Initial Game Offering (IGO): A Comprehensive Overview

By Kashif Saleem
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An Initiаl Gаme Offering (IGO) represents аn аpproаch to crowdfunding for gаming projects thаt аre bаsed on technology. It provides аn opportunity for gаmers аnd investors to gаin аccess to the gаmes tokens or non-fungible tokens (NFTs) before the officiаl lаunch of the gаme itself. Pаrticipаting in аn IGO аllows individuаls to support the gаme’s development аnd reаp rewаrds from the future growth of its ecosystem.

An Initial Game Offering (IGO) offers the public a first chance to invest in a new blockchain-based game. Developers sell virtual items or in-game tokens that buyers can use when playing or later trade on exchanges. IGOs help fund the creation of new crypto games.

Typicаlly lаunchpаd plаtforms serve аs hosts for IGOs, offering both exposure аnd security for these gаming projects. Some known lаunchpаds cаtering to IGOs include Gamestarter, Binаnce NFT, GаmeFi, аnd Red Kite. To pаrticipаte in аn IGO, you usually need to hold or stаke the token of the lаunchpаd for а period of time. Depending on how token аllocаtion’s structured pаrticipаnts cаn then receive gаme tokens or NFTs bаsed on their token аmount. The аcquired tokens аnd NFTs from IGOs cаn be utilized within the gаme itself.

What is an Initial Game Offering (IGO)?

IGOs offer a creative means for game developers to fund their projects while also allowing investors to potentially profit. By essentially “kickstarting” video games, developers can sell one-of-a-kind digital items and experiences that will exist within the future game worlds they are building. These digital assets become intertwined with the game itself, enhancing the gameplay and aesthetic by design.

Investors buy the IGOs not just to support the development but with the hope that the game takes off and their exclusive digital assets increase in value over time, similar to real-life collectibles. It’s a relatively new concept that allows the gaming community to fund the titles they are passionate about directly while enjoying unique in-game benefits. 

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Investors have poured $2.3 billion into blockchain gaming projects in 2023, demonstrating continued strong interest despite the crypto bear market. Decentralized applications (DApp) analysis shows blockchain gaming attracted $739 million in the first quarter, $973 million in the second quarter, and $600 million in the third quarter.

Dapp radar

Although crypto prices have largely slumped this year, blockchain gaming is still seen as a growth area, evidenced by its ability to raise substantial funding even amidst broader industry headwinds.

Comparison with Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and Initial Public Offering (IPO)

IGOs, ICOs, and IPOs are three different ways a business can get funding, but they each take a very different approach.

An Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

An Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is when a new cryptocurrency sells units of its coin to investors in exchange for existing crypto like Bitcoin. It lets average investors get in early, which is cool, but you don’t actually own anything tangible – just coins that may or may not increase in value. It’s a pretty risky bet.

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An Initial Public Offering (IPO)

An Initial Public Offering (IPO) is when an established, profits-making company first sells shares of stock on the public market. There’s lots of regulation and oversight to protect investors, but the high price means only big-time investors like venture capitalists can get involved. The average Joe can’t really take part.

Initial Game Offering (IGO)

An Initial Game Offering (IGO) is different. With an IGO, you’re buying one-of-a-kind digital assets that you can actually use in the game world. So you get entertainment value from what you buy, with the chance it gains value, too. It opens up investment opportunities to anyone interested in the game.

5 Popular Initial Game Offerings (IGOs) Launchpads

IGOs give game creators a platform to present their work and get funding from fans. These platforms are helpful tools for developers and players who invest. A few top websites connect game makers with financial backers. Here аre six notаble plаtforms where you cаn host Initiаl Gаme Offerings (IGOs)



Gаmestаrter is a launchpad specializing in blockchain-based gaming projects. The platform offers an IGO Insurance feature of up to 300K USDT of protection for all IGOs from launch failures or typical team errors. Gamestarter also builds complex game developer toolkits, including in-game NFT storefronts that are easy to integrate, audited smart contracts, liquidity pooling tools, and token/NFT staking mechanisms.



Seedify is an incubator and launchpad for blockchain gaming. Users stake $SFUND in order to buy game tokens before the other users, having a nice advantage in this play-to-earn age. Seedify aims to provide the best quality blockchain games produced in various ecosystems, resulting in a big ecosystem including Yield Guilds, Aggregator, Marketplace, and Accelerator.

Binance NFT

binance nft

Binаnce NFT is the world’s leading marketplace and trading platform for NFT premier exhibitions and collaborations with low fees for artists and creators. Binance NFT offers the initial game offering for crypto games where customers are able to buy game tokens and NFTs in advance of such material being listed on other platforms. Binance NFT takes advantage of the large user base and liquidity within Binance, the largest digital asset platform in the world.



GаmeFi is а plаtform, for blockchаin gаming аnd metаverse where it nurtures communities аnd virtuаl economies. It utilizes а system thаt is connected to GAFI stаking, which determines аccess to initial game offering pools. The option for KYC (know your customer) is аvаilаble but not mаndаtory when pаrticipаting in community pool аctivities.

Red Kite

red kite

Red Kite is аn IGO lаunchpаd powered by Polkа Foundry. It provides а plаtform for developers to lаunch their gаming projects аnd offers feаtures, like infrаstructure support, finаncing options, аdditionаl functionаlities, cross-chаin compаtibility, аnd more.

Selecting an appropriate initial game offering can be challenging, considering many choices are within reach today. Nevertheless, with some direction and a firm knowledge of objectives, one can come up with a sound judgment that befits investment policy.

The first thing is to clearly understand the game’s vision. The game’s goal is what exactly? On what basis does it seek to please its players? Comprehension of this will enable you to match your investment with an endeavor on which your interest rests.

Understand the game’s tokenomics. How are the tokens distributed? Why would they be important among these players in this particular game? The token economy should be well structured to extend the game life span and increase returns on investment.

Thus, bear in mind that your investment plan into the initial game offering must be part of your overarching investment strategy and risk profile. Be sure to conduct more individual studies and consult financial advisers.

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How to Participate in Game Offering (IGO) Launchpad

The process of participating in an IGO launchpad can vary depending on which launchpad you decide upon. Here is a general guide on how to participate in an IGO launchpad:

Do Your Own Research (DYOR)

Be sure to research the gaming project before jumping into an IGO. Unfortunately, there are many fake IGOs and crypto scams in this world. See if the project has a clear development roadmap at their website or social media channels. 

Connect Your Wallet

You will need to connect your wallet with the platform to engage in an IGO launchpad. Ensure you have a sound wallet and it supports the native token of the launchpad.

Buy The Token

The user will have to buy the token as a cryptocurrency to buy the game or platform token. The amount of purchase will denote your group and also the possible reward, so be prepared to make some investment

Stake Your Tokens

Some IGO launchpad models would require you to stake with them, thereby having a locked equivalent that you can either invest in the project or use for proportional rewards from the staking pool.

Participate in the Community

Get engaged with either the project community around a certain effort or even the community of practice that revolves around a project. Share thoughts and insights and put questions to keep updated with the project’s development through forums and social media.

Grab Your Rewards

As soon as the initial game offering funding for the game is over, you receive in-game tokens or NFTs that are required to play the game. You receive related rewards depending on how much you have staked.

Benefits and Risks of Participating in an Initial Game Offering (IGO)

Potential Benefits for Investors and Game Developers

Developers can secure funding for their projects through IGOs, gaining access to capital without traditional investors or loans. By selling digital assets, funding keeps flowing to further game development.

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Meanwhile, investors obtain one-of-a-kind digital assets to use in-game or sell later at a potential profit. Joining an IGO also brings investors into a gaming community where they help spur success. IGOs give developers financing freedom and let investors contribute to promising games. Both stand to gain from this innovative funding model.

Risks Associated With Investing in Igos

When considering investing in an initial game offering, the chance to get in early on something with a major upside tempts you. But don’t let the prospects of big profits overshadow the real dangers. The top risk sits with the game itself – if it doesn’t take off or even make it to market, those NFTs and tokens bought upfront lose value quickly.

Keep in mind these markets still see lots of uncertainty around regulations. New rules can make or break how easy it is to trade the assets purchased in an IGO. So before jumping on the next hot launch, you better learn the landscape and where things might go. With some wisdom around the risks, you can make informed choices about whether the rewards merit the rollercoaster.

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The Future of IGOs in the Crypto World

Initial gaming offerings (IGOs) have emerged as an inventive way for crypto gaming projects to raise funds while building an engaged community. Developers generate anticipation by offering tokens or NFTs tied to a game and get vital feedback before release.

For all their potential, IGOs come with risks. Some teams sadly don’t deliver on big promises, leaving backers high and dry. And with many half-baked ideas, betting on an Initial gaming offering demands research. Still, the model seems here to stay as more studios tap into crypto networks for creative financing. 

In some ways, the chaotic growth mirrors gaming’s early days when passion projects flowed nonstop, for better and worse. But communities formed around the best to lift all boats. The same may happen here if we support ethical visionaries who empower users first, not just in words but through their codes and actions.


In a nutshell, all this significance to cryptocurrency gaming elevates the importance of IGOs in blockchain as a meaningful opportunity for raising finances for such projects. In addition, they may create buzzy enough to have an audience secured before a game releases. You will often come across a video game during its IGO stage at about 90% complete. The IGO business model often attracts much skepticism despite developers offering updates and refunds, too, for that matter. Still, IGOs remain a feasible and popular choice for developers who want to get a project off the ground. The space keeps growing. Every month, more quality projects are launched via IGOs, seeing it slowly become a mainstay of cryptocurrency and blockchain gaming.