Artfi Genesis Offering Pass: The Ultimate Key to Art Democratization

By Richard Adrian
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Artfi Genesis Offering Pass (GOP) is the ultimate key to democratize the multi-trillion art market through the Artfi Marketplace. For years, this industry has locked out billions of enthusiasts due to lack of tangible information for succeeding as an investor or as an emerging artist. The high financial cost of acquiring a blue-chip artwork is also another problem that the art company wants to disrupt.

The Artfi Genesis Offering Pass (GOP) will allow the next generation of art investors and collectors to access exclusive artworks on the Artfi marketplace without hindrances such as cost or lack of information. This pass aims to democratize access to blue-chip art by opening up the sector to anyone with a dream of investing or collecting prominent art pieces.

Artfi will distribute upto $10 million worth of free $ARTFI tokens through a strategic airdrop which they will allocate to every holder of the Artfi Genesis Offering Pass and the Genesis Airdrop Pass (GAP). Holding the airdrop pass will qualify you for 1X the amount, while the offering pass will qualify you for 5X. Moreover, the airdrop will also multiply the number of free tokens by the amount of GOPs each holder has minted.

Artfi Genesis Offering Pass
The Artfi Genesis Offering Pass and the Genesis Airdrop Pass

Over 68,000+ participants unlocked immense opportunity of Artfi airdrops by registering for the Genesis Airdrop Pass campaign on OKX, OpenSea, and Galxe.

Background of Artfi’s Genesis Offering Pass

Once an aspiring collector attempts to collect beautiful art, they will run into several barriers that prevent them from satisfying their avid taste for pieces, and supporting artists in the way they would have wanted.

The first and most obvious barrier is the high cost of acquiring prominent paintings, sculptures or drawings. If lucky enough, perhaps they won’t encounter a world renowned art that fetches almost a million dollars but will come across a breathtaking piece from an averagely established artist, but that one too will cost several thousands.

Another long-standing barrier you will encounter is the presence of fakes. A study from the Fine Art Expert Institute indicates more than half of the market’s art is misattributed or forged. One of the biggest mistakes to make as an avid art collector or auctioneer is picking up a fake art piece. It is not only an injustice to yourself but also to the original artist who will get nothing from the consignment. As an auctioneer, this mistake could end up ruining your career in a matter of minutes.

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There is also another challenge, one of access in a highly privatized industry. The global art industry is to the tune of trillions of dollars yet has become one of the toughest sectors to break in as an investor, emerging artist or novice collector.

It is as if the ultra-wealthy private companies that control the sector guard it with iron gates. Some of the restricting factors include high cost of entry, and little to no knowledge on public domains about navigating the industry.

Against the backdrop of this highly exclusive market, Artfi has emerged with a bold goal of democratizing art. By blending the blockchain and fractional ownership, art investors can gain access to global art patronage for as little as $10 through the Artfi Genesis Offering Pass.

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Role of Artfi Genesis Offering Pass to Democratize Art Investment

The Artfi Genesis Offering Pass (GOP) is an innovative gate pass which aims to unlock traditional barriers to entry for those interested in collecting or investing in global art.

Individuals who acquire the pass will immerse themselves in a diverse array of works by leading artists, and get an exclusive opportunity for purchasing fractional pieces of prominent art whose combined value is $10 million for a dozen artworks. The other benefit of acquiring the pass is qualifying for an exclusive $ARTFI token airdrop.

Artfi Genesis Offering Pass is Live as from 28th February 2024

Through fractional art ownership, hundreds of individuals can each own a piece of an artwork, diversify their portfolio and generate profit from future sales.

Artfi has made it easy for individuals of any level of understanding to easily mint the Genesis Offering Pass using Binance Pay, Credit/Debit card, Samsung Pay, Apple Pay or Web3 wallets.

The Artfi Genesis Offering Pass (GOP) will include 12 artworks from 4 leading artists. These 12 artworks command a total combined value of $10 million.

The Benefits of Minting the Artfi Genesis Offering Pass

As of the writing of this article, the Artfi marketplace has consigned art valued at $25 million. The Artfi Genesis Offering Pass aims to unlock access into this catalogue by allowing fractionalized ownership of the collections.

Access to Artwork by Prominent Artists

For now, the Artfi Genesis Offering Pass will allow those who mint to access upto 12 artworks from 4 artists. The list of four includes legendary artist Sacha Jafri, V.S Gaitonde, Ram Kumar, as well as acclaimed actor and artist Salman Khan.

Artfi is coming together with legendary Bollywood actor Salman Khan in a collaboration that will see the actor’s artworks accessible to the world through fractional ownership. Watch the video for guided steps to access his paintings.

The first artist on the list, Sacha Jafri is a two-time “World Artist of the Year Winner” with recognition for being the World’s Leading Living Artists’, surpassing acclaimed figures like David Hockney, Jeff Koons, Gerhard Richter, and Damien Hirst to secure Forbes Magazine’s top spot in the art world. His recent ‘Moon Landing’ painting set records, making him ‘The Most Collectable Living Artist’. Jafri’s works regularly fetch between USD5m to USD25m.

The Genesis Offering Pass will also give you access to art by Ram Kumar (1924–2018), a distinguished Indian modernist painter associated with the Progressive Artists Group. Ram Kumar transitioned from an economist in London to an acclaimed artist, exploring urban struggles and later delving into abstract art through which he earned global recognition.

Third, there is Vasudeo S. Gaitonde, a pioneer Indian abstract artist who created spiritually charged minimalist paintings that defied convention and drew inspiration from Zen Buddhism and Indian spirituality.

Finally, who else to have on the list of four than Salman Khan, the prominent Indian actor, film producer, and philanthropist who has dominated Bollywood for over three decades, earning numerous awards, including two National Film Awards and a Filmfare Award, and consistently ranking as one of the highest-paid celebrities worldwide, according to Forbes.

The platform will feature collections from the above artists in its Assets Under Management (AUM). by minting the Artfi Genesis Offering Pass for $10, investors will have access to these artworks.

Become Part of Community of Avid Art Lovers

Individuals who mint the pass will become members of a community that treasures art. These community members will reshape the future of art valuation, trading, investment and appreciation. In a nutshell, these communities will comprise people who are willing to engage and support excellent art pieces.

Joining the community also comes with its incentives to encourage active art patronage. Hence, everyone who mints the Artfi Genesis Offering Pass will qualify to own fractional units of a masterpiece and also receive free $ARTFI tokens.

Learn more about the Artfi Token on the official website.


With the Artfi Genesis Offering Pass,  what will matter is whether you are passionate enough with art to become part of the future revolution.

The platform has listed art assets from history’s most known artists and wants you to be part of their legacy by smoothly transitioning from an aspiring art collector to a retail investor in the art business.

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