Top 3 Skills Blockchain Developers Should Have

By Shreya Bhattacharya
9 Min Read

With the cryptocurrency industry evolving, the complexities of the space are also growing. The development of algorithms of the Blockchain Protocol is complicated and also different from the traditional website applications, and that’s why the industry needs proficient blockchain developers. Thus, several crypto enthusiasts are taking more interest in blockchain development. It is also a part of future technologies, so the demand for blockchain developers is rising. However, it requires a high-skilled individual who can adapt quickly and is willing to learn continuously. Thus, the article will discuss the top skills crucial for blockchain developers.

With increasing crypto adoption, almost all companies are seeking to expand their horizons in the digital realm. Therefore, the carer of blockchain developers seems promising as their demand is already increasing. The developers are responsible for building the framework of blockchains or applications based on existing blockchains. 

What Is The Role Of A Blockchain Developer?

As the name suggests, the critical role of blockchain developers is to create applications for the blockchain protocol architecture. Though their method differs from a web developer’s, they share similar responsibilities, like working on and improving algorithms. Their other roles include researching the latest developments in the blockchain arena, drafting smart contracts, and maintaining blockchain applications. 

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Top Skills That Every Blockchain Developer Should Have 

Even though the roles and responsibilities of blockchain developers are similar to that of traditional developers, the work requires advanced skills and excellent knowledge of the protocol and algorithms. A blockchain developer should also thoroughly understand the Internet Protocol, which provides Internet for blockchain-powered products. 

  • Strong Knowledge Of Cryptography 

You cannot be a blockchain developer without proper knowledge of the practices and techniques involved in the crypto sphere. To boil it down, cryptography is creating new protocols and analyzing and improving them to ensure the safety of the space. Blockchain developers should be highly skilled in cryptography as they are responsible for encrypting messages using a highly-secure algorithm. Thus, they help maintain confidentiality between the sender and recipient. As you know, the crypto industry is prone to risks like fraud, scams, and hacking. Maintaining the users’ security and confidentiality is thus a developer’s primary responsibility. 

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To have a stronghold in cryptography, one should be a skilled coder with substantial knowledge of mathematical principles like linear algebra and number theory. 

  • Understanding Of Blockchain Architecture 

Blockchain architecture is a network of complex units that serves as the framework of blockchain systems and applications. Simply put, it comprises the essential components of the Blockchain Protocol, including smart contracts, wallet management, peer-to-peer network, ledger, etc. In the crypto space, it is considered a virtual machine but is not controlled or operated by a central power. 

To excel as a Blockchain developer, you should gain sufficient knowledge of all four types of blockchain architecture: Public Blockchain, Private Blockchain, Consortium Blockchain, and Hybrid Blockchain. 

It is vital to learn about blockchain architecture to understand the needs of the network, how to approach particular issues, and how to find a solution while staying within the time limit and maintaining users’ privacy. 

  • Learning About Programming Languages And Data Structures 

The two most essential skills that a Blockchain developer cannot pass on our learning about advanced programming languages and data structures. Coding serves as the basis of cryptocurrencies as the first-ever digital asset, Bitcoin, was created using the C language. Thus, if you want to be a developer in the crypto field, you must know about different programming languages, including Python, JavaScript, Golang, C++, etc. Programming languages are crucial as they help developers create smart contracts. 

Understanding data structures is vital for Blockchain developers as they serve as the basis of the whole blockchain network. The blockchain is not a complex idea but a set of virtual blocks containing confidential data regarding transactions on the network, the sender, and the receiver. Thus, if you want to be a Blockchain developer, you must learn about different kinds of data structures and algorithms to implement your knowledge in building a secure network. 

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Key Roles Of Blockchain Developers 

Before diving into learning blockchain architecture, data structures, or other complexes of a blockchain, you must know about the critical roles of a blockchain developer. It will help you learn the exact steps you should follow to start your journey as a developer. 

Here are the primary roles of a Blockchain developer:

  • A Blockchain developer’s key role is to develop ideas and methods to make networks more secure and safeguard confidential information about transactions on the network. 
  • A Blockchain developer must also work with a technical and management team to understand the common issues that users may face. Thus, a developer must also be creative and practical to work efficiently. 
  • One of the primary roles of a Blockchain developer is to research the latest developments in the crypto field and other technological advancements and develop methods to implement the same on the network. 

Career Options For Blockchain Developers 

If you plan to become a blockchain developer, here are the two career options you can choose from. 

  • Core Blockchain Developers 

The first option is to become a Core Blockchain Developer. It means you will be responsible for creating the blockchain architecture, designing its protocol, and other complex decisions like designing consensus protocol. Thus, your primary duties will include overseeing the network and working toward its improvement. 

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  • Blockchain Software Developers 

The other career option as a Blockchain developer, which is also in high demand, is a Blockchain Software Developer. The role of a blockchain software developer is similar to that of a conventional web developer, who is responsible for designing apps on the Blockchain Protocol. They also work towards maintaining the network. Thus, the software developers are responsible for both the front-end and back-end development of the Decentralized apps they create. 

Final Thoughts

The demand for Blockchain Developers is rising as more businesses are now interested in the digital world of crypto. It is a complex role, demanding advanced knowledge in developing techniques and a creative mind. If you wish to be a Blockchain developer, it would be ideal to polish your base first. It means a strong command of programming languages and a good understanding of data structures will help you get a good start.