What is Zoth? Zoth is a decentralized platform that enables anyone in the world to access real world, alternative assets from emerging markets using tokenization and blockchain technology through Defi.

The Zoth ecosystem acts as a bridge between asset owners (deal originators), individual investors and institutions to bring to life a robust, highly liquid and coherent product line of asset index pools and liquid staking pool

Lending Pool ZOTH tokenizes real-world collateral by connecting lenders to lending pools with real-world borrowers, offering stable and high-performing mutualized yields through Zoth asset tokens.

Early Exit The Zoth liquid staking pool prioritizes index pool lenders by providing them with a mechanism for early exits. Supported by ZOTH Stakers, this pool enables lenders to earn boosted yield through various fees.

Risk Mitigation Zoth’s proprietary risk mitigation engine will underwrite each deal application and the Zoth DAO framework can decide only the best deals to list.

ZOTH Token ZOTH is the native token of the Zoth platform, used for governance voting, validator rewards, liquidity staking rewards, community incentives, and grants.