LIVE AI: Online Ideathon and Hybrid Hackathon

By Richard Adrian
4 Min Read

What is LIVE AI?

LIVE AI is an international bilingual multi-campus hybrid ideathon + hackathon.

The themes are artificial intelligence, blockchain, and financial technology. LIVE AI will transform digital deserts by irrigating oases of opportunities, as well as pave trails into roads to help students gain exposure, experience, and expertise in cutting-edge fields. Register for LIVE AI’s Online Ideathon + Hybrid Hackathon!

Unleash your Innovative Potential with LIVE AI Ideathon 2024

LIVE AI was originally just a bilingual multi-campus hybrid hackathon designed by Scotty Shaw (Tech Tree Root, founding president), inspired by Bob Geldof and his innovative 1985 Live Aid concert. By adding Javier Arroyo Ferrer (ICP.HUB North America, co-founder) and incorporating his ideas, they’ve built an international coalition and, with support from Duke Applied Machine Learning, expanded LIVE AI’s original concept to now feature two marquee events:

  • LIVE AI’s Online Ideathon (registration formDiscord) is an online pitch competition that will host two hours of workshops, interviews, and networking sessions on both February 17 (Saturday) and March 2 (Saturday). Participants will join online to learn about the Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) and effective pitching methods, which will help them turn ideas into pitch videos that run 90-120 seconds, then submit their pitches on March 3 (Sunday) so online judges can provide evaluations and feedback on March 9 (Saturday).
  • LIVE AI’s Hybrid Hackathon (interest form) will provide dozens of online mentors and hundreds of online office hours to support online participants joining the hybrid Hackathon from anywhere in the world on March 23 – 24. For participants who are 18+ and want to enjoy the full in-person experience of the hybrid Hackathon, they have the option of participating at Duke University, Scotty’s alma mater and a LIVE AI host campus. Participants will be able to use any feedback they received from the Ideathon judges.

Who can join LIVE AI?

If an aspiring creative, developer, or engineer is at least 13 years old, then they may join the full LIVE AI Ideathon + Hackathon program as online participants. If a participant is at least 18 years old, then they also have the option of attending the LIVE AI Hackathon as an onsite participant at Duke University.

Through LIVE AI’s unique international bilingual multi-campus hybrid format, ICP.HUB North America and Tech Tree Root aim to transform digital deserts by irrigating oases of opportunities. With support from Duke Applied Machine Learning, Duke University’s Pratt School of Engineering, Duke Career Center, Cur8Web3, CESS, ICP.HUB Latam, Software Guru, many more generous partnering organizations, and 50+ North American universities, LIVE AI has hundreds of participants registered to join the Online Ideathon (registration form) + Hybrid Hackathon (interest form)!

When is LIVE AI?

  • LIVE AI Online Ideathon (registration formDiscorddetailed schedule)
    • February 17
      • Online Ideathon Day 1 (Workshops, Tech Talks, Networking)
    • March 2
      • Online Ideathon Day 2 (Workshops, Tech Talks, Networking)
    • March 3
      • Ideathon Submission Deadline (90 – 120 seconds per pitch video)
    • March 4 – 8
      • Ideathon Online Evaluations
    • March 9
      • Ideathon Online Awards Ceremony and Pitch Feedback
  • LIVE AI Hybrid Hackathon (interest form)
    • March 23 – 24
      • Hybrid Hackathon (Duke University and Online)
    • March 24
      • Hackathon Onsite Evaluations and Onsite Awards Ceremony
    • March 24 – 31
      • Hackathon Online Evaluations
    • March 31
      • Hackathon Online Awards Ceremony (All participants eligible)
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