Vibrant and Bitnovo Pay team up to revolutionize the crypto industry

By DroomDroom Team
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● The alliance between both companies represents a revolution in the payment experience by creating a solution that allows accepting the most popular payment methods and cryptocurrencies in a single device.

July 2023. Bitnovo, the pioneer company in simplifying the access and use of cryptocurrencies, announces a collaboration with Vibrant that was created with the aim of uniting card and cryptocurrency payments in a single solution that can be adapted to any device.

From now on, businesses will be able to easily configure their terminals to accept card and cryptocurrency payments on a single device. With this collaboration, companies and businesses will be able to anticipate the future of payments and meet the growing demand for cryptocurrency transactions.

A Revolution in the Cryptocurrency World

The collaboration between Vibrant and Bitnovo Pay has a significant impact on the adoption of cryptocurrency payments. By joining forces, these two solutions are strengthening each other, to open the doors to thousands of businesses that can accept cryptocurrencies as a form of payment to offer their products and services. Without ruling out the possibility of receiving payments by card or digital wallets so that they don’t miss any sales.

With this union, both companies achieve the necessary strength to guarantee a better customer experience and new opportunities for thousands of businesses, offering an innovative, secure and hassle-free solution.

A Disruptive and Strategic alliance

Vibrant presents itself as the ideal partner for Bitnovo Pay, since it allows card payments to be integrated into the same device. Now, with the cryptocurrency option also included, the Vibrant-Bitnovo Pay collaboration ensures that no sale is lost due to a lack of payment options.

Sunmi integrates this solution into its devices

This collaborative solution is already embedded in smart devices manufactured by Sunmi. Thanks to this technological synergy, merchants and customers will be able to enjoy a smooth and convenient shopping experience when using the joint solution of Vibrant and Bitnovo Pay on Sunmi smart devices.

About the company

The Bitnovo company, founded in 2015 and based in Valencia, aims to facilitate the access and use of cryptocurrencies for users and companies, making their purchase and sale a simple, fast and secure process. Among its milestones is being the first Spanish company to install an automatic cryptocurrency coupon dispenser system and they are already pioneers and leaders in physical distribution with a coupon system present in more than 40,000 points of sale throughout Europe. Bitnovo has successfully completed more than one million transactions in eight years and has more than 100,000 users.