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Introduction to Reflexical

Reflexical empowers web3 startups and founders with the tools necessary for success. It propels the top Web3 projects of tomorrow by leveraging deep industry connections while using its proprietary six-pillar process for success. Reflexical’s flagship product is its Fellowship Program that could be called an “accelerator.” The path it has taken to scale up is unique, and gives it an unfair advantage. This is because Ajeet Khurana, the founder of Reflexical, has brought together the who’s-who of the Web3 community to create a powerhouse that will lead promising startups to become leaders.

Reflexical’s Six Pillars for Web3 Success

Reflexical enables success of web3 startups by using the following six pillar process:

  1. Product: The web3 ecosystem is filled with innovation yet commoditized products do exist. Therefore a product with a unique value proposition is vital for success. The product includes Tech, Architecture, Integration, UX, Compatibility, Interoperability, and Tools.
  2. Tokenomics: Another vital component for a successful web3 project. This includes Utility, Value, Flow, Expansion, Contraction, Pools, Treasury, Unlocking, Scarcity, Staking, Burning.
  3. Branding: Confidence and trust in a web3 project are built around solid branding. This includes Visuals, Identities, Positioning, USP, Value Proposition, Digital Presence.
  4. Community: Building a strong community is the backbone of a solid web3 project. Community includes Social media, Ambassadors, Partnerships, Airdrops, Content, PR, Outreach, and Influencers.
  5. Market operations: Paying attention to market operations such as Token Launch, Liquidity, Market Making, and Price Discovery are key for the long-term success of web3 initiatives.
  6. Enterprise Creation: Web3 projects start small but can scale rapidly. This requires effective organizational skills. Enterprise creation includes People, Systems, Hiring, Management, Operations, Scale, Reporting, and Compensation.

About the Founder

Ajeet Khurana is a leading name in the cryptocurrency industry. He is the former head of the Blockchain and Cryptocurrecy Committee, which as part of IAMAI, is India’s foremost industry body for cryptocurrency. He also spearheaded one of India’s largest crypto exchange: Zebpay, and took it to 80+ countries. A regular on TV, Ajeet is probably the most connected person in Web3 worldwide having set up crypto businesses in India, Singapore, Malta, Australia, and UAE. He has been part of IIT Bombay, and Kalaari Capital, among others.

Moreover, Ajeet has authored several books with McGrawHill Education, been an entrepreneur twice, and taught at the University of Texas at Austin.

Presently, as an advisor to several crypto projects, he is seen as a specialist in:

  • Tokenomics: pools, structure, architecture, flow, utility, value
  • Market Mechanisms: market making, liquidity, listing, volume

In addition, he helps with increasing adoption, communication, evangelizing, ambassador programs, and digital outreach. Some crypto founders (including us) regard Ajeet as their personal friend, philosopher, and guide.

Among the many TV appearances on demystifying the crypto landscape, Ajeet has also provided insightful talks on the mindset of venture investing as seen below:

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