Quantum Leap Labs Launches North America’s First ICP Incubator

By Renuka Tahelyani
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Quantum Leap Labs ignites innovation by launching North America’s first incubator dedicated to the Internet Computer Protocol (ICP). This incredible initiative dubbed, the Quantum Leap Labs Incubator, instigates the development of ICP-based projects and provides unparalleled support for the startups from the initial spark of an idea to a successful launch and beyond.

At Quantum Leap Labs, we support passionate entrepreneurs with innovative ideas who want to join the Internet Computer ecosystem. We pride ourselves on professionalism and a family-like atmosphere. Leveraging our experience, we help blockchain entrepreneurs achieve success and build strong reputations for their businesses.

Javier Arroyo Ferrer, Founder of Quantum Leap Labs

The incubator is placed at the very core of the ICP ecosystem beyond being a simple launchpad. As an official partner of ICP HUB Canada & US, it leverages the power of the Olympus platform. This state-of-the-art environment is specifically designed for building high-caliber decentralized applications (dApps).

Think of it as a space for you to work with others, plenty of tools and resources at your disposal – the Olympus Platform makes this possible.

It enables visionaries to connect, share ideas, and push the boundaries of innovation, ultimately leading to projects that thrive within the Web3 space.

The inaugural cohort will commence in the third week of June with applications now open for two distinct programs:

  • Accelerator Program: Geared toward more seasoned teams working on their Minimum Viable Product (MVP) within the web3 ecosystem.
  • Resident Program: Offered to winning teams of hackathons and student startup entrepreurs, this is a nurturing ground for new ideas.

Quantum Leap Labs Incubator is designed to redefine how web3 startups gain a competitive edge. The incubator functions as a community builder and catalyst for decentralization – providing a new era of internet independence and innovation.

The incubator’s comprehensive support system is designed to cater to the various needs of growing startups as the participants will receive:

  • Legal Setup and DAO Implementation: Guidance on legal compliance and decentralized governance.
  • Tokenomics: Expert advice on token model structuring and economic sustainability 
  • Marketing and SNS: Customized marketing strategies to enhance visibility and user engagement.
  • Grant Application Support: Assistance in securing funding through meticulously crafted grant proposals.
  • Canister Design: Tailored technical support to optimize project infrastructure.
  • Community Building: Strategies to engage and expand user base.
  • First 1000 Users: Focused tactics to build a robust early user base.

Our extensive experience as entrepreneurs in various roles within the Internet Computer and blockchain ecosystems provides us with a unique and advantageous perspective for incubating top-tier projects. From technology and legal to marketing, media press, and business development, we assist entrepreneurs in achieving long-term success with their ventures.

Ritvick Paliwal, Tech Advisor

For entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts looking to make a significant impact in the blockchain space, Quantum Leap Labs Incubator offers an unmatched opportunity to turn visionary ideas into reality. 

Apply now to be part of this transformative journey. For more information and to submit your application, visit Quantum Leap Labs.

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