How to Farm Chia? A Guide To Chia (XCH) Token Farming Using a Hard Drive

By Ian Kirimi
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Stepping into the digital world of agriculture with disk drives instead of fields and crypto-seeds turning into a different fruit. This will be a guide on the basics of how to farm chia and get the XCH tokens, virtual fruits that you have grown through hard work.

However, what is chia? This is unlike the common sprout used in your salads, where this Chia means Chia Network’s crypto (XCH). Chia is based upon the idea of “proof of space and time” created by Bram Cohen, who is also known as the father of BitTorrent. The consensus algorithm that has been introduced in this cryptocurrency does not rely on power-consuming proof-of-work commonly present among other currencies. However, this eco-friendly variant has excited the cryptocurrency community and started a new way of breeding—chia farming. Hence, get the virtual scoop and plant Chia’s knowledge seed to harvest a bunch of XCH tokens with this old pal-hard drive!

​​How Does Chia Work?

It relies on a novel consensus algorithm called “Proof of Space and Time,” which is different from the energy-hungry proof-of-work protocols used for Bitcoins. Here’s a breakdown of how Chia works:

Proof of Space

In contrast, Chia does not involve complicated mathematical problems, unlike proof-of-work, but uses your computer’s hard disk drive. Unused hard drive space is allocated to the Chia network, and this demonstrates that farmers have set aside their particular chunk of space for Chia transaction purposes.

Plots and Plotting

Users create plots, which are pre-computed and optimized data sets taking up a designated area of the hard drive, to become Chia farmers. These plots are created through a plot procedure, which entails a single computation that utilizes both memory and CPU.


As soon as you are done creating your plots, you become a qualified Chia farmer. The daily farming includes verifying if the plots are eligible to contribute to forming a new chia blockchain. This is done based on a mixture of proof of space and time, which translates to giving more space than any other entrant, which means you have better odds of creating a block.

Block Creation

You get some Chia (XCH) tokens whenever your plots win the bid to make a block. The reward is then disbursed to the farmers according to the land area they have allocated to this network and the number of times their plots have been qualified for block creation.

Adding blocks to a blockchain may seem like a hard thing, but don’t worry. Here is a guideline that explains how blocks are added to a blockchain.

Harvesting Rewards

Through this process, farmers will be able to consistently earn rewards by utilizing their storage space for the network’s cryptocurrency, offering an environmentally friendly option for mining.

Finally, Chia utilizes the excess unused storage space as security for its blockchain, thereby becoming an energy-efficient and eco-friendly solution compared to the other proofs of work systems. Chia farming involves plotting, giving room for it on a computer’s storage space, and engaging with the blockchain to harvest its digital fruits using the CPU power of the hard drive.

How to Build a Chia Farm

There are some things you will require when making a Chia farm including hardware, software, and a little patience. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you set up your own chia farming operation:

Hardware Requirements

Storage Space

As far as Chia farming goes, it’s all about storage, which should be kicked off by a big hard drive or SSD. The higher the storage space, the more chances there are that you will earn rewards.


A better CPU may be less important than storage but is also essential for plotting or the initial creation of Chia plots.


Therefore, it is advised that there should be enough RAM (at least 16GB) for Chia plotting, as it may require some memory.

Motherboard and Power Supply

Select a good motherboard that has enough SATA ports for your storage, and make sure that your power supply suffices for the extra equipment.

Install Chia Software

From the official Chia website, download and install the Chia Blockchain software.

Install your Chia wallet and start earning XCH tokens.

Create Chia Plots

Create plots using Chia software. It means optimizing data sets for your CPU and storage.

You can also enhance your odds of winning block creation rewards by developing many plots.

Configure Chia Farming

Link your plots to Chia Software and set up your farming configuration.

Keep your Chia node synchronized with the rest of the Chia blockchain to stay up-to-date with current transactions and blocks.

Join a Pool (Optional)

At first, Chia concentrated on sole farming, but one can currently become part of its team to multiply profit chances.

Go for a pool with low fees and a good reputation.

Monitor and Optimize

Use Chia software alongside any other monitoring programs to keep track of the performance of your Chia farm regularly.

Ensure the setup is optimized for your equipment and current networking conditions.

Secure Your Setup

Ensure adequate security measures to safeguard your Chia farm against any risks.

Back up your wallet and store your private keys safely.

Having a secured wallet in the world of cryptocurrency can help keep your Chia safe from being stolen by hackers. Read this article to learn more about wallet security.

Stay Informed

Visit Chia community forums to keep yourself up-to-date on the latest updates, tips, and guidelines. Watch on the Chia network for innovations, and revise your farms’ strategies.

DeFi communities help in updating its members on any updates concerning the subject of the community. Read this guideline to help you understand the role of communities in DeFi if you are a newbie.

Creating a Chia farm is no simple walk in the park either when it comes to hardware or software systems. It is important to note that Chia farming is a long-term engagement and one must be patient and flexible to achieve success.

How to Farm Chia With a Hard Drive

The consensus algorithm of Chia is the proof of space. So, what is meant by the term how to farm chia with a hard disk is using your hard disk to take part in it and thereby generate extra chia for you as a reward for that activity. Here’s a simplified guide to get you started.

Get the Chia Blockchain Software

Head over to their official site, download the Chia Blockchain software, and install it on your computer.

Create a Chia Wallet

Install and launch the Chia wallet. You will deposit the XCH tokens you receive after farming into this wallet.


Create plots on your hard drive using Chia software. Using plotting, a farmer produces his optimized data sets to be planted.

The plotting will be done with your CPU and hard drive. Define and select the appropriate hard drive for you to keep and develop these plots.

Configure Farming

Link the plots with the Chia software. Set up the program to classify these plots on the hard disk as valid options for farming. The program will regularly test to see if your plots qualify to create new blocks.

Monitor and Harvest

Use the Chia software to monitor the Chia farming setup. Monitor your farm stats and your plot status. Reap your rewards after your plots have won the rights to create the block.” These rewards will be deposited into your Chia wallet.

Stay Updated

Ensure that you regularly upgrade your Chia software to derive the best optimizations available. Make sure you are well-informed on any changes made to the Chia Network that may influence your farming policy.

It is also important to note that chia farming is a competition in which a higher memory size enhances winning awards. Over time, you can scale up your farming operation by adding more hard drives to your setup.

Furthermore, you can opt for joining a Chia pool when it comes to rewards that are less variable but generally predictable. It is practical to consider collaborating with other farmers, especially for those with space limitations of only one hard drive.

What is an XCH Token?

The Chia Network utilizes its coin, known as XCH, which is used to conduct transactions between peers in the Chia blockchain system. This cryptocurrency’s ticker symbol is “XCH.” Here are some key points about XCH:

Proof of Space and Time

Chia uses a novel kind of consensus mechanism commonly referred to as “proof of space/time.”.In the case of Chia, the energy-intensive proof-of-work that is used in Bitcoin is replaced by storing data on disk space. Farmers offer their storage spaces, and the ones with more space are likely to earn XCH rewards.

To understand the consensus mechanisms if you are a newbie, you are recommended to this guideline.

Chia Farming Rewards

It’s a process in which farmers cultivate XCH coins. In this case, farmers create and preserve their fields on the hard drive, while the reward is XCH tokens for their plots that are eligible to make a fresh block in the Chia blockchain. The capacity of plots and storage a farmer gives affects the payoff.

Decentralized and Eco-Friendly

Chia is striving to become an ecologically friendlier crypto-currency that avoids expensive mining. Proof-of-Space is a decentralized, efficient power consumption algorithm that suits eco-minded persons engaging in cryptocurrency.

Use Cases

XCH can be used for different functions like exchange, smart contracts, and other dApps based on the Chia blockchain.

Market Trading

Like most other cryptocurrencies, XCH is listed for trade at multiple cryptocurrency exchange services. For instance, the worth of XCH depends on market forces. These include supply and demand.

In summary, XCH is Xia’s network currency, which provides a means of transaction within Chia farming and its associated ecosystem.

The Future of Chia

Chia’s future remains uncertain and presents promising prospects along with difficulties as part of a dynamic cryptocurrency and blockchain environment.

Technology Advancements

It is thus expected that Chia Network will employ novel innovations and upgrades aimed at improving Chia’s scalability, security, and efficiency. The network will be made stronger while new problems arising may receive continuous adjustments of the protocol and software.

Growing Ecosystem 

With the inclusion of DApp, smart contracts, and other Chia projects, the Chia economy is likely to get bigger. We may expect a wide variety of uses for the platform as developers are exploring it.

Community Engagement

Usually, a successful cryptocurrency depends on active members in its community. These players are likely to contribute to achieving growth, including enthusiasts, farmers, and developers among others, to realize the success of the network; therefore, Chia Community is likely to be one of the key factors towards achieving growth, including enthusiasts, farmers, and developers amongst other contributors

Environmental Considerations

Chia’s eco-friendly way of going about it might bring him more viewers as green policies gain prominence within the crypto community. In the long run, Chia may have an edge over other coins due to its commitment to eco-friendly consensus mechanisms.

Regulatory Landscape

Similarly, any regulatory changes targeting other cryptocurrencies may also affect Chia. The way different governments across the world decide to regulate or accept Chia’s use may affect the coin’s acceptance rate.

Market Dynamics

The value of XCH will depend on the market’s forces like demand, supply, investors’ opinions, and other general trends. The other factor contributing to the value of this coin is its effectiveness in chia farming, as it lures many people towards its use.

Challenges and Adaptation

However, chia remains susceptible to technical limitations, competitive pressure, and regulatory risks. The success of the Chia network, in the long run, will depend on how it manages to deal with these challenges.

Essentially, Chia’s future will embrace technology, promote community development, and maintain sustainability. While it may seem like it’s nothing more than a simple blockchain project at first glance, after considering some long-term factors, I firmly believe that Chia will become one of the players in this space as it makes a distinctive statement about consensus and commits to environmental friendliness.


So, anyone keen on chia farming has a platform on which they can venture into the world of cryptocurrencies and care for the environment in general. Utilizing your hard drive to grow XCH coins is an interesting yet sustainable way toward blockchain consensus.

Through learning the basics of chia, ranging from the POST algorithm to plot generation and regular monitoring of your farming infrastructure, you embark on a sustainable path where science meets nature.

The future looks even brighter as the Chia Network advances, upgrading its technology, developing more ecosystems, and building a supportive community. This digital agricultural landscape promises great potential with its decentralized apps, smart contracts, and blossoming market.

Just like any other Chia farming, it requires one to be patient, flexible, and consistent in getting daily insights as well as updates on good practices. The world of Chia is here for both old-time and new farmers in their efforts towards farming on a greener route than that previously known in the process of harvesting your hard drive’s fruits. Happy farming!

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