The pizza2pizza conference is a call to arms for advocates of Bitcoin as peer-to-peer technology!

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Pizza Day Prague 2023 is a 2-day international conference marking the 13th anniversary of the first real-world Bitcoin payment. The conference which takes place on May 20-21, 2023, exactly two days before the anniversary of the legendary transaction, is subtitled “pizza2pizza” as an homage to one of Bitcoins fundamental principles of peer-to-peer transfers.

“We believe that by using Bitcoin as intended, a peer-to-peer electronic cash system, we can create a more secure, efficient, and fair financial system. We reject the need for third parties and spofs and extol cryptography to empower truly trustless systems. P2P technologies not only enable more robust and smooth economic structures but most importantly they bring global coordination without the need for hierarchies. Still, we must resist the temptation to build walls and instead strive to create bridges, fostering a culture of technological meritocracy and collaboration.” says Mário Havel, a hacker, and researcher focused on making the crypto-ecosystem more efficient and anonymous, and the founder of Pizza Day Prague.

Both Pizza Day Prague stages will be honored by the presence of Bitcoin’s OGs and devs like Eric Wall, a cryptocurrency researcher, and investor who is well-known for his in-depth critiques and for exposing flaws in high-profile cryptocurrency projects; Calle, a Lightning developer working on several open-source projects in the BTC space, including LNbits and Cashu; Peter Todd, one of the most prolific Bitcoin Core contributors; or Tim Akinbo, a Bitcoin developer, owner of the first Bitcoin node in West Africa, and organizer of QalaAfrica.

About Pizza Day Prague:

Pizza Day Prague aims to return to Bitcoin’s roots and original motivations as a tool for spreading crypto-anarchy, preserving the digital freedom of individuals and groups. The conference celebrates financial independence and equal relationships without unsolicited third-party oversight. It is a celebration of the emancipation of individuals above the dictates of corporatist systems. Bitcoin is a global phenomenon and in the nine years of its existence, Paralelní Polis has won the sympathy of many leading names in the domestic and international crypto-scene, who regularly talk at its now traditional Hackers Congress Paralelní Polis.

About Paralelní Polis:

Paralelní Polis Institute of Cryptoanarchy

Paralelní Polis is a non-governmental non-profit crypto think tank, which was founded in 2014 in Prague by the art activist group Ztohoven as the original hackerspace. The mission of Paralelní Polis is to provide the technology and education that people need to participate in an independent society and to protect individual freedom. The vision of Paralelní Polis is a world where people have the opportunity to separate from the state and live in a free society.

Press notes:

Ticket sales began on January 31, 2023. Payment is available in Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Monero (XMR), and via the Lightning Network.

The conference will be held in Paralelní Polis (Dělnická 43, Prague, Czechia) and the adjacent theater La Fabrika. The program starts on Saturday at 10:00 and ends on Sunday at 22:00. The official language is English.

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For the latest information, follow Paralelní Polis’ Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram profiles.

Mário Havel, founder of Pizza Day Prague: [email protected]

Táňa Lálová, PR manager: [email protected]