Crypto Portfolio Management: A Beginner’s Guide

By Bernard Ekal
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There are over 18,000 cryptocurrencies in the financial industry and managing your digital coins as an investor takes work. Crypto portfolio management is a financial aspect that most investors and individuals lack. For a profitable investment, investors should juggle the importance of crypto portfolio management to enhance a profitable investment and minimize their losses.

Crypto portfolio management therefore involves wisely picking and assigning several crypto assets for investors to maximize profit and minimize risks associated with a crypto portfolio.  

Crypto portfolio management might be sometimes tricky to investors due to its high volatility, and individuals need to acquire knowledge and expertise to enhance their it. This guide will provide the essence of crypto portfolio management, how it works and its importance to investor’s assets. 

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What is Crypto Portfolio Management?

Crypto portfolio management includes investors running their digital currency in wallets on behalf of an investor or several investors in a particular group. Crypto portfolio management includes various aspects, for a portfolio to grow to a certain level, it requires individuals to have a strategy, a plan for the portfolio and an allocation of cryptocurrency to attain the most favorable growth.  

Crypto portfolio management allows managers to regulate crypto based on their performance. Such regulation involves managers selling and buying crypto assets to maximize profits and minimize losses. Managing assets is a common practice that has been going on for ages currently. Traditional finance has been applying the same concept and currently, the crypto industry is exercising the same concept. 

Although crypto is new to the financial industry, several investors have majored in the growing sector. The industry is growing and so is the number of investors, therefore practicing crypto portfolio management is essential in the crypto industry. Several newbies have surfaced their interest in crypto portfolio management, so how can they exercise this technique? 

Guide to Crypto Portfolio Management

Before venturing into crypto portfolio management there are various aspects that a beginner needs to understand, in this section, we will provide a different aspect to which a beginner should first acquire.

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As a beginner, you don’t understand a lot about the crypto world, so the first and foremost tool as a crypto portfolio management investor is to educate yourself on what cryptocurrency is. Investors should learn the basics of blockchain technology and what exactly is cryptocurrency. Additionally, investors should venture into different types of cryptocurrency. There are types of crypto such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Altcoin. Crypto portfolio management therefore requires newbies to educate themselves.

Risk Assessment and Clear Goals

Placing your investment at risk can trigger losses of your investments later on. Therefore, as an investor crypto portfolio management is necessary, additionally, as a beginner investors should have a risk management strategy. Investors need to know the amount of funds they can invest in, your risk capital should not interfere with one financial stability. Besides, setting goals as an investor is another form of crypto portfolio management. So, you need to set goals and have objectives for your investments. There are various ways investors can invest in crypto; trading or hold-term holding. 

Diversifying and Choosing of Wallet

Diversification is an important aspect when it comes to Crypto portfolio management, individuals should not accumulate all their investment funds in one crypto, there are various cryptos as stated earlier. Therefore, by spreading your risk in different cryptocurrencies, individuals maximize their profits and minimize their losses. Moreover, having a wallet is another way investors can venture into crypto portfolio management. There are two kinds of wallet; hardware wallet and hot wallet, hardware wallet is the best due to security concerns. Hence, choosing a secure wallet is necessary. 

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Staying Informed and Risk Management 

The cryptocurrency industry is changing every day, there is a lot going on currently in the market, therefore staying informed enhances crypto portfolio management. Hence, investors and individuals need to be informed on the latest crypto news and ongoing developments. Moreover, the market of crypto is volatile, by ensuring you are updated on the market rapid changes will increase your returns. Besides, individuals should have a risk management strategy to improve their crypto portfolio management. If you decide to venture into trading, ensure to use stop-loss and stop-limits to maximize potential loss. 

Security measures and professional advice

To maximize your returns and minimize losses you need to have security measures and most importantly professional advice if you are new in the crypto market. To enhance your crypto portfolio management, individuals should have tight security in their wallets to avoid scammers and hackers from accessing your digital assets. Therefore, there are security measures that enable your wallet to have less chance of theft; individuals should set a two-factor authentication to maintain tighter security in their accounts and most importantly, have the ability to scrutinize scams.  

Moreover, you should consider guidance and counseling from crypto profs to guide you on your journey. This will increase profit and decrease your risk potential thus increasing the chances of individuals to enhance crypto portfolio management. 

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Being a newbie in crypto can be challenging, but having management on your crypto asset is a step that ensures investors are guided morally to increase their profits and minimize their losses. Therefore, crypto portfolio management is essential in every investor’s journey in cryptocurrency. Besides, an investor should acknowledge that crypto is volatile and the market changes happen rapidly thus being informed on crypto’s latest update is essential to an investor. Besides, investors should be cautious while approaching crypto by starting with small capital and gaining experience more often. 

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