data network will help protocols make more sense of the landscape. 

Compliance and Regulation

Financial institutions, regulatory enforcement bodies, projects and individual users can contribute to a secure and compliant blockchain ecosystem by leveraging bitsCrunch forensics data analytics. Such institutions can harness the data to create Anti-Money Laundering (AML) reports, compliance insights, foster transparency and enforce regulatory standards. 

Financial institutions, for example, can evaluate data to validate the legitimacy of wallet activity and blockchain transactions to ensure non-involvement in illicit practices and fraud. 

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The Future of bitsCrunch $BCUT

Much has been done to transform bitsCrunch into what it is today. Yet, there is more to come. 

bitsCrunch has outlined a comprehensive roadmap that delineates its journey through various phases, each marking a significant step towards achieving full decentralization. 

The Roadmap Unfolds in three Distinctive Phases

  • Phase 1 – Partial Decentralization
  • Phase 1.5 – Partial Decentralization
  • Phase 2 and 3 – Full Decentralization

Within these phases, several key components and milestones standout as the way to bring the vision of a decentralized network to fruition.

Phase 1 – Partial Decentralization

Partial Decentralization, bitsCrunch aims to establish the foundation for its decentralized ecosystem. Key elements of this phase include the development of a Network DApp, Query Processor Node, and the onboarding processes for both Query Consumers and Operators. 

Additionally, a basic query data caching layer and request router are introduced to enhance the efficiency of the network. This phase sets the groundwork for subsequent advancements and is a crucial step towards achieving decentralization.

Phase 1.5 – Partial Decentralization

Partial Decentralization marks an intermediate stage where the bitsCrunch network will introduce several essential components to further refine the network’s capabilities. These components include:

  • The network will implement an incentivized testnet (Round 1),  allowing the community to actively participate and contribute. 
  • Establishing Logging and billing mechanisms, ensuring transparent and accountable operations. 
  • Implementing token-related activities, including release, airdrop, and delegation. 
  • Enhancing operator onboarding and improving the overall user experience.

Phase 2 and 3 – Full Decentralization

Full Decentralization, represent the culmination of bitsCrunch’s decentralization journey. Key components include:

  • Introducing Data Enricher Node as a way to further improve operator onboarding, implement  a logging enricher and an additional layer to support contributors. 
  •  An incentivized testnet (Round 2) which will  further refine the network’s performance and pave the way for the Mainnet Launch. 
  • This phase of the bitsCrunch roadmap will also encompass elements such as – – Network Governance 
  • Slashing mechanisms, and development of a runtime for AI/ML models, which will also emphasize the network’s commitment to cutting-edge technologies.

As the roadmap progresses, bitsCrunch will implement further improvements and lay a strong emphasis on community involvement. Some of these future improvements will include: 

  • General community contributor onboarding and a robust reward model that will foster more collaborations to further solidify bitsCrunch’s commitment to inclusivity and innovation.
  • Integration of distributed data management. 

bitsCrunch’s roadmap meticulously outlines its journey from partial to full decentralization. 

Through the phased introduction of key components, incentivized testnets, and community engagement initiatives, bitsCrunch aims to create a robust and decentralized network that aligns with the principles of decentralization, data democratization, trust, efficiency, and innovation.

bitsCrunch $BCUT fundamental analysis: The following is the official roadmap from bitsCrunch, it will help you determine what bitsCrunch has already achieved in its roadmap, and what the blockchain analytics company is yet to achieve. 

bitsCrunch (BCUT) fundamental analysis

bitsCrunch $BCUT fundamental analysis: Roadmap of the bitsCrunch ecosystem comprising Phase 1 – Phase 3

Conclusions of bitsCrunch $BCUT fundamental analysis

As bitsCrunch progresses towards full decentralization of blockchain data analytics, its emphasis on refining user experiences, optimizing operator onboarding, and implementing cutting-edge technologies like AI/ML models showcases a forward-thinking approach. One that aims to align with the ethos of Web3 and provide unmatched accessibility to insights, blockchain forensics and industry integrity. 

Features like Network Governance and Slashing mechanisms underscore the project’s commitment to creating a secure and sustainable decentralized infrastructure.

Additionally, the CEO told DroomDroom they were creating a stronger emphasis on community collaboration, as well as building a way for the general public to understand and implement blockchain data analytics efficiently. 

This inclusive approach will do two things to the industry: 1. Foster a sense of ownership among community members. 2. Position bitsCrunch as a project that values the collective intelligence and diverse contributions of its user base.

In essence, the future of bitsCrunch serves as a blueprint for a decentralized future where data democratization, intelligence and deep tech converge. 

As the project progresses through its planned phases, it is poised to redefine the landscape of decentralized networks, setting a precedent for projects aspiring to create open, collaborative, and cutting-edge ecosystems.

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