Kandola Network at TOKEN 2049 Singapore [2023]

By Olayiwola Dolapo
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The crypto industry’s growth has taken a different shape and unlocked several industries in milestones such as the invention of the smart contract chiefly built on the Ethereum network, ushering in the whole concept of decentralized finance and decentralized applications in health, finance, sports, and other fields. 

The immense community of developers, founders, and users has fostered this growth. The shared connection to see how to shape the landscape better, onboard more people into the burgeoning world of crypto and Web3, and improve existing infrastructure. Token 2049 is at the helm of maintaining this in the crypto arena, with Web3 startups like Kandola Network supporting this initiative. 

Token 2049: Fostering Crypto Participation and Driving a Sense of Community 

Every year, Token 2049 hosts a crypto event in Singapore that brings together crypto executives, stakeholders, and users from various industries to discuss the ecosystem’s future. They explore ways to maximize opportunities and address the existing loopholes in the system.

Token 2049 Singapore
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While there are tags for the type of participant coming to the event, it’s an open ground for networking and idea sharing.

Delve into the exciting world of decentralized exchanges and experience a future shaped by Kandola Network’s robust decentralized databases.

Since its inception, Token 2049 has brought together over 10,000+ attendees with over 300 speakers from the industry like Vitalik Buterin, founder of Ethereum, Stani Kulechov, founder and CEO of Aave, and Charlie Lee, the Creator of Litecoin, among several others. With other notable industry-leading companies in attendance, like Solana, KuCoin, BitGo, Binance, Nansen, and Coinbase, to mention a few. 

The Significance of Token 2049  

Since the inaugural Token 2049 event in 2018, the mission has remained the same: to bring together leading voices in the crypto industry, including you and me. Token 2049 re-ignites the in-person communication In a world where decentralized autonomous organizations have been maintained, allowing Web3 companies to showcase their product while sharing ideas on moving the entire ecosystem — people, industries, and companies — forward. Kandola Network founder Siddharth Banerjee will be leading the discussion about its value proposition.

About Kandola Network

Kandola Network is a decentralized database and data exchange platform built on the blockchain to facilitate blockchain inclusion. Kandola makes data exchange better secured, 10x cheaper than traditional cloud databases, and highly scalable processing in real-time. 

At the core of Kandola’s platform is the Proof of Real-time Transfer (PoRT), a consensus protocol handling its real-time data storage. Kandola will present at the Token 2049, exposing users to what an improved decentralized cloud storage platform can mean for Web3 companies, creators, and the entire ecosystem. 

To learn more about Kandola Network’s Proof of Real-time Transfer (PoRT), read this detailed thread by its team:

Kandola Network’s Proof of Real-time Transfer (PoRT): Explained

Envisioning the Future  

Kandola Network aims to transform the Web3 and crypto industry by introducing innovative solutions to the data exchange segment of the ecosystem. Token 2049 serves as a platform to showcase the diverse range of products offered by Kandola Network.

After losing his DOGE tokens due to a limited understanding of blockchain technology, Dolapo made a pledge to explore its vast potential. Now, as a dedicated writer, he sheds light on the intricacies of this innovative technology for others. Dolapo distinguishes himself with his expertise in marketing.