Artfi Genesis Offering Pass Analysis: Unlocking Art’s Elite Circle

By Richard Adrian
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Artfi Genesis Offering Pass analysis is a value assessment of the GAP mint kicked off on 28th February 2024 on Artfi’s art ecosystem. The Genesis Offering Pass allows collectors and investors to unlock access to a package of blue-chip ultra-expensive artwork by some of the world’s most prominent artists. If anyone has their hands on the groundbreaking pass, they gain exclusive access to a community of enthusiasts who love and appreciate mind blowing artistic pieces.

The Artfi Genesis Offering Pass (GOP) is the world’s first key to democratizing access to the highly privatized and exclusive art market. By minting this pass for $10, gives you fractional ownership to 12 prominent pieces of art with a cumulative value of $10 million.

Artfi  consigned the artwork constituting the offering from globally renowned artists, Sacha Jafri, V.S Gaitonde, Ram Kumar and award-winning Bollywood actor and artist, Salman Khan.

Artfi is revolutionizing how people invest in art by fractionalizing ownership through the blockchain so that anyone can invest in a multi-million dollar art piece by owning a unit fraction. This means that anyone with a few hundred dollars to a thousand can invest in a Monet or Picasso piece without digging deep into their pocket.

The investor can purchase as little or as many units as they want depending on their net worth, and when the art’s value appreciates; the investor receives royalties or profits once Artfi sells the art after a given period.

By providing the Genesis Offering Pass, Artfi wants interested individuals to join art patronage and access a diverse range of premium artworks by the world’s leading artists.

One of the challenges that has faced the art community for prolonged time is the lack of inclusivity to everyone who dreams of collecting or investing in good artwork.

One of the reasons for this situation has been a lack of information on how to successfully navigate the art market. The other reason is lack of enough funds to purchase blue-chip art which could command premium prices of upto $25 million for a piece.

Read more about the GOP and what you stand to gain in DroomDroom’s Artfi launches Genesis Offering Pass for only $10

Artfi has tabled several solutions to these problems by pioneering one of the world’s most interesting gated communities, such that you can unlock access to a staggering $10 million worth of art assets under Artfi by minting a digital pass for $10. Let’s dive straight into the Artfi Genesis Offering Pass technical analysis.

Exclusive Access to Masterpieces with Artfi Genesis Offering Pass (GOP)

Artfi Genesis Offering Pass will give you access to art assets worth $10 million. These art assets are just part of the package that Artfi has curated for individuals who mint the Genesis Offering Pass, and constitute 4 Artfi’s list of prominent artists, Sacha Jafri, Ram Kumar, V.S Gaitonde and Salman Khan.

Sacha Jafri

Sacha Jafri has won the World Artist of the Year twice. One of his best works is the Journey of Humanity which sold for $62 million in 2021, making it one of highest prices in history for an artwork by a living artist.

Art WorkArtist Price (Million USD)Venue
FlagJasper Kohns110Private Sale
RabbitJeff Koons91.3Christie’s
Potrait of Artist (Pool with two figures)David Hockney90.3Christie’s
False StartJasper Johns80Private Sale
The Journey of HumanitySacha Jafri62Humanity Inspired Royal Charity Auction, Dubai
Balloon DogJeff Koons58.4Christie’s
The Most Expensive Artworks in History for a Living Artists

Jafri’s works have generally performed outside the art gallery system with many of his proceeds going towards charity efforts.

Among those who have collected the artist’s work in the past include former U.S President Barack Obama, award winning Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio, Microsoft Founder Bill Gates, singer Madonna, football star David Beckham, singer and songwriter Paul McCartney, actor and filmmaker George Clooney and several members of the British Royal Family.

For example, Jafri was commissioned by Prince Charles to undertake portraits of the 14 most influential living muslims. The artist has worked on many inspiring and high-end artworks, which sell regularly for $5 – $25 million.

Dive into the exhilarating announcement from Artfi about their partnership with the legendary artist Sacha Jafri. This collaboration brings to life ‘The Six Elements’ collection, showcasing our commitment to making art accessible to everyone. Embark on this remarkable journey and discover the transformative power of art by watching the video now!

By minting the Artfi Genesis Offering Pass, Artfi will give you investment access to get Sacha Jafri’s ‘The Six Elements’ Collection which contains 6 artpieces with each depicting earth, humanity, water, fire, wind, and air respectively. Each of the works is a blue-chip piece that will command a premium price.

V. S Gaitonde

V.S Gaitonde was an abstract painter whose works are known for minimalism and spirituality. He became a pioneering Indian artist on the global stage in his attempts to influence modernist art against folk art traditions. He was also a member of the Bombay Progressive Artists’ Group. V.S Gaitonde also became the first Indian contemporary artist to sell an art for $110,000 (₹9 M) at the 2005 Osian’s Art Auction held in Mumbai. During a Christie’s debut auction, another of Gaitonde’s untitled paintings sold for $3 million (₹237 M). The artist’s work have continued to captivate worldwide audiences such that Artfi believed in the impact of including a collection of Gaitonde’s atworks in its Genesis Offering Pass.

Ram Kumar

Ram Kumar, an Indian artist and writer is renowned as an eminent figure in the global art stage with his works depicting a profound connection to his cultural roots. Ram Kumar artworks have a beautiful way of employing rich color palettes, forms and geometric shapes to shape the forms of life. In his early works, Ram Kumar often portrayed the landscapes and cityscapes of India, the social fabric and cultural roots from which he came from.

If interested in one of Ram Kumar’s greatest works, you will find some of his pieces on the Artfi marketplace and even get access to them by minting the Genesis Offering Pass.

Salman Khan

Salman Khan, the prominent Indian actor, film maker, painter and TV personality has had an active career in the arts for over three decades. However, the famous actor commenced his journey in art and painting before he achieved super stardom as a Bollywood actor.

Every art that Salman Khan brings to life has a way of generating excitement and clicks on social media. Artfi is featuring some of Khan’s works of art in its marketplace and granting individuals who possess the Artfi Genesis Offering Pass exclusive rights to invest in the artwork.

Salman Khan, the preeminent figure in the world of cinema, will also extend his artistic talent to Artfi, offering exclusive access to his artworks to those who secure the Genesis Offering Pass. This unique opportunity bridges the gap between cinema and fine art, allowing fans and collectors alike to own a piece of Salman Khan’s creative expression.

Mission of the Artfi Genesis Offering Pass (GOP)

Artfi’s mission with the Genesis Offering Pass is pioneering art participation by revolutionizing a strong community of patrons. For years, it has been incredibly difficult to partake in art investment, particularly in the high-end market.

Transforming how average and ultra-wealth investors achieve fairness when investing in high-end work by giving each interested individual an exclusive right to invest in these pieces by only purchasing the Artfi Genesis Offering Pass.

In this podcast, the esteemed crypto thought leader Kashif Raza engages in conversation with Asif Kamal, the CEO of Artfi. They delve into the evolution and trajectory of Artfi, shedding light on crucial topics such as Real World Assets (RWA) and Tokenization.

If several people from all walks of love can bond through their shared love for art, a possibility will emerge where they will not only invest in diverse art pieces but will also be ambassadors. Talking of ambassadors, Artfi has a program for art investing and collecting whose goal is to also encourage widespread awareness about the impact and benefits of investing in art.

Artfi’s art ecosystem is made possible by a variety of product features and offerings that work together to make art accessible to everyone. Read more about them on the Artfi Review.


Artfi is impactful and a disruptor at the same time with its state-of-art approach in bringing art investments to everyone. Humankind has since time immemorial sought to personify what they own through art and luxury.

By seeking exceptional artistic works from the 0.01% artists to have existed and divides them into convenient more affordable units or offerings, which the average investor or collector can own without breaking the bank. The approach is inspired by the mission to democratize art investment, and the goal for fostering widespread participation in the global art market.

Apart from the artworks accessible through the Artfi Genesis Offering Pass, Artfi’s roadmap aims to have more blue-chip pieces from the likes of Claude Monet, Cecile Brown, David Hockney, Pablo Ruiz Picasso or Iconic pop art movement artist Andy Warhol.

Remain updated about new listings by visiting Artfi’s first-of-its-kind approach which consigns luxury artworks of high opulence and perfect provenance, showcases them at the Artfi Foundation Museum in Dubai, and tokenizes them on the blockchain where everyone in any part of the world can have a unit of the art for a fraction of the price.

By allowing access to this technology to everyone who has ever had the ambition of collecting and investing in art, Artfi believes it will have eliminated exclusivity in the tough to break-in multi-trillion art industry. Through the Genesis Offering Pass, Artfi is bringing access to a section of its opulent, outstanding, and exquisite portfolio of artworks to all investors.

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