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Bangalore, June 5, 2023 –  Lumos Labs, a web3 innovation enabler focused on building an ecosystem of learning and growth for  developers, today launched the Lumos Academy, an educational platform for Web2 and Web3 developers and enthusiasts. The platform aims to smoothen the transition into Web3 and allow developers to upskill themselves to gear up for the future of technology.

Equipped with the necessary resources and knowledge to understand and work with the foundations of Web3 technology, this initiative is for individuals interested in the Web3 ecosystem with a basic understanding of computer languages. The program will build their understanding around Web3, crypto, NFTs, and the overall blockchain sector by way of insightful  tutorials, exercises, and Hackathons, along with incentives in the form of personalized NFTs. 

The curriculum lays emphasis on three key areas: Web 3.0 fundamentals, cryptocurrencies, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). From covering the simple basics through the “Intro to Web3” course, including Decentralized application (dApp) creation, smart contract interaction, and safe transactions to several important and comprehensive chain specific courses, the curriculum is focused on  simplifying dApp creation along with providing resources to allow developers to build on several blockchain such as Ethereum, Polygon, Glitch, Internet Computers among others using tools like Truffle, React and Solidity. These courses are structured to help developers gain practical experience and kickstart their journey into developing their own blockchain applications. 

With the Web3 industry boom dominating the technology landscape in the past few years, web3 technology and its awareness is becoming steadily mainstream along with increased adoption. The demand of blockchain experts have taken a major leap with Linkedin recording a massive 395% rise in web3 related job roles in 2021 whereas the pay range for web3 developers have reached an elite scale of $110K to $153K per year.  The sector is also witnessing significant growth in talent where earlier this year,  Github crossed 100 million developers on their platform. The impact of the web3 sector is definitely apparent worldwide and the demand for relevant web3 talent is increasing by the day; necessitating initiatives like the Lumos Academy program.

‘’We are thrilled to announce the Lumos Academy platform which represents another key milestone in our commitment to empower the next generation of Web3 developers,” said Kaavya Prasad, Founder of Lumos Labs. “With our comprehensive curriculum and practical learning approach, we will equip aspiring developers with the knowledge and skills they need to excel in the Web3 ecosystem. We have been one of the early believers of the transformative Web3 technology which is now shaping a new tech-driven future and the Indian developer pool is at the core of this futuristic world. Lumos Academy is determined to provide the right guidance and direction to harness the Indian developer potential. Through our structured learning environment, hands-on exercises, and real-world projects, we will nurture India’s developer community and enable them to significantly impact the blockchain industry, globally. Join us on this exciting journey as we pave the way for India’s leadership in the decentralized world”, Kaavya added. 

Through this education centric platform, Lumos Labs will provide a robust suite of products and guidance to a varied developer community to sustain them on their journey towards the web3 world. Furthermore, the Academy program will be one of the many developer centric offerings that Lumos Labs is gearing up for including initiatives like an innovative hackathon platform. Bounties and grants programs, a holistic opportunities platform, Lumos Metaverse, and more, that are expected to be launched later this year. The focus for Lumos Labs is to nurture, engage, and uplift developer talent at diverse levels and sustain their growth from end-to-end by way of a variety of initiatives across different growth stages. 

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About Lumos Labs 

Lumos Labs, launched 2018, is a Web3 ecosystem enabler and has worked with some of the most renowned players in the blockchain industry including NEAR, Polygon, Polkadot, Binance with their India market entry and developer adoption. Through the course of our journey, Lumos Labs has built a community of  over 60K developers and disbursed more than US $10 million in grants while collaborating with the top players. 

Currently the team is working towards becoming a holistic one-stop destination for Web3 enthusiasts and developers through its suite of product offerings. The Lumos ecosystem will open countless gates of opportunities for Web3 developers and enable education and awareness while bringing the Web3 world onto their screens. Lumos Labs enables its community to learn new Web3 development skills, connect with global web3 investors and companies, and even find the best-of-best Web3 job opportunities for themselves. 

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