NFT Labs

By DroomDroom Team
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Introduction to NFT Labs and its Mission

NFT Labs’ mission is to create a comprehensive suite of web3 products that engage users through fun and interactive experiences, starting with sports. Their goal is to make web3 accessible, engaging, and exciting for all users.


Flagship Product

Their flagship product, Mywin, is a play-to-win NFT game that is deployed during sports events in partnership with teams and leagues. Fans in the stadium can access the game through QR codes and URLs, without the need for any cryptocurrency, crypto-wallet, or app. By participating in the game, fans can claim free, game-specific team NFTs that serve as web3-equivalent tracking cookies, allowing us to pseudo-anonymously profile users. This data is shared with their clients to help them improve their NFT and web3 marketing strategies.

Interoperability and Utility of NFTs across NFT Labs products

NFT Labs also offer a suite of other products, including Itsmyne – a social NFT marketplace that offers officially-licensed sports NFTs and enables secondary trading of NFTs that users unlocked on Mywin. Metamyne is a plug-and-play metaverse-based platform that offers a variety of sports-based experiences, such as virtual stadiums, play-to-win games, and more. All of their NFTs provide utility and are interoperable across their products, ensuring that users can enjoy a seamless and connected experience. NFT Labs are trusted by some of the biggest names in sports and pop-culture, including Deltatre, Ironman, Concacaf (C/O FIFA), SportFive, and more.

Fostering Accessible Web3 Participation

NFT Labs’ core belief is that amazing web3 products are being built that need users, and that they can play a critical role in onboarding these users by providing a targeted and engaging way for them to interact with web3 using NFTs. The team at NFT Labs is committed to building a world-class suite of products that will enable users to participate in web3 in a way that is both fun and accessible.

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