NFT Trade Cards: A Comprehensive Guide to Non-Fungible Tokens in the Card Collectibles World

By Ian Kirimi
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The need for digital cards that can be used to trade that are stored online and are completely secure has led to the rise of NFT trade cards that have taken the NFT world by storm.

An NFT trade card is a digital card that is connected to a blockchain. By utilizing blockchain technology, they provide the NFT trade cards with security and sole ownership. By sole ownership, it means that the NFT trade cards cannot be replicated or owned by any other person.

NFT Trade Cards have their marketplaces where they can be bought and sold, but their prices vary. The price difference is brought about by the uniqueness of the NFT Trade Card and market demand. NFT Trade Cards are motivated by the gaming industry, which makes them marketable as they can be used by gamers. The prices of NFT trade cards are very volatile. 

How To Create NFT Trade Cards and Sell NFT Trade Cards 

Creating an NFT trade card is not a difficult thing to do. One should follow these steps in the creation of an NFT trade card.

You should choose the type of content that you want to change to an NFT. The content being used to create the NFT Trade Card should be yours, and you have copyrights to it. This will help to prevent other people from creating the type of content that you have come up with. You can convert any type of content to NFT; this may range from photographs, videos, or even music.

After creating an NFT, you should go to the marketplace where you would like to sell your NFT. There are several good secure platforms where you can place your digital assets and have them sold. You should note that the type of marketplace where you place your NFT trade card is determined by the genre of the content you have. Here are some of the platforms where you can sell your NFT trade cards: NBA Top Shots, Sorare marketplace, Candy Digital, and Axie Infinity among others.

Connect your NFT Trade Card to your wallet and the blockchain of your choice. Many choose Ethereum because of its reliability, but there are other blockchains that you can choose to use. You should keep the seed phrase that you have been given by the platform of choice; this will help to prove that you are the owner of the wallet. If the seed phrase is lost, then you may end up losing your digital assets because there is no other way of proving ownership.

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Upload and mint the NFT Trade Card on your wallet, and you can control your digital assets; you can sell at any given time of interest and showcase your assets, among other rights that a digital asset owner enjoys.

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Investing in NFT Trade Cards 

Investing in NFT trade cards can be profitable or bring an immersive loss to the owner of the trader. There are several factors to consider before investing in NFT trade cards that will help you become profitable.

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Before investing in an NFT, you should consider factors like how rare the NFT is. Rare NFTs are more expensive compared to common NFTs, and the rarity of an NFT Trade Card is a sign of a promising future as their values are likely to increase.

It is important to check on the functionality of the NFTs; some NFTs offer more than one functionality. Gaming NFTs are a good example of NFTs with more than one role; such types of NFTs are more profitable, and investing in them will be worth it.

The market demand for an NFT is another important thing to look at before investing in an NFT. Market demand usually aids in predicting the future price of a digital asset. As an investor, you should check on the trade volumes and the market sentiment. With such important details, one can avoid incurring losses when investing in NFT trade cards.

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What Makes NFT Trade Cards Costly?

NFT trade cards have been expensive because of several unique features that they have over physical cards. First, the security provided by blockchain and the ability to maintain uniqueness have been the main reasons why the NFTs have been expensive.

NFT price can be triggered by a factor like the popularity of the creator or the owner. A good example is Jack Dorsey the co-founder and former CEO of Twitter sold his first tweet as an NFT for $2.9 M.

Many gaming NFTs receive certification from gaming bodies that represent each type of sport. The certification marks as a proof of legitimacy thus making it impossible for fraudsters to sell fake NFTs. A buyer can check the legitimacy of an NFT through DYOR which analyzes the cryptocurrency market for the investor.

The ability to sell or buy NFTs on numerous platforms without purchasing them on the platform where it was minted is another reason why NFTs are becoming costly. This becomes profitable as the NFT can be showcased and attract a huge audience from different parts of the world.

Benefits of NFT Trade Cards

NFTs are scarce since tokens can not be replicated by any means thus making it to be profitable for holders or creators with unique tokens that can have a potential profit growth in the future or in different festivities that make tokens have their values skyrocket.

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The ability to have NFTs embedded with other platforms like games and apps makes them profitable. This creates a great user experience when they are used in the areas where they are applicable. The NFTs have an easy interoperability making them easy to use compared to physical trade cards that can not be embedded in digital platforms.

When used for transactions NFTs can keep track of all the transactions made on them, this makes it possible for investors to monitor the market trend of an NFT before engaging in any form of investment. This boosts the confidence of investors with an interest in trading with NFTs.

NFTs boost user engagement when NFT holders and creators showcase their NFTs. The ability to engage makes it possible to create NFTs that meet the criteria set by the buyers. This becomes profitable when cases require a certain type of NFT at a particular time thus holders or creators of NFTs can make a lot of profit when they sell their NFTs.


NFT Trade Cards are a breakthrough for art and culture, and they utilize blockchain technology to make digital assets. These digital assets are unique and can’t be replicated and they have caught the attention of creators, investors, and collectors who love art. NFTs have proven not only are they a way of keeping assets safe but can also be monetized and traded in cryptocurrencies something which has brought tremendous growth of users in cryptocurrencies and NFTs. 

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