What is Xexchange? The xExchange is a DEX (Decentralized Exchange) with AMM (Automated Market Making) functions, deployed on the MultiversX Network. It is the engine for DeFi products such as swaps, liquidity pools and yield farms.

Why Xexchange? Blazing fast: State sharding technology makes all DeFi operations on the xExchange execute in a fast and reliable manner while keeping up with any volume of demand.

Inexpensives: Costs are negligible so everyone can enjoy everything from simple trades to deploying complex strategies. Slick: Intuitive experiences will ease the next billion people into digital finance. Metabonding: Supercharged Web3 community building for participating projects.

Supercharged: xExchange is the first DeFi platform to debut the concept of Energy. It takes the “time lock” mechanism for its governance token to the next level of utility. Metastaking: Unlocks three different income streams for liquidity providers: Swap Fees, Farm Rewards and Staking Rewards.

What is MEX?​ MEX is the token powering the xExchange. It is designed as a value capture mechanism and incentive vehicle. It will allow the compelling attributes of economical advancement to scale with its adoption.

What is xMEX?​ It is the tokenized commitment of long term explorers towards building the new frontiers of finance. Equivalent in value with MEX, xMEX is committed to a user’s account for a certain period of time.