Revolutionizing Data Monetization: Inside Look at Launch of PrivateAI on DAO Maker

By DroomDroom Team
4 Min Read

In an age where data is the new oil, monetizing this invaluable resource in a secure and efficient manner has been a challenge that many have attempted to tackle, yet few have mastered. 

Enter PrivateAI, the world’s pioneering Data-as-a-Service Platform, poised to revolutionize the way data owners and producers showcase and monetize their complex datasets and intellectual property. 

Leveraging the power of knowledge graphs, PrivateAI provides a secure environment for this exchange, ensuring that data’s value can be fully realized while protecting its integrity.

In an exciting development for both data enthusiasts and the crypto community, PrivateAI has announced its launch on DAO Maker through a Strong Holder Offering (SHO), marking a significant milestone in data monetization strategies. 

Join the Revolution: SHO Details

To further democratize access and participation in its ecosystem, PrivateAI has announced its Strong Holder Offering (SHO) details on DAOmaker, making it an opportune moment for investors and enthusiasts to be part of this revolutionary platform.

PrivateAI SHO Launch announcement by DAO Maker on X.

A Strong Foundation Built on Proven Leadership

The driving force behind PrivateAI is a seasoned team of innovators and leaders, comprising former co-founders and executives from blockchain stalwarts like Fantom ($FTM), Syscoin ($SYS), Dogecoin ($DOGE), and SingularityNET ($AGIX).

This rich heritage of blockchain excellence is a testament to PrivateAI’s robust foundation and its ambitious vision.

Notably, the platform’s innovative approach and potential have already garnered recognition from tech giant Microsoft, securing its place within the prestigious Microsoft Founders Hub.

PrivateAI is pioneering the intersection of AI and decentralized science (DeSci) by offering a platform where data owners and producers can securely upload, showcase, and monetize their data.

Democratizing Data Monetization

PrivateAI is not just about leveraging technology; it’s about democratizing access to data monetization.

By enabling data owners and producers to showcase their complex datasets and IP in a secure environment, PrivateAI is opening new avenues for data monetization that were previously untapped or underutilized.

This is particularly significant in an era where data is increasingly recognized as a valuable asset but often remains locked away due to security concerns or lack of the right platform.

For a firsthand experience of how PrivateAI is set to transform the landscape of decentralized science and data monetization, check out their live demo. It’s an insightful peek into the future of AI-driven research and collaboration.

Final Thoughts on the Launch of PrivateAI on DAO Maker

As PrivateAI embarks on this journey to revolutionize data monetization through its unique DaaS platform, it sets a new standard in the industry. 

By harnessing the power of knowledge graphs in a secure environment, PrivateAI is not just transforming data monetization; it’s reshaping the future of how data is valued and exchanged in the digital age. With a leadership team that boasts a proven track record in the blockchain, PrivateAI is well-positioned to lead this charge.