What is XDC Network? The XDC Network is an enterprise-grade, EVM-compatible Layer 1 network equipped with interoperable smart contracts.  Secure, scalable, and highly efficient, the XDC Network powers a wide range of novel blockchain use cases.

XDC COIN The XDC coin, or simply XDC, is the native asset of the XDC protocol and may serve as the reserve cryptocurrency for all third-party dApps running on the XDC Network.

XDC COIN Use Cases: 1. Settlement for dApps built on the XDC Network 2. Support for micropayments with near-instant settlement 3. Transaction costs (gas) for on-chain transaction 4. Smart Contract deployment and settlement for smart contract event triggers.

XDCPAY XDCPay is XDC's native wallet that stores XDC Coin and XRC tokens, including tokens you created. It allows you to run dApps right in your browser and allows you to pay the low gas costs for transactions on the XDC Network.

Enterprise The XDC Network is a groundbreaking blockchain with impressive speed, scalability, low fees, and military-grade security. Using XDC Network, businesses can improve their record keeping, exchange data and transfer assets more efficiently and more securely.

Trade Finance The XDC Network sets a benchmark for digitizing trade finance by enabling the tokenization of diverse trade finance instruments and assets.

Developers & Creator The XDC Network is an enterprise-grade, open-source and EVM-compatible Layer 1 blockchain. Geared to accommodate any EVM tool set, developers can carry their skills from other chains onto the XDC Network.