How To Buy Stellar (XLM) and Everything You Need To Know

By Ian Kirimi
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A cryptocurrency called Stellar (XLM) has found its way into the domain of global transactions by promising to deliver solutions based on inclusion. Stellar (XLM) runs a different network and uses the smart consensus protocol, which is also called SCP. The digital currency known as Stellar Lumens is a coin that was born out of a vision for a more collaborative and globalized economy.

We will focus on highlighting Stellar’s major characteristics, its applications, and the underlying technology it utilizes that make it a worthy contender among other cryptocurrencies. In this blog, we provide a guide on how to buy stellar and how stellar Lumens can transform decentralized finance and international commerce.

The main objective of XRP is to ensure speedy, safe, and cheap international transactions, which help bridge the gap between conventional financial practices. It serves underbanked and unbanked users globally.

Is Stellar (XLM) a Coin or Token?

Stellar (XLM), being its native cryptocurrency, is a digital payment system that focuses on making money transfers simple worldwide, irrespective of any barriers such as borders or political systems. “Coin” is usually synonymous with existing digital money that operates on a standalone blockchain. On the part of Stellar (XLM), it has its own blockchain, which is referred to as the stellar blockchain. In other words, Lumens acts like a currency in the Steller network since it is used for transactions and holds value. It is a medium of exchange for quick and cheap international payments. Stellar (XLM) is also part of the Stellar Consensus Protocol (SCP), which ensures efficient transaction management and security for transactions within the Stellar network.

Since the launching of cryptocurrencies, the financial world has witnessed a huge change as many people are opting to use cryptocurrencies over fiat currencies. Here is a detailed article on the impact brought by cryptocurrencies on the financial sector.

What Blockchain Does Stellar (XLM) Use?

The currency of Stellar Lumens (XLM) is run by a different blockchain called Stellar Blockchain. Stellar was formed for fast, low-cost, borderless, and inclusive payments

Unlike many other blockchain networks, the Stellar blockchain uses a consensus algorithm known as the Stellar Consensus Protocol (SCP). The purpose of SCP is to reach a consensus amongst nodes concerning the network status, thus attaining a common understanding concerning the validity of transactions and their order without the need for a conventional mining process.

Different from PoW or PoS consensus mechanisms, SC does not imply any competitive mining or a solo node that puts forth blocks. It rather implements a federal Byzantine agreement in which validators (nodes) interact with each other to conclude about states of the net.

If you are a crypto newbie and would like to know how PoW works you are recommended to this article.

Stellar’s ledger is a blockchain that records all transactions undertaken through its XLM crypto. The ecosystem uses Stellar Lumens as a medium of exchange that enables a smooth exchange of value between different fiat currencies. It is very convenient for making cross-border payments and sending money home.

To achieve scalability as well as security and efficiency in financial transactions, Stellar chooses its consensus mechanism and strategy for reaching an accord among nodes as mentioned above, which contributes towards the overall objective.

Is Stellar (XLM) a Good Investment?

The question of why Stellar (XLM) is a good investment includes taking into consideration such things as project fundamentals, the macroeconomic environment, and other determinants, as well as your investing parameters—how much exposure to risk you can handle or bear.


Stellar (XLM) aims to enhance quick and cheap cross-border payments. The efficiency and security of the network are also attributed to its unique consensus algorithm, the Stellar Consensus. Determine whether the project can last long-term by evaluating goals, technologies, and partnerships.

Use Case

The applicability of Stellars in the aspect of cross-border payments in general and more specifically acting as a bridge currency within global finance is a vital factor.

Perform a market review on the present Stellar (XLM) trends and sentiments. Cryptocurrency market fluctuation often happens with price volatility; therefore, users should always be aware of the news concerning partners’ activities and regulatory changes that could influence the XLM value.


Compare how Stellar (XLM) ranks among competitors in the blockchain and fintech worlds. The project is vulnerable in terms of competition since it can affect its capability to penetrate the market and innovate.

Team and Development

What about the team that created Stellar (XLM) and its development? The project is bound to succeed with a good, strong, consistent, updated, and improved team.


What are the risks of investing in crypto? Cryptocurrencies are characterized by high volatility in prices, regulatory uncertainty, and swings in market sentiment. Never put in more than you are ready to let go of.

Apart from the risks that traders face in the cryptocurrency market, here are some common mistakes that many traders make that lead to losses. 


However, if you want to consider Stellar (XLM) as an investment, then diversification of your portfolio is very necessary. This is an attempt at diversification, which assists in spreading risk in case one asset suffers poor performance.

In the end, the choice of Stellar Lumen as an ideal investment should be based on your considerations, risk tolerance, and investment strategy. He should do adequate research and follow up on what is trending in the market.

How To Buy Stellar (XLM)?

It is easy and straightforward on how to buy Stellar XLM. Here’s a simplified guide that will teach you how to buy Stellar (XLM):

Select a cryptocurrency exchange

Select a reliable cryptocurrency marketplace compatible with Stellar Lumens. The typical trading pairs for XLM are associated with popular exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase, and Kraken.

Create an account

Registering an account on any of the chosen exchanges This entails inputting your email address, creating a unique password, and undertaking KYC (know your customer) requirements.

Deposit Funds

Then, you should transfer the funds deposited into a trading account. Deposits can be made in fiat currencies such as USD, GBP, etc., or cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. You may deposit funds into your account using a wire transfer, credit or debit card, or any other valid payment method that we support.

After funding your accounts, proceed to the trade section of the exchange. There are many ways of doing this, but it depends on one’s preferences. Look for XLM trading pairs like XLM/USD or even XLM/BTC.

Place an order

Choose either a market order (to buy at the prevailing market price) or a limit order (where you specify how much you are willing to pay for a security). State the number of XLM you require and proceed with the order.

Secure a Wallet (Optional)

However, you should ensure that you keep your XLMs safe by storing them in a wallet if possible. There are hardware wallets such as Ledger, software wallets including StellarTerm, and several Stellar-compatible mobile wallets that you can consider.

Withdraw to Your Wallet (Optional)

Alternatively, if you choose a wallet, then you remove your XLM from your destination wallet address. At this step, your investment will be more secure because it will give you the advantage of owning your keys.

Stay Informed

Watch out for new trends in the Stellar world of transactions. Go through Stellar-related forums, social media, and other official announcement sources for more updates.

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages of Stellar (XLM)?


Fast and Low-Cost Transactions

Stellar was developed to be easy and cheap for international transactions. SCP is the network’s consensus algorithm that enables high-speed and cheap confirmations of transactions.

Financial Inclusivity

Starling aims to offer banking solutions to the millions of people across the world who are not served by banks. This is consistent with its goal of creating an inclusive world by improving accessibility and equality in finance.

Cryptocurrencies have played a crucial role in financial inclusion, this article has a detailed explanation of the role it has played.

Smart Contract Capabilities

Though it may not be as strong as some other systems, Stellar provides for smart contracts. It allows for programmable and conditional payments, making it more than just transferring value.

Smart contracts have a great value in DeFi, if you are a newbie this article will help you know more about smart contracts.

Built-in Decentralized Exchange

The stellar provides traders with the ability to trade for different types of assets through its decentralized exchange. The liquid nature of this feature ensures that an asset can easily be made interchangeable with another.

Partnerships and collaborations

Star has created business relationships with different financial entities and other organizations, making it trustworthy and promoting the possibility of adoption in reality.



Stellar competes with other blockchain projects and the traditional financial system. However, competing against already existing players is never easy, more so when there are constant transformations and innovations within the fintech sector.

Limited Recognition

Although Stellar Lumens has its strengths, it might not be as popular as other well-known cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. It should only be used where it is recognized or accepted as an agent of the exchange.

Dependency on Network Participants

The participation of stakeholders or nodes in a network is important for the performance of Stellar’s consensus procedure. In this case, the whole network can become vulnerable if some participants act in bad faith.

Regulatory Risks

Stellar Lumen, like every other cryptocurrency, suffers from regulatory uncertainty. The legality of this method depends on regulatory changes at regional levels or state policies.

Smart Contract Limitations

Whereas at Star, smart contract support has not been as wide-ranging as that of DApp platforms. However, this limitation may limit its application in particular blockchain use cases.

Lastly, Stellar Lumens possesses several pros, mainly regarding speed, economics, and financial inclusion. Nevertheless, it faces some difficulties like rivalry, weak branding, and regulatory threats. Just as is the case with any other decision-making relating to investments and adoption, the said aspects should be weighed in the context of one’s purpose and desires.


In summary, investing in Stellar (XLM) entails maneuvering through various stages aimed at achieving an efficient and enlightened transaction. The initial stages include choosing a credible crypto exchange, making an account, depositing money, and paving the way into the stellar domain. subsection

The execution of purchase orders, including either a market order or a limit, must be handled with great caution when you are in the exchange to get XLM at your most favorable conditions. For better security of your investment, use a secure wallet like a hardware wallet or another Stellar-compatible software solution that allows you to keep your private keys. Information becomes critical throughout your journey. Ensure that you are always aware of Stellar news, trends in the market, and official statements, for they play a big role in your investments.

Nevertheless, an informed choice on how to buy stellar XLM demands detailed knowledge of relevant benefits as well as pitfalls. Appreciate the benefits like cost-effective and quick transactions, financial inclusion, and strategic alliances. However, consider the possible challenges such as competition, limited recognition, and regulatory uncertainties. 

For every individual willing to invest in crypto and reap success, it is imperative to have the necessary information at hand. Ensure you conduct proper research, diversify, and monitor the market. The process of purchasing Stellar Lumens is an entertaining one, as it involves both experienced investors and novices in the context of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

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