What Do they Do? Reflexical's Fellowship Program helps new Web3 Projects scale by drawing on our proprietary 6-pillar process, insider access, and global presence. Using its 6-pillar process, it empowers Web3 founders with the tools for success.

Reflexical's Six Pillars For Web3 Succe 1. Product. 2. Tokenomic. 3. Branding. 4. Community. 5. ‍Market Operation. 6. Enterprise Creation.

Product Tech, Architecture, Integration, UX, Compatibility, Interoperability, Tools. The lego-blocks approach to Web3 has sped up development. But it has commoditized products. This deprives projects of pricing power.

Tokenomics Utility, Value, Flow, Expansion, Contraction, Pools, Treasury, Unlocking, Scarcity, Staking, Burning. This is where the secret-sauce of the project is created. Few are paying enough attention to it.

Branding Visuals, Identities, Positioning, USP, Value Proposition, Digital Presence. Good Web3 branding leads to confidence and trust. The best projects have realized this. The rest are missing out.

Community Social media, Ambassadors, Partnerships, Airdrops, Content, PR, Outreach, Influencers. What branding was to the traditional organization, community is to Web3. Everyone agrees. But few know how to harness it.

Market Operations Token Launch, Liquidity, Market Making, Price Discovery. Effective vs. poor market operations could easily lead to a price differential of 25 : 1. Does a project investor want 25x more returns?

Enterprise Creations. People, Systems, Hiring, Management, Operations, Scale, Reporting, Compensation. Web3 projects start as 3-5 member teams. Enterprise creation is an afterthought. Lack of organizational ability bites; eventually kills.