Factors to Consider While Trading in Perpetual Futures Contracts

By Muhammad Yaqub
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Crypto perpetual futures contracts attract traders with the highest profit opportunities but need a careful analysis of critical factors. The major challenges like leverages causing stronger wicks, staking losses, and fluctuating funding trades impact play a vital role in the highly volatile crypto trading.

Expert traders may adopt measures like stop orders based on the market price to explore new profit ventures like liquidity mining or staking. The perpetual futures contracts offer attractive prospects and a detailed analysis for a successful trading experience.

Perpetual futures contracts allow maximum gains, but traders should always consider the risk factors. Risks may include purchasing the altcoins with future threats, stronger wicks fund fluctuating prices, and loss from possible staking.

Leverage enhances wicks, so handle the long-term trade very carefully. Liquidity mining and staking yields are compromised with a perpetual future, lowering long-term profits. The fluctuating funding reduces profits while a bullish market trend. So, perpetual futures have pitfalls like wicks staking loss funding rates issues despite high gains.         

What is Crypto Perpetual Futures Contracts?

Crypto perpetual futures contracts are a cryptocurrency derivative with no expiry date. The traders can hold indefinitely as long they maintain the required margins and pay the funding rate. These contraGcts permit continuing hedging and betting on fluctuations in the value of cryptocurrencies without actually owning them.

Perpetual futures bring traders flexibility because they don’t have to roll into a new contract. So, Traders frequently apply the cryptocurrency market as a hedge or speculation tool for potential price swings.


The crypto space witnessed many crypto derivatives, including perpetual futures, future markets, options, and contracts. They work in the form of leverages. The crypto perpetual futures contracts are more flexible and give higher returns than traditional spot trading. Per centralized exchange information, cryptocurrency derivatives trading rose to $3.12 trillion by July 2022. 

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Factors to Consider While Trading in Crypto Perpetual Futures Contracts 

Cryptocurrency investors should consider the following factors in Crypto Futures Contracts

Use Market Analysis Tools

As a trader, you must be well aware of marketing analysis tools, including chart patterns, technical indicators, or support/resistance level. The knowledge of these tools will enhance your insight to analyse profitable trading business. You can take benefits by applying these techniques and took long or short position based upon market trends.


Set Stop Loss orders

You can also avoid the majority or the entire capital loss by applying stop loss order if the price of the asset moves adversely. The stop loss strategy ensures that the particular asset trade will be automatically closed if its price reaches the particular point. However you must also be very vigilant while the price movement is in a favorable direction to take benefit.  This technique is known as a discipline money management. 

stop limit

Be Cautious About Funding Rates Fluctuations

Perpetual contracts embed a rate that is always charged every eight hours. These are also called inverse swaps. There can be no risk imbalances between buyers and sellers for exchange through funding rates. Although the interests of both buyers and sellers open matches at all times, leverage is subject to variation.

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The funding rate increases when the buyers long ask for greater leverage. Consequently, the fees will be covered by those buyers. This problem is particularly prevalent during bull run periods when there is typically a greater demand for longs.

eth usdt

ETHUSDT is an ETH/USDT perpetual futures contract priced on the BETHT Index. Each contract has a value equal to its price in Tether. The funding cost is paid and received every 8 hours. ETHUSDT uses a Premium index to calculate funding rates. 

The chart shows that the ETH USDT market made a bullish trend on November 10, 2023, raising its value to $2,118. After that, the market showed a slightly bearish trend and declined to $1,924 on November 17, 2023. 

However, it should be noted that some exchanges will allow manual selection of rates and set borrowing periods by users. This attitude is far better since unpleasant surprises are presented in this case, which will certainly occur after a large-scale buying activity.

Although perpetual futures trading is an excellent tool, it has shortcomings. Among those are stronger wicks running stop losses, inability to do staking, and the variable funding rate.

Leverage Results in More Powerful Wicks

The leverage will only lead to stronger wicks regardless of the market’s liquidity. Even though these moves usually do not result in a forced liquidation, they might run investors’ stops.

Thus, the principal reason why carrying futures positions for extended periods should be shunned is the probability of errant wicks.

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Futures liquidation engines use price indexes from several spot (regular) exchanges to avoid price manipulation. So, the system will close positions with insufficient margin only once an index reaches its stops.

bitcoin price
bitcoin price

We have pasted screenshots of the two major crypto exchanges, Binance and Coinbase. You have noticed that at the same moment, Binance is showing a BTC price of $69,852, which is lower than the price of the same asset at Coinbase is $70,244. Although the change is small, it can cause traders to close trades. 

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Traders also have options to avoid such issues. They can change the trigger of stop orders from the last price to the Mark Price (Index). This simple strategy can save traders from liquidation, provided perpetual futures contracts separate monetarily from their index. 


So that’s it! If you’ve read the following sections, you should be familiar with what a perpetual futures contracts in crypto is and how to start perpetual contracts trading yourself with the help of one of the leading crypto exchanges on the market.

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But, of course, being that this is such a broad subject, there are many things that we need more time to touch on, such as the question of whether perpetual futures contracts are enforceable, the funding fees mentioned above, and so on. Either way, you have a solid foundation for expanding your perpetual futures contract trading knowledge further.