On-Chain Resume: The Key To Hassle-Free Job Applications?

By Bernard Ekal
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Landing a job in crypto might be a hard task, we have witnessed individuals writing resumes and showcasing their history. But what if you don’t need to write a resume traditionally? Instead, a wallet that surfaces all your experience in Web3 and crypto. That is where an on-chain resume comes in, an on-chain resume is a wallet that when scanned in Opensea or Ethscan shows your experience, transaction records and all activities individuals have been carrying out in Blockchain technology. 

An on-chain resume is way more valuable than the traditional curriculum vitae since it is built on Blockchain technology, it cannot be tampered with, additionally, it is transparent. Crypto jobs need experienced people in the field, and an on-chain resume, therefore, ensuring that employers have the real experience that individuals have in the industry rather than a CV that shows your education. 

Crypto jobs do not need individuals with less skills and experience, thanks to on-chain resumes, individuals looking for jobs are now covered. Experience is the best teacher, on-chain, therefore, proves your experience in the field of crypto. Let us take a deep dive into on-chain resume. 

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On-Chain Resume Explained

Technology is not only storming the financial market but also the way individuals are presenting themselves to employers and institutions. Traditionally, individuals could portray papers to an interview and showcase their education, experience and expertise to the interviewer to win a particular job. But currently, Web3 has changed the concept, crypto has introduced a new way for individuals can present their experience and expertise while looking for crypto jobs. An on-chain resume is typically a digital resume in Blockchain technology. 

An on-chain resume is a resume that is stored in Blockchain technology, it shows experience, achievement, skills and credentials that an individual has achieved in the crypto field. Blockchain technology ensures that transactions and information are stored in the network in a decentralized manner. For instance, if an individual wants to land a job in NFTs, an on-chain resume shows the NTs that a particular person has minted in the NFTs marketplace. 

Therefore, an on-chain resume is like a wallet that surfaces all the transactions and activities that have been carried out in Blockchain. This shows that you are an enthusiast in crypto, additionally, it shows all the experience with projects and tokens. An on-chain resume therefore is more advantageous than the traditional resume since it not only shows a piece of individual information but also the experience and expertise that a potential employee is good at. 

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Moreover, Blockchain technology transaction and all activities that go on in the network is recorded in nodes. This is an advantage for individuals with on-chain resumes, the network will record all the work that individuals have been doing. It is more transparent and secure for individuals to win a crypto job. 

Creating On-Chain Resume 

 Looking for a crypto job is made easier with an on-chain resume, but how can an individual create the resume? Below is a procedure for creating an on-chain resume. 

Register Ethereum Name Service 

Ethereum Name Service (ENS) is a decentralized service that is created on ETH Blockchain. This is the first procedure that individuals need to, registering your wallet to ENS ensures your brand name is unique and easily reachable by potential employers. It is a web3 that shows your portfolio. 

Collecting POAPs

When you find a project to participate in or even events that individuals have participated they receive a Proof of Attendance Protocol (POAP). These are NFTs that are given to individuals to show that they participated in projects and events. POAP shows that potential employees are experienced in the crypto field, they show that individuals are early adaptors in the cryptocurrency sector. 

Minting NFTs

NFTs are collectable arts that show ownership in DeFi and DApps. Ensure to participate in the minting of NFTs, it shows potential employers that you have experience in the NFTs sector. This ends up opening doors to opportunities in the crypto field, additionally, it shows that you know how to mint, sell and buy NFTs. 

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Familiarize with Decentralized Exchanges

Familiarizing is the act of trading in DEXs, this shows that you have deep knowledge in technical analysis in trading of crypto and stocks. There are several decentralized exchanges in crypto; Sushiswap, UniSwap and PancakeSwap. Familiarizing with such exchanges portrays experience in your on-chain resume. Additionally, individuals can participate in providing liquidity in DEXs to traders, this is a bonus tip to your resume.

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Importance of On-Chain Resume

An on-chain resume is important especially if you looking for crypto jobs, it shows the achievement and experience that a potential employee has to potential employers. So why is this digital resume so important?  

Firstly, it shows verifiability in your resume, Blockchain technology records transactions and activities that happen in the system. If an individual has participated in projects and events that the potential jobs and employers need, then the potential employee will be valuable. Additionally, all the achievements that potential employers had will be recorded in the on-chain resume. 

Blockchain technology is decentralized, it ensures data privacy in the system. Therefore, an on-chain resume indicates activities that individuals have done and goals they have achieved. Besides, information manipulation and data loss are a misconception in the digital resume. This makes potential employees valuable, however, it is transparent. An on-chain resume ensures that every detail is recorded on it by the Blockchain network. 

Additionally, Blockchain technology ensures security in the network. On-chain resume is supported by Blockchain, it ensures no leakage of data or information from your resume. Besides, NFTs are unique, if individuals for instance participated in the minting, the Blockchain will record and no forgeries challenges will be detected. Therefore, an on-chain resume ensures that the security of your information is paramount, ensuring no data manipulation or loss of information.


Technology is paving the way for individuals to express their experiences and achievements in Web3 technology. With the evolving world of crypto and the diverse opportunities it offers, creating your portfolio is the best thing currently. Crypto early adaptors have been massively rewarded, therefore, building a strong on-chain resume could be your next pave to landing a crypto job. 

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