Regulation News

By DroomDroom Team
1 Min Read

If you are a busy bee with little time to spare to catch up on the news. You have landed in the right place. We have curated the latest highlights in Crypto Regulation News.

1. The US Treasury reclaims the Tornado Cash sanctions after North Korea’s nuclear weapons development. The redesignation effectively mirrors the actions taken by the US Treasury in August, which established sanctions for its role in “supporting criminal cyber activity.”

2. The German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority, better known as BaFin, has issued an order regarding Coinbase’s local arm’s business organization in line with the country’s banking rules.

3. Before the US election, single-issue crypto voters weigh in on the midterm elections. The outcome of elections featuring pro- and anti-crypto political candidates in the United States could affect the future of digital asset law and regulation in the country.