Fiat Currency: How Does It Differ From Cryptocurrency?

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Fiat currency is the currency a country uses to enhance its daily activity like trading and transactions. The currency is not backed by any commodity rather than its value being derived from a country and the central bank. Cryptocurrency and fiat currency are currently the largest revivals in the financial industry, but what are the differences between the two currencies? 

There are differences between the two types of currencies, fiat currencies are government-issued legal tender used for transactions, for instance, U.S Dollars. while digital currency is a decentralized currency, therefore no governing body is in control of the currency.

Moreover, the term fiat is derived from a Latin word meaning “let it be”. The value of fiat money is under the control of the government. The authorities control and maintain the value of fiat currency since it is not backed up by either commodities or stocks. 

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What Is Fiat currency?

Fiat currency is a currency that a particular country utilizes to enhance transactions and trade in that particular country. The value of a given country’s value is determined by the national government and the central bank of the particular country. The currency is used in the country to determine the economic procedure in the country. Fiat currency is the country’s currency; examples are Euro (EUR), and U.S. dollar (USD). 

There is risk associated with fiat currency just like cryptocurrency. The fiat money loses its value due to inflation or certain natural calamities like war. But, in case of hyperinflation, the value of the currency could lose its value double. Unlike cryptocurrency whose value is lost due to market volatility, fiat currency can also lose value due to a lack of faith by the country’s citizens. 

Cryptocurrencies are digital coins which are used to emphasize transactions in Blockchain networks. Additionally, they are decentralized, which ensures that crypto is not centralized nor controlled by any governing body, unlike fiat currency. Crypto utilizes blockchain network since the network records all transactions in various computers, this is to enhance transparency and security among crypto enthusiasts and users.

Difference Between Fiat Currency And Cryptocurrency

Determining the differences between fiat currency and cryptocurrency is crucial in the current economy. Both currencies are used to enhance trade and transaction activities in different financial platforms. But what are the general differences between cryptocurrency and fiat currency?


Cryptocurrency is decentralized while fiat currencies are controlled by government authority. The more stable the government is the more stable the national currency is, therefore, war or inflation of a country’s economy will influence the value of the fiat currency. Cryptocurrency on the other hand is totally different, crypto is a decentralized currency, and the centralized authority cannot control the currency. The price of a crypto like Bitcoin is determined by market fluctuation and volatility. 

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Production Of Crypto

Additionally, the production of cryptocurrency like Bitcoin is through mining. Bitcoin miners mine cryptocurrencies and are later rewarded a block of Satoshi. On the other hand, the fiat currency production is different. For instance, the U.S. dollars in circulation are through debts. The U.S. dollars are borrowed by different nations and thus the circulation is everywhere, debts from the banks ensure the circulation of the currency in the country. 


Fiat currency during digital transactions can be tricky, individuals can cancel transactions, reverse the money and additionally are charged transaction fees. This limits transactions in a digital manner, but crypto currency serves its transactions in a different manner. The crypto transaction cannot be cancelled, or reversed nor are the blocks charged, besides the Bitcoin miners are rewarded blocks. But, fiat money during a physical transaction reversibility or cancellation of the money is impossible. Once the exchange of the currency from one hand to another is conducted even double spending is impossible.

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Supply Limit

supply limit is another difference that the two currencies have in common. The number of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin is limited. The number of Bitcoins in circulation is 21 million and currently, 19 million Bitcoins are mined leaving 2 million to be mined.  For instance, fiat currency has always been printed and there is no single time the currency will be limited. However, cryptocurrency storage and fiat currency storage differ. Although fiat currency is portable, meaning it can either be stored in a digital wallet or in traditional form. Cryptocurrencies are stored in crypto digital wallets and exchanges; these ensure transparency and security of the digital currency. 

Importance Of Fiat Currency

Fiat currency serves various importance in a country’s economy. Besides it gives central bank authorities to control the flow of money in a particular country. The currency is not backed up by any utility nor is it scarce, therefore, the supply of the currency is under their control. Creditability, liquidity and interest charges are moreover controlled by the central bank, this ensures that the circulation of fiat currency does not temper with the economy. 

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are dominating the financial market, but the fiat currency is widely accepted. There are some transactions that cryptocurrencies cannot do in developing countries but fiat can. Moreover, the abolition of barter trade 

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Fiat currency is a legal tender that the government has issued to its citizens to facilitate trading activity and transactions in a country. They are presented in coins or paper money, although it is different from crypto it serves the same purpose. Fiat currencies differ from cryptocurrency, for instance, fiat currency is controlled by centralized authority while cryptocurrencies are decentralized. 

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