DeFi News

By DroomDroom Team
1 Min Read

If you are a busy bee with little time to spare to catch up on the news. You have landed in the right place. We have curated the latest highlights in DeFi News.

1. Amid market turmoil, Coinbase and Kraken offer restricted services. Due to the enormous volume of new user sign-ups and transfers to the platform, they are experiencing latency issues.

2. CZ, the CEO of Binance, has announced his intention to acquire FTX to ‘help cover the liquidity issue.’ If the FTX-Binance merger goes through, it may be a game changer in the crypto market, rivaling rumors that Coinbase was about to buy BtcTurk for $3.2 billion.

3. The GALA token hack resulted from a public release of a private key on GitHub. The exposed private key appears to have resulted in a change of ownership in the breached smart contract 70 days before.