TEAMZ Web3 Summit: The Most Significant Blockchain Event of 2023 in Japan

By Pratiksha Bhapkar
2 Min Read

DroomDroom is proud to announce its media partnership with the upcoming TEAMZ Web3 Summit in Japan-an event not to be missed, an opportunity to interact with the world’s leading blockchain researchers, developers and entrepreneurs from all around the globe.

This summit will be a great platform for knowledge sharing and discussing latest trends in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology as well as expand network and create collaboration opportunities.


The Web3 Summit is organized by TEAMZ Inc, one of the leading cryptocurrency and blockchain companies in Japan. The company has a proven track record of organizing successful events by bringing top players from blockchain and Web3 industries together and drive innovation. Take part in the upcoming TEAMZ Web3 Summit 2023 event to learn more about TEAMZ Inc and their contribution to the blockchain.

Speakers and Attendees

Approximately 100 speakers from the Web3 industry, 450 influencers, 120 VCs and investors, 60 exhibitors and 50 major media companies will attend the TEAMZ Web3 Summit 2023. The speakers at the event include the biggest figures in the world of Web3 like 

  1. Yuzo Kano, Representative Director of bitFlyer
  2. Jun Du, Co-Founder of ABCDE
  3. Tone Vays, Analyst for Event Producer
  4. David Gan, Founder of OP Crypto
  5. Brian Lu, Founder of Infinitive Ventures Crypto
  6. Tim Draper, Founder of Draper Associates
  7. Kensuke Amou, Managing Executive Director of Coincheck
  8. Ciara Sun, Founder of C2 Ventures
  9. Ju Jianing, Digital Economist
  10. Hiranao Kunimitsu, CEO of Financie

Attendees will get the chance to interact with industry experts and gain invaluable insight about the cutting-edge of blockchain technology.


The summit will be held at the beautiful Toranomon Hills in Tokyo, Japan on 17-18 March. Don’t miss out such an opportunity! 

To know more about the summit, by visiting the summit website. The link is below

Official website: