Encryptus: Effectively Connecting Crypto with Fiat

By Shreya Bhattacharya
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Institutions like Encryptus are helping in bringing both the worlds of Decentralized finance and Centralized finance together by providing unique services. The cryptocurrency industry has already completed a journey of a decade. We have seen the space go and grow through turmoils that could have easily broken the back of any other sector. Yet, we continue to thrive. However, the bridge between the DeFi and the CeFi community is still undergoing construction. Both ecosystems need to work together to make the finance sector more accessible. It can be possible if crypto’s inconspicuousness meets traditional finance’s stability and security. However, it is difficult to reach the destination as the decentralized community is still finding ways to make peace with regulatory frameworks.   

If you are new to cryptocurrency and want to experience trading while making safe bets, Encryptus will act as your one-stop shop. Its notion is to adopt a licensed approach to make its users feel safe and to encourage them to participate in large-volume trades. It is already known for streamlining its complicated onboarding process and making crypto broadly available. 

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How is Encryptus Connecting DeFi With the Real World? 

Over time, Encryptus has realized that to ramp up adoption in the digital world; cryptocurrencies must align with fiat currencies. As an individual, you might view investing in digital tokens as reckless bets until you can link their value with an asset present in the real world. So, to make this happen, the platform has included ‘Quickremit,’ an innovative off-ramping solution to its payout services. 

Several payment companies can provide you with seamless and easy on-ramping services. However, they face several challenges during off-ramping. The main hurdles faced are the inability to ensure liquidity and price fluctuations in the market. 

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So, to combat these issues, Encryptus launched ‘Quickremit,’ which has now become the most extensive payout network. Besides crypto exchanges, businesses can connect it to their wallet, DeFi, and GameFi ecosystems.

The best part of using the payout system is that the platform allows individuals to redeem their stable coins (USDT/USDC) through Bank Wires, Mobile Wallets, Top-Ups, and Gift Cards. 

What Are The Advantages of Using Quickremit? 

No other off-ramping exchange in the crypto industry has a broader network than Encryptus. The firm boasts coverage in terms of Bank Wires in 79 countries and 41 fiat currencies. However, that’s not it. Mobile wallets have connections in 39 countries, and their services are available in over 115 countries for gift cards and mobile top-ups. To make users’ lives easier, the company also allows them to redeem their gift cards on over 7000 platforms like Amazon, Apple, Uber, Grab, Reliance Digital, Payoo, Zalora, Carrefour, etc. 

Currently, the platform supports USDT and USDC, but the firm plans to offer significant stablecoins and crypto assets soon. It is also working towards offering 98 more currencies in over 115 countries, including India, Vietnam, Turkey, the Philippines, Kenya, Mexico, and Brazil. 

The other benefit of choosing Quickremit is the advanced security features that Encryptus provides. The firm’s notion is to stay away from shady affairs strictly. That is why it never deals with users featured in the dark side of media. It offers user-friendly KYC and API safeguards and real-time monitoring so individuals can safeguard their assets efficiently. 

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Encryptus also does not work with sanctioned countries to adhere to the rules of the DeFi ecosystem. That is why it does not offer services in countries like the United States, Japan, and Canada. 

Moreover, to continue providing reliable services to its users, Encryptus doesn’t offer crypto custodian service, but it has a license in Lithuania. The firm makes sure that none of its user’s funds stay with it by making settlements instantly. 

Another perk of using Encryptus is that it caters to organizations as well. By doing so, it is also helping in the overall growth of the community, and users get confidence when they work with companies tied with Encryptus. 

How Does Encryptus Checks its User’s Background? 

As the firm takes the security of its client’s assets very seriously, it thoroughly checks individuals before onboarding them. It double-checks individuals’ personal information, like name, address, etc., against third-party databases. Furthermore, Encryptus do not cater to sanctioned clients or individuals who reside in restricted jurisdictions. Individuals can access Encryptus’s services only after completing ‘Know Your Customer or KYB with the firm.

However, it does not stop there. Encryptus also keeps a constant eye on the transactions done by its clients to scan if there are any bad actors. 

How Can You Avail The Off-Ramping Services of Encryptus? 

Encryptus has made its off-ramping services available to all and has a seamless onboarding process. If you are interested in using their services, you will have to place an inquiry at [email protected]. Someone from the Encryptus team will soon contact you to explain the product’s integration, features, and benefits. Then they will verify your documents, and once that is done, they will give you access to their API documentation. After that, Encryptus will proceed to onboard the company. 

Image showing the register page of Encryptus

Source: Encryptus

Are The Services of Encryptus Expensive? 

The platform not only boasts an extensive network but also offers its services at a minimal cost and its APIs for free. The firm made affordability its forte to remove the stigma that every crypto service comes with a hefty price tag. 


Driving adoption in the crypto industry has always been the primary goal of its pioneers. It will only be possible if crypto services become more accessible and crypto platforms become more reliable. Encrypt is one of the top platforms prioritizing security and transparency while complying with regulations. Thus, opting for its off-ramping services will be ideal for safeguarding your digital assets.