NexTech Week TOKYO 2023 (Spring Show): A Grand Success

By DroomDroom Team
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Held Inside NexTech Week TOKYO 2023
Concurrent shows:
Quantum Computing Expo TOKYO
DX Human Resource Development Expo TOKYO

May 10 (Wed) – 12 (Fri), 2023
Tokyo Big Sight, Japan
RX Japan Ltd.


Celebrating its remarkable 4th edition, Blockchain Expo TOKYO Spring set ablaze Tokyo Big Sight, leaving an indelible impression. The show’s allure was unstoppable, luring an astounding array of 256 exhibitors, 30,414 visitors, 11,234 conference attendees, and 265 press members over three days.

Blockchain Expo TOKYO, a captivating trade show exclusively centred around Blockchain Technologies, is revolutionising industries across the board. As this groundbreaking technology takes centre stage, its influence permeates multiple sectors such as logistics, pharmaceuticals, energy, manufacturing, and finance, commanding undivided attention.

Maintaining its renowned status, the event afforded attendees and exhibitors a one-of-a-kind opportunity to network with industry experts, explore emerging technologies, engage with a diverse pool of potential clients, and cultivate unparalleled exposure and lucrative business ventures in the region.

Over the course of three action-packed days, exhibitors took centre stage, enthralling attendees with dynamic presentations and immersive hands-on demonstrations to showcase their latest blockchain technologies and solutions. Additionally, business meetings were happening on the showground, along with industry-led conferences and panel discussions.

NexTech Week TOKYO 2023 (Spring Show), proved to be a melting pot of blockchain innovation, fostering industry collaboration and enabling impactful business connections. It solidified its status as a prime event for anyone invested in the future of this disruptive technology.