Artfi Genesis Airdrop Pass: A Success in Art Democratization and Tokenized Ownership

By Richard Adrian
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Artfi is celebrating success of the Artfi Genesis Airdrop Pass (GAP) campaign which recorded participation of several thousand users who were eager to be part of the art ecosystem’s upcoming airdrop.

Artfi’s Genesis Airdrop Pass (GAP) is free mint that took place on Galxe, OKX and Polygon where over 68,000+ participants minted passes by the close of the campaign on February 27th. Artfi will distribute a total of $10 million worth of $ARTFI tokens to holders in the airdrop.

The GAP is one of two avenues that Art democratization platform, Artfi, is offering individuals who would like to access its art ecosystem.

While the pass is a free mint, the second avenue is the Genesis Offering Pass (GOP) which costs a few dollars but unlocks access to an art investment portfolio constituting some of history’s most respected artists.

Achievements of the Campaign: Success of the Artfi Genesis Airdrop Pass

The Artfi Genesis Airdrop Pass commanded 68000+ participants in its Galxe Campaign minting passes, indicating the community’s enthusiasm in becoming part of Artfi’s art investment ecosystem.

Success of the Artfi Genesis Airdrop Pass proves that Artfi is a leader in innovating the art market by offering unique utilities, features and benefits to its supporters. These benefits include access to more than $10 million in $ARTFI tokens through the upcoming airdrop, and ability to invest in a portfolio of world-class artworks by the world’s top 1% artists by minting the upcoming Genesis Offering Pass.

With a diverse range of blue-chip artworks available, Artfi makes it possible for retail investors to invest in world-class art through its innovative product offerings. Explore more about Artfi in this review.

This campaign has sparked significant interest in Artfi’s art offerings which constitute artwork from globally renowned artists that will be accessible through the Genesis Offering Pass.

As community participants and art lovers eagerly anticipate the $ARTFI airdrop after the close of the Artfi Genesis Airdrop Pass (GAP), the Genesis Offering Pass (GOP) mint will begin 28th of February 2024. It is important to understand that Artfi’s company model aims at democratizing the $1.7 trillion art market by introducing fractional ownership of blue-chip artworks that costs millions a piece.

By minting the Artfi Genesis Offering Pass for only $10, retail investors and art collectors will become part of a community that will be integral in shaping valuation, trading and appreciation of the world’s most coveted art pieces.

Innovation in the blockchain ecosystem has made it possible to represent all types of asset on the decentralized ledger which has unlocked immense opportunities for RWAs assets

Asif Kamal, the founder and CEO of Artfi, said while sharing his company’s commitment in democratizing the art business by tokenizing art works and facilitating fractional ownership.

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What’s Next?

Artfi is launching its Genesis Offering Pass (GOP) which is next in line following the successful completion of the GAP free mint. Holders of the GOP will qualify for 5X the amount of token distribution compared to holders of the GAP.

Artfi will multiply these amounts by the number of passes that each holder has to ensure everyone is equally rewarded. There is more to the Genesis Offering Pass than being a gateway for receiving free $ARTFI tokens. The $10 pass will act as a ticket to unlocking Artfi’s world of fractionalized art ownership.

Artfi’s mint of the Genesis Offering Pass kicks off on 28th February 2024.

Artfi’s journey has won support from world renown artists whose artworks will be accessible to those who secure the Genesis Offering Pass.  The company also has an all-star team of professionals who understand the intricacies of the art business.

With its focus in democratizing art investments and building a community of individuals who share their passion and enthusiasm for art, Artfi is shaping the future of art as one of the Real-World Assets that commands multi-trillion dollars in global market capitalization.

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