10 Best Crypto Exchanges for Day Trading in 2024

By Gabriel Mael
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Finding the best exchanges can sometimes be difficult because of the many exchanges out there in the market. This writing has clearly listed some of the best exchanges that have been in the market for a while now and are mostly used. The article clearly outlines each one of them, making it easy for one to make a decision that suits their needs.

Some exchanges have proven to be reliable for day traders as they operate at low fees and are more user-friendly as well. Binance is one of the many exchanges that have been explained. These exchanges tend to offer high liquidity to users and are highly scalable.


Day trading in crypto is a risky but great approach to investing. It comprises buying and selling on the same day to make a profit from a short positioning in small price variations. More report from Twitter 

Making sure to work with a reliable exchange is one way to ensure that your trades are safe. Reading reviews from other users and getting to see what others are saying about the exchange is one way of learning more about the particular exchange. Get to see both the positive and the negative feedback from the audience.

You can also consult friends and trading specialists who have been trading and get to learn something on the exchanges. In addition to that, security, liquidity, costs of trade transactions, and other trading features.

Learn more on crypto exchanges and everything it entails, both negative and positive.

Binance Crypto exchange

Binance, the world’s biggest crypto-exchange, measured according to trade volumes. The system has multiple trading options, like spot trading, spot margin trading, and futures trading. Additionally, there are many kinds of currencies that can be traded on this platform, including big crypto coins and little altcoins. Nevertheless, Binance is not easy to use, particularly for newbies.

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High liquidity: The fact that Binance has a huge customer base also provides enough liquidity for seamless trading.


Low fees: Traders find them fairly priced.

Wide selection of cryptocurrencies: Providing a choice of portfolios for trade chances.

Variety of trading features: They enable you to choose an option of spot, margin, or futures trading.


Complex to use: It may be hard for a beginner to catch up with the complicated features of Binance.

Not available in the US: It is not available in the US.

Kraken Crypto Exchange

The most secure and reputable cryptocurrency marketplace in the world today is Kraken. It includes spot trading, margin trading, and futures trading. Moreover, Kraken provides a great range of digital coins for trading. Therefore, one may say that this currency operator suits better day traders who have access to high liquidity, enjoy very small fees, and possess diverse trading instruments. Additionally, it is currently one of the safest cryptocurrency exchanges.


High liquidity: Adequate liquidity enables good order fulfillment.

Low fees: Competitive fee structure benefits traders.

Wide selection of cryptocurrencies: Diverse trades strategy.

Variety of trading features: Spot market, margin, and futures options.


Slow order execution: Trade execution was found to be slow by some users.

Not as user-friendly: however, Kraken might be less straightforward to beginners.

ByBit Crypto Exchange

There is a crypto-exchange called bybit which opened its operations in 2018. It trades mainly on futures and options, which are classified as derivatives. It also allows trading in the spot market. Bybit makes a decent alternative for a trader who wants some flexibility with his work, but wants some flexibility nonetheless, as it has decent liquidity, reasonable costs, and various other trading options. Additionally, it is one among a handful of crypto exchanges with round-the-clock customer care.


High liquidity: Substantial liquidity ensures smooth order execution.

Low fees: Cost-effective trading.

Variety of trading features: Variety of trading options.

24/7 customer support: Non-stop support for traders.


Not as well-known: However, it may not have a good reputation as other exchange companies.

Limited cryptocurrencies: Others, though, boast more assets to trade. 


One would easily find a number of American citizens involved with Coinbase, probably the most used cryptocurrency exchange in the US. It has become popular due to its simple interface and simple trade options. There are three types of trading that include spot trading, margin trading, and futures trading at Coinbase. Nevertheless, Coinbase charges more than many other exchanges.


User-friendly interface: Suitable for newbies in the crypto market.

Easy-to-use trading features: A straightforward platform for trading.

Wide selection of cryptocurrencies: Provides access to major assets.


Higher fees: Compared to some competitors, Coinbase’s fees are high.

Limited trading features: Such exchanges may not be equipped with sophisticated equipment.


Among the common services on cryptocurrency exchanges are spot trading, margin trading, futures trading, and peer-to-peer trading KuCoin. Just like Bitfinex, Kucoin also comes with more cryptocurrencies for trading. Day traders can choose KuCoin as their preferred platform due to its high liquidity profile and minimal commissions in addition to the presence of numerous trade elements. On the other hand, KuCoin can be quite confusing to first-time users or beginners.


High liquidity: Ensures seamless order execution.

Low fees: Cost-effective for traders.

Variety of trading features: Provided with an array of trade opportunities.

Wide selection of cryptocurrencies: Comprehensive list of assets for trading strategies.


Complex for beginners: This might prove difficult for beginners in crypto-trading.

Less recognition: Some competitors to KuCoin are better known than KuCoin.

MexC Global

Spot trading, margin trading, and futures trading are provided by MexC Global. MexC Global also offers a huge number of available cryptos for trading. Therefore, MexC Global will suit most day traders owing to its high liquidity levels, low fees, and diverse trading options. Besides, it is among the very few cryptocurrency exchanges that have a portable application with which one can trade anywhere at any time.


High liquidity: Liquidity ensures quick order execution.

Low fees: Cost-efficient for traders.

Variety of trading features: Diverse trading options.

Mobile app: Mobile traders’ convenience.

Wide selection of cryptocurrencies: Ample choices for trading.


Limited recognition: Compared to its rivals, MexC Global may not have a name that is as popular.

Potential delays in order execution.


Crypto.com is a well-known Singapore-based crypto exchange with numerous trading pairs and lower prices. Besides, it provides different options for professional trading activities, including margin trading and stop-loss orders.


 Wide selection of trading pairs: Enables trading across various pairs.

Low fees: Cost-effective for traders.

Variety of advanced trading features: Ideal for experienced traders.

User-friendly interface: Easy to navigate.

Good customer support: Reliable assistance for users.


Less established: Less established compared with some rivals.

Past security breaches: Security issues have been experienced previously by it.

Huobi Global


Huobi Global is a prominent Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange that boasts an extensive range of trade pairings as well as minimal charges. Margin trading and stop-loss orders, among other features, are availed on this platform.

Wide selection of trading pairs: Diverse pair options for trading.

Low fees: Cost-efficient for traders.

Variety of advanced trading features: Suited for experienced traders.

High liquidity: Efficient order execution.


Not user-friendly: However, this may not be the most user-friendly for new users.

Slow customer support response times.


Phemex is another example of a crypto exchange that services a wide range if trading opportunities to traders both at the beginner level and also for experienced traders. The exchange was established in the year 2019 and it has been gaining attention in the crypto industry because of its user-friendly interface, and more easy to use advanced trading tools. However, the exchange also has high speed and all transactions have proven to be secure.


Great performance: This exchange is known for its throughput matching engine. The exchange also makes it possible to carry out orders at a relatively high speed. This advantage however serves as an additional positive impact to active traders in the volatile crypto market.

Variety of crypto Products: Phemex has a wide range of features like spot trading, optional trading, and perpetual contracts, which helps users to have diverse trading opportunities.

User-Friendly Interface: The platform is designed to be intuitive and easy to navigate, making it accessible for both beginners and experienced traders.

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Improved security Measures: With the help of robust security measures such as cold wallet storage and more improved encryption protocol user’s funds and personal data are more secure thus creating trust between the exchanges and traders.

Competitive Fees: Phemex’s fee structure tends to be relatively low compared to other exchanges in the market. The exchange has low trading fees and no deposit or withdrawal fees for crypto assets.


Limitations to Cryptocurrency: Though Phemex has a wide range of Cryptocurrencies that operate on its exchange, it however suffers limitation to some crypto assets as compared to others with a more extensive range of altcoins.

No support for Fiat money: Following the latest updates the exchange does not give support to fiat currency deposits or withdrawals, thus limiting traders to trade only digital assets on the exchange.

customer Support: some users have reported delays and challenges when it comes to receiving adequate customer Support, especially during peak times when the exchange is constantly receiving trade orders.

Geographical Restrictions: The fact that Phemex is unavailable to some countries makes it not more reliable and users are constantly looking for more flexible exchanges.

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Bitfinex is also on the list of these great exchanges. However, it is located in Hong Kong and has a wide range of traders. It boasts numerous tradeable pairs, such as perpetual and options. Moreover, Bitfinex also offers a number of sophisticated trading tools like margin and stop-loss orders.


High liquidity: Smooth and quick order execution.

Fast order execution: Beneficial for day traders.

Wide selection of trading pairs: Including perpetual contracts and options.

Variety of advanced trading features: Ideal for experienced traders.


Higher fees: Despite this, fees on Bitfinex might be high for the market comparison.

Past security breaches: Security incidents have occurred on the platform.

Possible delay of customer support answers.

The Best Crypto Exchange For Day Trading.

When choosing a crypto exchange for day trading, there are a few key factors to consider:

Trading pairs, ensure that the exchange supports the specific trading pairs you intend to make.

Fees: Identify an exchange that has low fees in comparison to other exchanges.

Liquidity: Ensure that there is a higher liquid market in this exchange for easy buying and selling off your cryptocurrency.

Choose a highly secure exchange: This will enable you to keep your assets safe and avoid being a victim of scams.

User interface: A navigation system that is simple and convenient in choosing an appropriate trading platform.

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The process of day trading cryptocurrency is usually very profitable. However, this comes into full realization with an understanding of every risk and feature associated with them. Your trading skills, character, and preference will dictate the type of cryptocurrency you can exchange. When it comes to security and liquidity, Kraken and Binance are better placed, whereas Coinbase is superior when it relates to user-friendly interfaces and novices in the crypto world. 

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Although there are many more assets available on Crypto.com and FTX, there have been security problems in the past. Make sure that your pick is in line with your preferred level of risk tolerance and intended gains for selling. Therefore, it would be important for you to keep saying to yourself that your homework and caution are ingredients for daily trading in the market of cryptocurrencies.