Role of AI in Enhancing Web3 User Experiences

By Renuka Tahelyani
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We have all seen disruption before, haven’t we? Unlike the nascent stages of Web 1.0 and 2.0, Web3 demands a sophisticated approach to user experience (UX) that transcends rudimentary interfaces. And Web3 isn’t some existential threat to your crypto hustle. It’s the future and the future is powered by AI.

Here’s the deal–Artificial Intelligence is poised to unfasten new possibilities for savvy users like us. And this means next-level dApps that are not one-size-fits-all with clunky interfaces. The role of AI in enhancing Web3 user experiences comes into play here.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be used to improve Web3 user experiences through anomaly detection, content authenticity verification, fraud detection and network optimization. Further, it can personalize content, recommendations, appointment scheduling, candidate screening and much more so that for dApp users like us the user experience is not generic.

The integration of AI brings in the competency of Natural Language Processing (NLP) subfield which will let you interact with dApps conversationally just like you’d talk to a friend.

The role of AI in enhancing Web3 user experiences is crucial here in making interactions more intuitive and user-friendly.

Power users like us crave intuitive, personalized experiences where our queries like say about managing a DeFi portfolio are met with the ease of a chat and this is now at present the need of the hour.

Always focus on bridging the gap between the existing capabilities of blockchain and the needs of users, developers, and enterprises.

Jagdeep Sidhu, CEO of SYS Labs

AI is meeting those demands and exceeding expectations.

The Dawn of AI-Driven dApp User Experience

Helping out a friend get started in crypto is a crash course in how frustrating Web3 user experience (UX) is. The initial encounter with setting up a wallet, relying on high-level cryptography and handling crucial information like recovery phrases can be so daunting for beginners. 

And this entry point is just the first domino to fall in a really complex journey where users grapple with interacting with decentralized applications (dApps). Let’s delve into a few of them:

  • Without advanced AI capabilities like Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and context awareness, traditional dApps struggle to offer personalized user experience.
  • Also, non-technical users have to scale a mountain when they come across technical interfaces which ultimately results in user adoption hindrances and barriers.
  • Not only this without AI-driven capabilities like those provided by AIDA in SuperDapp, the struggle of less engaging/interactive user experience with a proactive personal touch–is real.

In an ideal scenario interacting with dApps should be as straightforward as downloading an app on a smartphone. Enhancing UX in Web3 involves addressing the above-mentioned pain points and incorporating features like push notifications, chat services, transaction facilitation, intelligent experience with context awareness and so on.

Now, here’s where an AI-powered dApp can bridge the gap because AI can transform how we interact with decentralized applications. A dApp that could anticipate your needs in this complex, intimidating web3 space and is as intuitive as your favorite social media platform. This is the vision behind SuperDapp, an AI-powered SocialFi dApp.

Understanding User Intent to Enhance Web3 User Experience

Web 1.0 and 2.0 launched when people were still figuring out how to use a dial-up modem. Back then, clunky interfaces were tolerated because the tech itself felt like a big deal. Web3 is different.

This new frontier is populated by Gen Z–the digital natives who’ve grown up with sleek, intuitive interfaces. They buy stocks on Robinhood, trade sneakers on StockX and earn money playing games.

One of AI’s key strengths in Web3 is its ability to understand user intent. Through NLP, AI assistants like AiDA in SuperDapp can interpret the meaning behind user queries (even if phrased imperfectly). Wait, firstly what is SuperDapp?

SuperDapp is a first-of-its-kind Web3 super app that is on the mission to bring about huge enhancements in the web3 UX.

It combines the familiar ease of chat apps with the powerful functionality of a social suite and integrates artificial intelligence for self-custody asset management.

The role of AI in enhancing Web3 user experiences is on full display here making interacting with dApps more familiar and user-friendly.

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It is built on Syscoin’s layer 2, Rollux which is an Optimistic Rollup that offers scalability, speed and programmability similar to Ethereum but at a fraction of the cost.

Rollux layer 2 developer SYS Labs acquired Uno Re, specializing in DeFi insurance to create a more secure and efficient DeFi ecosystem. Read more in this article.

This unique “super” decentralized application is equipped with AI features including:

  • Decentralized identity services for secure and verifiable social interactions
  • Built-in DEX capabilities for asset trading
  • Secure asset signing for managing your crypto portfolios

SuperDapp leverages AiDA (Advanced Interactive Digital Assistant) to create an incredibly improved user experience. The role of AI in enhancing Web3 user experiences is exemplified by AiDA. 

Artificial intelligence is transforming the way we interact with Web3 platforms and we will introduce SuperDapp’s AI digital assistant in our following discussion as an example.

But first–what are the key areas where AI creates a more seamless experience for Web3 users?

  • AI algo monitors transactions to identify and prevent fraudulent activities for secure financial interactions.
  • Curation of content feeds and personalization within SoicialFi dApp like SuperDapp is a spot on key area. So say for example there can be a scenario of AI suggesting the perfect NFT project based on your past purchases. The role of AI in enhancing web3 user experiences shines through here making user journeys more tailored and relevant.
  • AI verifies the legitimacy of content and digital assets so that users are safeguarded from misinformation and scams.
  • Also, techniques like differentially private algorithms allow AI to personalize experiences while minimizing the amount of user data required.

The list goes on.

SuperDapp takes user experience in Web3 to a whole new level by incorporating the powerful AI assistant AiDA and unique AI plugin system and to quest the curiosity let’s break down how this combination works, shall we?

Experience AI beyond imagination with SuperDapp

SuperDapps’s Personalized AI Assistant for Web3

SuperDapp is a SocialFi dApp in a class by itself that offers customizable AI, a full social stack, NFT liquidity, web3 wallet management among other upcoming features including:

  • Decentralized Social Commerce
  • In-Dapp NFT and Token Launching
  • Automatic Referral Incentivization
  • SuperMail: Your Web3 Inbox

SuperDapp is built on top of Syscoin’s blockchain platform which is evolving with zkDA–a new approach that offers scalability without compromising security or decentralization. Read more about it here in this article.

With AiDA and the unique AI plugin system, it takes the web3 UX to a whole new level. So let’s see how these features work together.

AiDA’s Semantic Memory

SuperDapp utilizes AiDA’s “semantic search” function to search past conversations within a chat and understand the context of current interactions. So say you are discussing a DeFi strategy with friends and AiDA being aware of the context, offers useful insights to your conversation.

This exemplifies the role of AI in enhancing Web3 user experiences by providing a more contextual and helpful user experience.

Action-Oriented Assistance as Investment Advisor

By analyzing market trends, AiDA can recommend investment opportunities like for example, it can suggest promising DeFi projects or NFTs based on your risk tolerance and interests.

Also, let’s say you want to buy concert tickets with crypto then AiDA can identify the relevant DEX integration within SuperDapp to guide you through the purchase process.

Here, the role of AI in enhancing Web3 user experiences is shown in making complex DeFi and NFT interactions more manageable for users.

SuperDapp’s web search capabilities are enhanced by AiDA so in case you need, say, details about a specific NFT artist, AiDA can search the web and deliver the information directly within the chat interface.

This is another example of the role of AI in enhancing Web3 user experiences by offering a more seamless and integrated user experience.

Role of AI in Enhancing Web3 User Experiences
Example of a text message conversation between a user and SuperDapp’s AI assistant named AIDA

Personalized Reccos

SuperDapp can potentially leverage AiDA’s function of providing a specific user ID number based on criteria such as age, location and more so as to analyze user preferences, habits and behavioral patterns.

This allows the AI digital assistant to suggest relevant features/assets within the SuperDapp ecosystem specific to each user’s needs.

Here, the role of AI in enhancing Web3 user experiences is displayed through personalization making the experience more tailored and relevant to individual users.

Web3 projects should focus on bridging the gap between the existing capabilities of blockchain and the needs of users, developers, and enterprises.

Jagdeep Sidhu, CEO of SYS Labs.

Scheduling and Automation

AiDA introduces a system “tick” for autonomous operations so as to enable the creation of events or you know recurring tasks lined up or even one-time activities through integration with platforms like Google Calendar. Within SuperDapp the AI digital assistant helps in managing community events or scheduling group activities.

Again, this showcases the role of AI in enhancing Web3 user experiences by automating tasks and making them more convenient for users.

Transaction Facilitation

Artificial intelligence has commendable capabilities to break down complex web3 transactions into manageable steps for new users. AiDA’s guidance within the SuperDapp ecosystem can incredibly reduce the learning curve associated with DeFi and NFT interactions. This is a prime example of the role of AI in enhancing Web3 user experiences by simplifying complex processes for new users.

Web3 prides itself on anonymity but true adoption requires a way for users to manage their identities. Many Web3 applications especially those in decentralized finance are posing UX challenges. The problem is that Web3 is geeky – the current state of DeFi is like to a stock exchange where you need to write complex code to buy or sell shares.

Not just this, blockchains are like the Achilles’ heel. Moving your crypto assets between different blockchains can be such a cumbersome process along with the obvious security risks. DeFi needs a system where users can prove who they are without compromising their privacy.

This article by DroomDroom discusses what blockchain interoperability is and why it is important with detailed specific solutions being developed.

Conclusion – Role of AI in Enhancing Web3 User Experiences

As Web3 advances and its value becomes undeniable the discussions will (and already are) shift towards user experience but it isn’t a new trend. Projects like SuperDapp are already prioritizing UX with the help of AI reminds me of the importance of John Zeratsky, co-founder of’s observation, “It doesn’t matter how great your tech is if your customer doesn’t understand your product”.

In this article we have established that AI is transforming Web3 with its personalized experiences which are tailored to specific user preferences and AI assistants like AiDA in SuperDapp can understand user intent through NLU and make web3 processes immensely manageable for new users. The role of AI in enhancing Web3 user experiences is a powerful driver for mainstream adoption and wider user base for this exciting new technology.

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