What is Zaif? Zaif is a major cryptocurrency exchange and offers exceptional services for the trading and investing of cryptocurrencies.  They offer many nice features such as an instant exchange, a trading platform, margin trading, and Bitcoin futures.

Why Zaif? Easy trading For beginners and people who want to trade quickly Orderbook trading Trading between users, where users make a profit by setting price

FX for Crypto asset You can trade crypto assets with leverage. You can also make a sell transaction before a buy transaction , which is considered to be effective when the price of crypto assets is falling.

Automatic trading (Ranking trade) This service allows you to easily start automated trading by simply selecting your favorite settings from the "Easy Automated Trading" ranking of popular settings.

Automatic trading (Otegaru trade) This is an automated trading service that repeatedly buys crypto assets when the price falls below the base price and sells when the price rises after purchase, based on pre-set values.

Coin Reserve Saving service at which people buy crypto asset automatically every month Social tip By using the Social Tip function, users can send crypto assets to all twitter users free of charge.