RWA Liquidity Alliance: Stabilizing Web3 Treasury Management

By DroomDroom Team
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The RWA Liquidity Alliance is designed to help Web3 businesses manage treasury volatility effectively, safeguarding assets and mitigating risks in the digital economy.

RWA Liquidity Alliance: Stabilizing Web3 Treasury Management

In the world of Web3, businesses face the challenge of managing treasury volatility, market risks, and unexpected disruptions. Traditional financial instruments often fail to provide the stability needed in such a dynamic environment. Enter the RWA Liquidity Alliance, powered by Aurus in collaboration with Sempsa JP refinery, offering a robust solution through access to stable and trusted real-world assets (RWAs).

Web3 enterprises urgently require assets that offer stability, trustworthiness, and liquidity. The inherent volatility of cryptocurrencies can significantly impact treasury management, potentially leading to financial instability. The RWA Liquidity Alliance addresses these critical challenges by providing direct access to stable assets like gold (tGOLD/$TXAU) and silver (tSILVER/$TXAG), enabling businesses to protect their treasuries and effectively mitigate risks.

Introducing the RWA Liquidity Alliance

Aurus, in partnership with Sempsa JP refinery, has established an ecosystem where businesses can procure gold and silver for their treasuries or products. This initiative offers a bespoke service with direct KYC-compliant purchases from Sempsa JP refinery, renowned for its quality and reliability.

Key Benefits and How It Works?

RWA Liquidity Alliance

Acquisition and Liquidity Provision

  • Businesses can acquire TXAU and TXAG directly from the Sempsa JP refinery.
  • By joining the RWA Liquidity Alliance, members add at least 50% of their tGOLD or tSILVER as liquidity pairs with stablecoins like USDC or USDT on decentralized exchanges such as Xave and Balancer.

Earnings and Rewards

  •  Members earn swap fees as LP providers and can also receive rewards in Aurus tokens ($AX) and other partner’s tokens like $BAL, $XAV, $FACTR and $TRADE.
  •  This setup not only enhances liquidity but also offers additional financial incentives for participating businesses.

Community and Network Growth

  • Joining the alliance means becoming part of a growing community focused on RWAs.
  •  Network with other RWA-focused businesses, share insights, and collaborate on future projects and governance in monthly meetings coordinated by Aurus.

Dual Liquidity Events

  • On-chain liquidity on decentralized exchanges like Xave and Balancer, allows easy buying and selling of metals, enhancing market fluidity.
  • Off-chain redemption enables businesses to sell or redeem metals directly with Sempsa within 24 hours at competitive prices, ensuring minimal costs and quick turnaround.

Payment Methods and Redemption

The RWA Liquidity Alliance supports payments in USD or EUR, with plans to accept stablecoins in the future. The process is streamlined to ensure funds can be transferred back into bank accounts within 24 hours, offering liquidity and flexibility. Initial KYC and onboarding are provided free of charge, lowering barriers to entry for potential members.

What The RWA Liquidity Alliance Have to Say

Defactor and Polytrade, both notable partners of Aurus, endorse the RWA Liquidity Alliance:

Defactor is striving to be the platform upon which, multiple Real-World Asset (RWA) providers can build products and use cases in lending and borrowing. Precious metals are a key Asset class for RWA adoption and we are thrilled to power this tGold solution.

Adam Bouktila, Co-Founder at Defactor.

The RWA Liquidity Alliance and Aurus partnership brings stability and liquidity to Web3, allowing clients to enhance treasury management with trusted assets like tGOLD and tSILVER

Piyush Gupta, Founder at Polytrade Finance.

Other depoiments include Xave’s and Sempsa’s: 

At Xave, we work directly with stablecoin and RWA issuers to build liquid markets for on-chain forex, commodities, and more categories over time. We are committed to supporting the RWA Liquidity Alliance, and especially Aurus, as key partners to bring traditional RWA markets on-chain

Chris Verceles, Co-Founder at Xave Finance.

At SEMPSA JP, we are always seeking to innovate across the entire value chain of the production of precious metals. By partnering with Aurus, we are now facilitating access to SEMPSA JP gold and silver bars in a highly secure, portable, divisible, and liquid form. We are excited to lead the adoption of safe technologies, such as blockchain, helping to accelerate the digital transformation of the precious metals industry

Francisco Espinosa, CEO at SEMPSA JP.

Joining The Alliance

The RWA Liquidity Alliance represents a significant advancement in providing Web3 businesses with access to stable and trusted real-world assets. By addressing the critical needs for stability, trust, and liquidity, this alliance not only offers protection against market volatility and risks but also fosters a collaborative community aimed at driving the widespread adoption of RWAs.