NFT.NYC 2023: Unveils Groundbreaking Innovations and Celebrates Digital Artistry

By Pratiksha Bhapkar
6 Min Read

We attended the three-day annual NFT New York City 2023 conference, the world’s leading non-fungible token event. The event shed light on the NFT industry in an invaluable manner. Learning about these insights from industry experts, our team left NFT NYC with a great understanding of NFT’s potential to revolutionize the digital asset market.

NFT.NYC partnered with Coinbase, Dapper, OpenSea, MoonPay, Polygon, Immutable, and 300+ more leading companies, host’s event that has been giving a voice to the growing NFT community. This year, the event attracted over 6000+ attendees from over 70 countries which included expert developers, investors, entrepreneurs, and stakeholders. The event was a platform for deeper conversations about the latest developments in the NFT space, new ongoing/upcoming projects, and their future potential as well as the challenges that need to be overcome.

The main program took place in New York City’s Javits Center, a convention venue on the west side of Manhattan that provided the perfect setting that accommodate a large number of audiences attending this momentous program. The program covered topics such as NFT regulation, fashion, health, intellectual property (IP) gaming, and the metaverse. As an attendee, we enjoyed the insights experts and leading companies provided in the blockchain space and the scope of Web3 and its implications for the future of the crypto industry.

Panel discussion at NFT NYC

Community Events at NFT NYC 2023

Some of the most significant and successful events that took place this year were:

The Doodle Boy and the Orange Comet

Joe Whale and Orange, also better known as The Doodle Boy, organized an art exhibition and charity event that took place at NFT Gallery on April 12 showcasing around 10-piece collections.

Artists featured in the event were renowned for their storytelling style and blending traditional aesthetics with digital art. The event supported The Foundling Museum charity as the recipient of proceeds. The event brought together people from all over the world and raised awareness and funds for an important cause.

9dcc’s Treasure Hunt

NFT collector and founder of Web3 luxury brand 9dcc Gmoney conducted an NFT scavenger hunt with a trail of clues spread across various landmarks around New York City. The participants had to hit at least seven different landmarks over three days by scanning their phones at each location to earn a POAP (proof-of-attendance protocol) that proved they were there. The prize was a rare Chromie Squiggle NFT. At every party our team attended we saw people wearing the 9dcc brand baseball cap INTERACTION-03 the participant received at the first hunt stop. People were raving about the creativity and the fun experience of the hunt.

PROOF x Beeple

The PROOF x Beeple event took place in Brooklyn on 13th April with a live Beeple performance and a sneak peek of the Diamond Nest Trailer was shown for the first time. Only PROOF Collective, Moonbirds, and Oddities token holders were eligible to enter the raffle to win the ticket. However, the slot was limited and in the end, only 400 people got NFT non-transferable tickets to attend this exclusive event. Additionally, ten lucky attendees received a special NFT during the event.

Token Art NYC “unconference”

The Token Art NYC allowed in-person conversation with artists where attendees got to set the agenda and topics of discussion. Popular artists, Emily Edelman, Steve Pikelny, and Alex Supkay gifted tagged physical prints of their generative artworks, which were authenticated by Iterati.

Some notable speakers

  • Sebastiano Bea, Director of Product at Mythical Games
  • John Abbamondi, Founder & CEO of LongBall Capital
  • Ariba Jahan, VP of Product Experience and Innovation, Ad Council
  • Jennifer Styles, VP of Communications, OneOf
  • Rich Robinson, Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Animoca Brands
  • Mikobits, Managing Partner, Gumi Crypto Capital
  • Michael Litman, Senior Director of Web3 & NFT at Media.Monks
  • Diana Perfilieva, Diverge
  • Nico Fara, Founder & Leader of The Fashion DAO™ & Chief Metaverse Officer
  • Mäkelismos, Co-founder of the Mäkelismos Brand
  • Pierre-Nicolas Hurstel, CEO & Co-Founder of Arianee
  • Nikita Cikaluk, Rug Radio “OriGensXYZ” & “We” In Web3 Host
  • Allo, Artist / Entrepreneur / Degen
  • Laura Rowson, Principal of Salesforce Ventures
  • JKosner, President of Kosner Media
  • Yasamin Parsafar, IP Lawyer | Blockchain & Fintech Team Co-Leader
  • Jason Fang, Founder of Sora Ventures
  • Martin Harder, Business Development Lead at
  • Mark Radcliffe, Partner, DLA Piper


The event was an enormous success that shed light on NFT industry development. The success of the event was largely due to the opportunity the platform provided to network and exchange collaboration ideas. It also featured key players in the industry who shared experience in this field and discussion about the innovation of cutting-edge technology in the NFT space. Attendees were optimistic and enthusiastic about the introduction and discussion of new technology. Overall, it was a productive event that highlighted the potential of NFTs in different industries and helped foster relationships that will propel the industry forward.