ICP Hub Canada & US: Establishing the Importance of Education in Web3

By Shreya Bhattacharya
8 Min Read

Recently, developers have shown exceptional interest in learning the Internet Computer Protocol (ICP). Innovations surrounding the technology have also been burgeoning, marking its industry-wide acceptance, and ICP Hubs Network is pioneering the initiative. Its goal is to raise awareness about the importance of creator authority. Thus, the organization’s global strategy includes education, incubation, and launch of hackathons and various programs to encourage and foster innovation in the developer community.

ICP Hub Canada & US has created something for every developer with its meticulously curated programs, campaigns, and events. Its only vision is to give back the decentralized sector its true meaning. So, let’s check out how ICP Hub Canada & US plans to do so. 

How is ICP Hub Canada & US Empowering New Generation of Developers? 

With developers in the Internet Protocol ecosystem growing at a rate of 37% yearly, the organization’s importance and contribution are notable. Moreover, the Internet Computer has seen a growth of 64% in Single-chain devs, 12 times growth in overall monthly developers, and 7 times growth in full-time developers. The numbers show the exponential growth in the industry and reaffirm the need for pioneers like ICP Hub Canada and the US in the space. 

2023 Developer Report

Initiatives by ICP Hub Canada & US – Empowering the New Generation

ICP Hub Canada & US understands that encouragement goes a long way in fostering innovation. Thus, it constantly strives to provide the best to young minds. Through its campaigns, ambassador programs, and hubs, it helps developers enter the industry. 

If you choose to promote ICP at your campus and connect with like-minded developers in your university, ICP Hub Canada & US will help you at every step. Other than encouraging you by constantly recognizing your work, ICP Hub Canada & US – empowering the new generation will also provide you with financial support to host events, book venues, and arrange food, drinks, and merch for the event. 

However, that’s not the end of it. The ICP Hub Canada & US is currently hosting these fantastic events for aspiring and advanced developers that you should be a part of:

LearnWeb3 DAO Hackathon

ICP Hub Canada & US has partnered with LearnWeb3 to bring you Decentralized Intelligence Season 2, a DAO hackathon open to budding and experienced developers who want to showcase their talent and creativity through DAO projects. 

You can either participate with a team or solo; registration is free for all. To remove entry barriers from the industry, the hackathon is open to all ages and even individuals with no experience in Web3. 

Also, join their discord for regular updates.

What’s in for You in the Event?

You’ll also have the chance to showcase your skills in front of industry leaders and win a grand prize worth $53,000 from the partners. 

Check out the full details of the prize here. 

Live AI Hackathon

If you want to pursue a career in software development but are unsure how to start your journey in the industry, you should participate in ICP Hub’s Live Hackathon this Monday. 

It is a multi-campus hybrid hackathon hosted at Duke and Harvard University. However, if you cannot attend live, you can participate and showcase your skills online. The themes of the Live AI hackathon are AI, financial technology, Blockchain, and Web3.

Check out the eligibility criteria for participation. The details and the itinerary are here.  

What’s in the Program for You?

The program will reward your skills with the following three prize packages worth $18,000 each – 

  • Live AI Hackathon Prize Package for Live AI Duke, Live AI Harvard, and Live AI Global 
  • ICP.HUB North America Prize Package if you use Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) in your project and
  • CESS Prize Package if you use Cumulus Encrypted Storage System to build your project

Apart from being part of the program, the position will provide you access to the organization’s several departments, such as developer relations, ambassador management, and program management. Collaborating with members of these departments will allow you to develop various skills to help you set your foot in the dynamic industry. 

ICP Hub Canada & US empowers the new generation and provides a great opportunity for you to create a network within the industry. Participating in the hackathons organized by ICP Hub Canada & US will give you access to several genius minds within the industry. These events are a great place to meet industry leaders and share your project ideas to get a kickstart. 

ICP Master

ICP Hub Canada & US’s efforts don’t end with its hackathons and ambassador programs. It is a continuous journey; thus, the organization recently launched its premium academy, ICP Master. 

One of the most notable additions to ICP Master is its Typescript 101 boot camp program. This course is designed for both students and professionals who aspire to become professional Internet Computer developers. The course is already live, and the best part is that it’s free!

Apart from the abovementioned course, ICP Hub Canada & US also offers three other specialized programs—ICP Master Motoko Web 2 Program, ICP Master Motoko Blockchain Program, and Typescript Advanced Programs—each catering to developers in different phases of their careers. All the programs are led by industry experts and tech leaders with a well-rounded knowledge of the protocol and the industry, thus ensuring you get quality knowledge and your time’s worth. 

Final Thoughts 

The wide adoption of ICP in Web3 will open doors to several new opportunities in the industry. Though the cryptocurrency ecosystem revolves around the idea of decentralization, several players in the market are stopping it from reaching its full potential for personal gain. ICP Hub Canada & US – empowering the new generation, on the other hand, understands the need to achieve blockchain excellence and, therefore, is working on the core issues. You can also be a part of this broader change by joining hands with ICP Hub Canada & US.